How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai

How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 92 Part 1 - The Cross Dressing Mr. Cult Leader (8)

Translated by: Niladri

Edited by: Kiki


The black-garbed man outside the room realized that the person beside Duan Feiqing wasn't his weakness. Instead, the other person was far more dangerous than he had thought. He let out a whistle and the men in black started retreating as fast as they entered. In an instant, they cleanly withdrew and took away the bodies of their companions.

Only a few piles of clothes were littered in and outside the room. The courtyard was awfully peaceful after such a conflict took place. The rest of the guests stayed inside with their doors closed. They didn’t want to lose their lives because of curiosity.

Duan Feiqing turned around, and carefully examined Lu Heng a few times. After confirming that he had not been harmed, his somewhat frightening expression returned to normal. Lu Heng knew that this person was obsessive so he didn't feel that the other person was looking down on him. He just stood there quietly and allowed the other person to examine him.

“Dearest Heng, these men in black belong to the mysterious organization that has been chasing me.”

Lu Heng wanted to ask something, but lingering within the smell of blood, he caught a familiar smell. The source of the smell was the clothes left by the black-garbed man. After thinking about it, Lu Heng picked up his sword and shook the clothes on the ground. Sure enough, a little black bug fell out.

The little black bug was quite vicious. As soon as it landed on the ground, it turned around a few times, and seeming to want to bite one of them. But when it turned towards Lu Heng, it appeared to have seen something extremely terrifying and turned around to flee towards the door. But then, a small snake that suddenly appeared at the threshold took it into its mouth.

“Little Silver, don’t swallow it!” Lu Heng whispered.

The silver snake blinked twice with mung bean sized eyes, and then spat out the black bug that had reached its throat. It looked at the bug somewhat aggrieved, then climbed to Lu Heng’s feet, rubbing itself against him.

“Little Silver, you have worked hard.” Lu Heng bent down and patted its head. After being pacified, the little snake climbed up to Lu Heng’s ankle and bit its tail. It changed its appearance to an ordinary silver ankle bracelet.

“Is this a Gu?” Duan Feiqing picked up the black insect that had been killed by the snake with the tip of his sword and walked over.

Lu Heng nodded, took out a small porcelain bottle and put the bug in. This Gu was a little strange. He needed to carefully study it.

The Gu that the Miao people used were high rank ones. Every single Gu in the Miao territory had been under Lu Heng's control ever since he came out of the Thousand Gu Cave. No matter which Miao person was in charge of a Gu, they would all bow and pay homage before Lu Heng. Just now, the black bug wanted to attack somebody but fled after noticing Lu Heng's aura. This Gu clearly wasn't from the Miao area.

“Senior martial brother, sister Gouma, are you all right?” Fang Qingwan appeared at the door, worried.

Just now she heard the fight in the room. She wanted to go in and have a look. However, when she opened the door, she saw a small silver snake guarding thedoor. In addition, there was a pile of pitch black clothes on the ground. Fang Qingwan desperately wanted to help, but the little snake prevented her from stepping out out of the room.

After traveling with Lu Heng all the way from Miao territory, Fang Qingwan knew that the little snake was brought by Lu Heng, and she also knew how powerful the little snake was. The little silver snake had remained quietly coiled in front of the door. Every time Fang Qingwan wanted to go out, it bared its fangs at her. She was forced to remain within the room. She was only able to come out after the noise died down and the snake left.

“It's nothing. Are you alright, junior martial sister Fang? ” Duan Feiqing just asked out of courtesy. When he and Lu Heng had been discussing about the <<mind sutra of demons>>, he asked Lu Heng to let the snake Gu go out and guard the door to Fang Qingwan's room.

The <<mind sutra of demons>> was a very sensitive topic, and Duan Feiqing knew from his previous interactions with his dearest Heng that when they were together with one another, every bit of their attention would be on the other person, and their vigilance towards the outside world would be reduced compared to other times.  If Fang Qingwan accidentally learnt about <<mind sutra of demons>>, it would be really troublesome. He did not want to use the soul capture technique on innocent people.

“Senior martial brother, those people in black…” Fang Qingwan wanted to say something, but she stopped and glanced at Lu Heng.

Duan Feiqing looked along her line of sight, and then gently said, “It's okay, dearest Heng knows everything about me.”

Fang Qingwan secretly felt a little sour. She calmed her mind and said, “are these people in black the same people who destroyed our Fang family?”

