How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai

How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 91 - The Cross Dressing Mr. Cult Leader (7)

Translated by- Niladri

Self-Proofread, Unedited


The minute he opened the door, Lu Heng was frozen in place.

In front of the door stood a handsome young man in a white cloud brocade robe - Duan Feiqing. Seeing his posture, it was unsure how long he had been standing in front of this door.

"How long have you been standing here?" Lu Heng moved sideways and let Duan Feiqing into the room.

"From the moment you closed the door."

Lu heng mulled it over for a moment. He recalled that he had been in the room for at least half an hour after dinner. He wondered what kind of stares the guests directed at him upon seeing him foolishly standing in front of the door. If it hadn't been for Duan Feiqing's upright posture and dignified bearing, he might have been reported to the government by the people of the inn for being a pervert on the prowl*.

T/N: Lit. Translation - Flower thief

"Then why didn't you knock on the door and instead standing stupidly at the door?" Lu Heng raised his chin and motioned Duan Feiqing to sit down.

Duan Feiqing motioned to sit as instructed, but his eyes were peeled at Lu Heng the entire time. He did not move his gaze for even a single second: "you have journeyed all this way. I didn't want to disturb your rest."

He paused for a moment, feeling that his behavior might seem a little abrupt. He was afraid that Lu Heng would get angry, and explained: "I have been feeling that the current events are perhaps fantastical, like in a dream. I'm scared that when I come back to my senses, I'll realize that all of this is illusory like flowers in a mirror and the moon reflected in the lake. So, I can't help but stand in front of your door and listen in on you, which makes me feel a little relieved..."

There was something wrong with this man. Lu Heng saw that although he looked gentle as if he could drip water, his eyes were brimming with madness. Lu Heng stretched out his hand and flicked at Duan Feiqing's eyebrows.

Duan Feiqing only felt a pain in his forehead, so he snapped out from his frenzied state. He raised his hand reflexively, but through his palm he felt a sensation of smoothness and coolness as if holding a jade. Duan Feiqing saw that the hand in his palms was big and strong, and the perfect shape of the nails might be due to exposure to poisons all the year round. The black nails looked dangerous, yet exquisite.

Lu Heng saw Duan Feiqing staring at his hand intently. He didn't let go for a long time. Feeling a little uneasy, he tried to draw back, but he was surprised to feel that his hand was held more tightly, and remained unaffected his next l words: "Hey, Han person, don't you have a saying like men and women should keep a distance from each other?"

Duan Feiqing raised his eyes and looked at him. Then he said with a smile: "Don't Miao Men follow the principle of men and women staying together to protect each other? I'm your medicine man, so I'm Miao. "

It's this smile again. Lu Heng felt discomfited and turned his head away. However, he immediately recovered from his charmed-by- beauty state, and felt that he probably looked really unsightly. He raised his eyebrows and made an angry expression.

Duan Feiqing, however, wisely let go of his hand and said, "Dear Heng, recently since I have been practicing the <<mind Sutra of demons>>, I always feel an uncontrollable, violent obsession in my heart. Please take a look at it for me."

As soon as this matter was mentioned, Lu Heng immediately attached a great deal of importance to it.

According to Fang Qingwan, Duan Feiqing suffered internal injuries in the attack a year ago. After that, he went into seclusion several times, and every time he came out, his aura was terrifying. Later, he was diagnosed by a miracle doctor who was friendly with the Taichu sect, saying that the internal injury before him led to the symptoms of demonic possession.

When Lu Heng thought of Duan Feiqing's practice of <<mind Sutra of demons>>, he became more and more sure of the conjecture in his heart.

{little assistant, was Duan Feiqing originally supposed to be like this?} Unable to determine through the spiritual energy, Lu Heng had to turn to his assistant.

{I don't know. I don't know anything. Anyway, the thread of love has already broken. You have to find it out yourself!} The little assistant's desire to upgrade its memory has been smashed again, and it went ahead to complain in the forum. The title of the post had been drawn up, and it was called: The pair of dog men crazily scattering dog food, when you mistreat this little assistant who just wants to upgrade its memory, doesn't your conscience hurt?

T/N:Little Assistant should be called "massively useless" instead. Where's the assistance bro?

{…… } Lu Heng, who was one-sidedly blocked by his little assistant, became positive of the conjecture in his heart.

At the beginning, Shi Kong's spirit had already been possessed by his heart demons. The demonized spirit learned the <<mind Sutra of the demons>>. However, this negative effect was quite volatile. If it weren't not for the fact that once started, practicing the <<mind Sutra of the demons>> couldn't be stopped, Lu Heng wouldn't have allowes this person continue. Now he could only try to suppress it.

However, Lu Heng held down Duan Feiqing's pulse gate and found nothing unusual after circulating his internal force throughout. The meridians were broad, the internal qi was vigorous, the circulation was stable and smooth, and there was no sign of demonic possession. He also felt uneasy about the other person's Dantian, and upon a careful inspection, everything turned out normal.

Duan Feiqing saw Lu Heng frown slightly. He didn't know what he was thinking. He didn't want to interrupt the other person's thoughts. Its's just, the position of Lu Heng's hand was really in a delicate place.

Duan Feiqing had no time to distract himself with other things because the other person immediately started to diagnose the state of his body by probing with his internal force. It's just that at this moment, although the internal force had been retracted, but Lu Heng's hand remained in that position.

His beloved keeping his hand in such a place, even if Duan Feiqing's self-control was strong, it would inevitably crumble. Duan Feiqing squirmed uneasily, and kept thinking that if this went on, his clothes and robes would probably not cover the impoliteness underneath.

"Ah Heng, what's wrong?" He asked in a low voice, but his voice was not as clear as usual, laced with a little hoarseness.

