Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 70: On the island, in the rain, the story

Thundaaa boom

Black clouds filled the skies above Tenrou Island and thunder could be heard from within.


The torrential rain doesn’t seem to be letting up. Hiding in the woods, Noah and Lisanna used a normal person’s speed to run through the rain, an attempt to conserve their energy.

Lisanna and Noah entered the shade produced by the ridiculously huge Tenrou Island’s leaves. Because of the tree’s huge coverage, the rain had become a bit smaller in magnitude. Tenrou tree acted as a natural barrier against the torrential rain.


Lisanna sighed as she shook away the water droplets on her arm.

“Lucky for me I came here wearing my bikini, I hadn’t the time to change otherwise I would be soaking wet.”

Noah shrugged and he took out a piece of cloth from his cloth sack. He then proceeded to wipe Lisanna’s hair.

“Even so, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re wet, you’re going to catch a cold at this rate.”


Lisanna giggled in a shy manner. But, she didn’t reject Noah’s offer to help her dry her hair. The slight tinge of red on her cheeks was undeniable proof that she’s enjoying Noah’s service.

“If it comes to that, Noah Nii-san can just take of me isn’t that right?”

“I don’t have the time to take care of people who get sick on purpose.”

Noah knocked her head and ignored her cries of pain. He stopped rubbing Lisanna’s hair and sat down against a tree.

“If you get sick, you’re just going to trouble Mira and Elfman.”

Lisanna puffed her cheeks in protest and stuck out her tongue at him. Despite doing so, she still came to Noah’s side.

Noah sat against a tree while Lisanna sat down against Noah as though he is her pillar of support.

“Why are you so close?”

Noticing her bikini-clad figure and her exposed tender skin smoothly rubbing against him made Noah felt awkward.

“Are-Aren’t you uncomfortable doing this?”

“Hell naw.”

Lisanna acted as though she didn’t see him being uncomfortable. She stepped up her game and stuck to him on an even more intimate scale, she grabbed his arm in a disturbingly deft manner and leaned her head on his shoulders. To a bystander, they would totally look like a couple.

“It’s very warm and cozy like this.”

“I-is that so?”

Noah rubbed his cheeks and found that he had no better words to say.

In the past 7 years, he had spent a majority of his time doing training and as a result, he had no close experience of being in a relationship.

He’s not at a completely hopeless blackhole level of density, thanks to the books he had read in his lifetime. But, he’s still pretty ignorant in many fields despite having high knowledge in certain fields. At this point, he’s going to have to use some of the knowledge he accumulated or that knowledge will stay useless for him.

That is why, even as Lisanna snuggled up to him in such an intimate manner, he isn’t 100% sure that she’s into him, because he had no experience in this kind of stuff before.

Every time he felt that Lisanna is being a bit too close, he would always think about what if.

What if, it’s all a misunderstanding?

Even if it’s not a misunderstanding, Noah wouldn’t know what to do.

(Tl: I feel a great disturbance in the readership as if a million souls cried out in frustration and reeee-ed)

This is as expected, Noah’s childhood friends all lived at least a little over a decade.

Among them, excluding Cana, most of them didn’t have any such experience or immunity to these kinds of subject.

Now, think of it in Noah’s shoe, he who had come into existence with a ten-year-old’s mind of state and appearance, when in actual fact, he had only known the world for 7 years. It’s a magnificent feat that he could even sense Lisanna’s feelings.

Noah is just too young for this.

Lisanna, on the other hand, is also as young as they come back she’s precocious like you wouldn’t believe, quirky as well. With the way she’s attacking him, it’s no wonder that he’s feeling a bit pressed against the wall.

Noah wouldn’t possibly know that because of his experience and interaction with Lisanna, he would be able to remain calm when presented with a similar situation in the future.

Ignorant of the embarrassment she is causing for Noah, Lisanna closed her eyes while still leaning on Noah’s shoulder. She had a very peaceful smile as she seemingly slept. At least, before she broke the silence.

“Actually, I have always been very grateful towards Noah Nii-san…”

“Thankful of me?”

Noah replied in a surprised manner.

“When we were young, as far as I can remember, Mira-nee, Elf-nii and I only had each other.

Lisanna, with her eyes still closed, walked down memory lane.

“We lived in a very normal village, father and mother were there but in our memories, we only had each other to rely on.”

Noah didn’t say anything, he decided to listen quietly to her story.

“I had thought about what it would feel like to have parents that loved you, I don’t know what Mira-nee and Elfman-nii thought but for me, I didn’t felt lonely.”

Lisanna’s tone started going lower.

“Things changed when Mira-nee made contact with the devil in the village’s church when she awakened her [Takeover] magic.”

“Mira-nee gradually stopped laughing and talked infrequently. I know that deep down in her heart, she blamed herself, thinking that we were driven out together with her. Elfman knew about this and his courage diminished somewhat.”

“Seeing Mira-nee so anguished must have made Elfman-nii afraid of rejection by others. I really didn’t know what to do back then.”

“That’s all in the past now.”

Noticing that Lisanna had a tinge of pain in her tone, Noah continued.

“Right now, you guys won’t experience those kinds of stuff again.”


Lisanna’s distress was dispelled and she looked at Noah with bright eyes.

“The one who made all this possible, the one who saved us, is you, Noah Nii-san.”


Noah shook his head.

“I just know a teeny tiny bit more than you guys and invited you guys into Fairy Tail at an opportune time and place. Even without me, you guys would have figured out the truth behind Mira’s power in due time.”

“And yet, the one we met isn’t someone else, it’s you, Noah Nii-san!”

Lisanna reached out and grabbed Noah’s face. She turned him around and stared eye to eye with him.

“It is you who saved Mira-nee and it is also you who stopped Elfman-nii from becoming anymore spineless. It is you who brought us into the guild, you brought us friends and we started anew. That is what you are to us, Noah Nii-san!”

“Noah Nii-san!”

Lisanna sounded very passionate all of a sudden.

“Actually, from that time on, I have always been…”


Just when Lisanna is about to confess her feelings, a mysterious sound interrupted her.


They were both surprised by the sudden voice. Turning around, Noah and Lisanna’s eyes widened.

The reason, a figure standing outside not far away from them in the rain.

It’s a very cute girl who looked like she’s twelve or thirteen.

She had green eyes and what appears to be small wings on top of her head. She also had rich radiant blonde hair reaching her feet, by the way, she’s not wearing any shoes. She had a frilly robe on her as well.

Looking at that cute girl who was almost doll-like in cuteness stunned Noah and Lisanna.


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