The Fang family of Kaifeng, like the Duan family of Anyang, was a famous family in martial arts circle. Six years ago, the Fang family was destroyed by a group of people in black similar to the Duan Family tragedy. Fang Qingwan, who was only 10 years old at that time, survived only because she was playing in her aunt’s house during the attack.

“We can't rashly jump to such a conclusion. Younger martial sister Fang, it’s getting late. We have to return tomorrow. Why don’t you go back to your room and catch some rest? “

Duan Feiqing’s tone seemed gentle and polite, but Fang Qingwan knew that this was how her senior martial brother usually spoke. She dazedly went out of the door.

As soon as she came out, the cool night wind brought Fang Qingwan somewhat back to her senses. If it was getting late, why was senior martial brother still staying in sister Gouma’s room? No, the question should be why did senior martial brother remain in sister Gouma's room for this long?

Is this the same senior martial brother of the Taichu sect who never meets with the female disciples alone, and even if he had to discuss important and private matters with women alone, he always chooses a spacious and publicly visible space?

For the moment, no matter what, the junior martial sister Fang kept tossing and turning in her sleep.

Lu Heng was sitting at the table here, holding the small porcelain bottle with the unknown Gu and turned it around gently on his fingers. The art of refining Gu in Miao territory has never been passed on to outsiders, which gave rise to a faint guess in Lu Heng's mind.

“What’s the matter with the man in black?” Seeing that Duan Feiqing had cleaned up the mess and sat beside him, Lu Heng asked, “In the letter you left, didn't you say that Feng Weifang’s mind was under your control?”

Duan Feiqing nodded and said, “In recent years, I have found out several dark tendrils of this mysterious organization through Feng Weifang. In Southwest Mainland, several sects have ties with this mysterious organization. All of its tendrils in this region are already in my grasp."

All the stuff just now made Lu Heng thirsty. He poured a cup of tea and was just about to gulp it down when Duan Feiqing gently held his wrist: “Dearest Heng, the tea is cold. Please wait a moment.”

Duan Feiqing got up and brought the kettle on the small stove to make tea for Lu Heng. The tea set used in the inn was not of high quality porcelain, but Duan Feiqing’s actions while brewing the tea were so pleasing to the eye that it seemed that the rough tea set was also covered with glittering luster.

“It’s just a year ago that I suffered an accidental internal injury, which weakened my control over the Demonic method. Although the time is very short, but I don’t know why it was detected by the people behind the scenes. That person decisively decided to give up all his forces in the southwest to come after my life." Duan Feiqing put the tea in front of Lu Heng.

“Have you tried using soul capture on people with ties to this?" Lu Heng took a look at the man in front of him whose appeared just like a gentle young master from an aristocratic family. When soul captured was used on a person, they would lose all control and thought, becoming a puppet in Duan Feiqing’s hands. As long as he gave a order, even if the other person was unwilling, they wouldn't be able to resist.

Lu Heng doesn’t think that this man’s means were cruel. In the art of Gu techniques, it wasn't uncommon to control people with Gu. He suddenly recalled a certain name for people like this- black sesame buns.

T/N: Took liberty with translation. The word used basically refers to someone who is beautiful and gentle (white) on the outside, while vicious (pitch black) on the inside. Literally means this food:
Any reader knows how this thing tastes like?

Duan Feiqing asked hesitantly, “Dearest  Heng, do you think I’m too cruel?”

“Fool, among all the techniques of refining Gu, there are methods way more cruel than this.” Lu Heng laughed and saw relief wash over the man's face. He said, “I’m going to sleep. Do you still want to go?”

Duan Feiqing, however, looked at the open window and the door that had been destroyed and could not be closed. On the ground, there was the corpse water left by the man in black. He frowned slightly and said, “Dearestah  Heng, this place is too dirty to live in. It seems that the inn is full, so why don’t you come to my room and get some rest?"

Lu Heng looked at Duan Feiqing with an indescribable look. Although he was a man, Duan Feiqing didn't know. It wasn't appropriate for a single man and an unmarried woman to live in the same room. No, bah, bah, bah, what a single man and unmarried woman? These women’s clothes are starting to lead me astray. For the first time, Lu Heng felt like he was going too far.

Seeing Lu Hen's expression, Duan Feiqing realized that his words were not appropriate: “Dearest Heng, don’t worry about it. I’ll guard you outside the door.”

It was late autumn, and the night dew was heavy. Even those who practiced martial arts would be uncomfortable to spend a night outside.

“It doesn’t matter. Miao people don’t care that much. We can divide the quilt and sleep on the ground.” Lu Heng said.

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