Lu Heng snapped out of his reverie and took back his hand. He could hear a little strangeness in the voice of the person facing him, but he didn't think much about it. He poured a cup of tea and handed it to Duan Feiqing.

"I did not find anything unusual during my investigation." Lu Heng held up his chin, and his fingers unconsciously tapped on his lips. This was the habitual action he had cultivated in this world while thinking. "Internal qi is running smoothly, and there isn't any sign of demonic possession. Do you really often feel violent and bloodthirsty? "

Duan Feiqing stared at the dark fingertips lightly caressing the lush red lips. The strong visual impact made him unable to move his eyes despite knowing that it was impolite. He wanted to answer Lu Heng's question, but when he opened his mouth, he found that his throat was too thirsty to make a sound.

Duan Feiqing chugged the entirety of the tea in his cup. The tea was a little cold, but it was just right for him at the moment: "it's true. I lost control over my mind when I was practicing in seclusion a few months ago. When I woke up, the cave wall had been full of fierce sword marks. "

"Does that miracle doctor's prescription really work?" Lu Heng thought of Fang Qingwan's words, "but isn't that prescription still missing the most critical medicine guide*?"

T/N : Baidu says that medicine guide is mainly used to enable the drugs to reach a lesion or a certain meridian thereby acting as a "guide". It also enhances curative effect, corrects odour and flavour, reduces side effects, detoxes and protects the gastrointestinal tract.

"No, my medicine guide* has already arrived." Duan Feiqing said in a low voice.

"Huh?" Lu Heng's mind was still on the prescription. The cited medicine mentioned above had been extinct for many years.

"Ah Heng, you are my medicine."

Lu Heng looked at his twinkling clear eyes full of tenderness, in which the only thing reflected was his own figure.  He felt his face growing hotter and was about to say something. However, Duan Feiqing's pupils shrank, and a torrent of rage appeared in his eyes: "be careful!"

As soon as the voice fell, the person in front of him disappeared. Lu Heng was sitting against the window. He felt Duan Feiqing's aura behind him, so he got up and turned around. Duan Feiqing blocked the area between him and the window, his right hand clenched in a fist, his back muscles tense, and the whole person was ready for action.

"What's the matter?" Lu Heng asked.
Duan Feiqing opened his right hand, and several silver needles, as thin as hair, jingled on the ground. The faint blue light on the tip of the needles indicated that they had been poisoned.

Before Duan Feiqing could open his mouth, a man clad in black barged into the window. Duan Feiqing moved very nimbly. There was no time to pull out the shadow sword from the scabbard, so he grabbed the waist of the man in black and flung him out of the window. Duan Feiqing knew that Lu Heng was not adept at fighting except for his gu techniques and body lightening movement skills, and his internal power was only used to investigate other people's internal conditions.

In order to avoid fighting inside the house involving the person behind him, he stepped forward and stood at the window, straightaway killing those black clad people who tried to break in one by one. He held the sword in his left hand, but in his right hand he wore silver silk gloves. The sword was fierce and the palm was heavy. As a result, the window became impenetrable.

Lu Heng, standing behind Duan Feiqing, saw that the man easily dealing with these people in black, and did not intervene. He took the opportunity to observe the situation of the <<mind sutra of the demons>> in the fight. This <<mind sutra of the demons>> was indeed really very suitable for Duan Feiqing. Lu Heng observed that during the fight he possessed a rich internal qi, and his qi was not disordered at all. It was unsure how much higher his fighting* realm was than before his martial arts were abolished. He guessed that in a few years, his internal power will improve so much that he would reach the pinnacle.

T/N: Similar to but different from xianxia cultivation realms. In wuxia this is purely skill level and not ascension to immortality.

In addition, people in the martial world rarely faced a lethal combination like that of Duan family's excellent sword moves and Duan Feiqing's comprehension ability. It's just that this <<mind Sutra of demons>> can lead to a violent and bloodthirsty obsession, which would always be like a sword hanging on the top of his head. It could fall down anytime, causing Duan Feiqing to become like a crazy man who only knew how to kill.

It's a bit problematic .

Lu Heng put all his attention on Duan Feiqing, and the sound of the clashing weapons muffled the sound of the door being pushed open.

A cold glint fell on the neck of the w̶o̶man who stood with h̶e̶r̶  back to the door. The tall w̶o̶man's qi was flimsy. At first glance, she didn't seem to be a person who didn't know martial arts. The w̶o̶man seemed to be immersed in the fight in front of the window. The sword tip was getting closer to h̶e̶r̶ neck, but she didn't notice it.

As long this woman was taken down, with the degree of importance that Feiqing attaches to her, he would definitely fall into their hands.

The tip of the sword was about to touch the woman's green silk dress. However, the scorpion shaped hair ornament on the woman's braid raised the tail pin towards him, and started glowing with a terrifying black and red light.

Hearing that someone fell behind him, Lu Heng turned back. He looked down at the man in black who fell at his feet, and saw several people brandishing swords standing outside the open door.

"Oh? Are you taking this deity for someone easy to bully?* Lu Heng hooked up his lips and looked at the people in black who were acting recklessly.

T/N: lit. Are you taking benzuo for a soft persimmon?

The men in black at the door looked at their companions on the ground slowly turning into a pool of pus, leaving only clothes on the ground.

This Miao girl is a master at using gu! Several people looked at each other: "withdraw!"

However, they did not notice that that the snake shaped silver bracelets on Lu Heng's wrist were missing. Such negligence has cost them their lives. Before the men in black had retreated a step, something cold appeared to climb up on their wrists. After that, they felt a numbing pain in the back of their wrists, and then they were plunged into the eternal darkness.

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