Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 195: The ladies and the young man in the lounge

Kouryou Academy makes no distinction between males and females in their dorms.

They aren't exactly next to each other but the female and male dormitories share a huge building.

Upon entering the dorm, students will arrive at the lounge.

There are TVs, chairs, tables, and other fancy furniture and fittings. There are also racks of bookshelves stuffed with magazines, comics, and literature. Games, snacks, drinks are served in a giant buffet. It's not wrong to say this place is made for people to kick back and relax.

There are no tuitions to pay, dorm rental, or even meal fees. In addition to that, the amenities are provided free of charge. If one can keep staying in this school then there wouldn't be a reason to work hard, this is already the life.

Moreover, the Academy also paid their students allowances of 100,000 Yen every month no questions asked (881USD approx).


Noah sat on the sofa while sighing. The room he is in should have cheered him up but he blurted out something pessimistic.

"Maybe I should sleep outside."

It's a feasible option.

When Noah cultivated, he lived in ancient forests.

Noah built wooden houses if he stayed long enough in that place. If he's not there to stay for long, it's usual practice to sleep on a tree.

In any case, going back to his dorm room isn't a choice.

Forget what Imari has to say, Noah reckons he can't look her in the eyes.

Noah recalled Imari's birthday suit along with her bouncy jugs. His heart started thumping before he shook his head.

"No, calm down."

Two ladies walked out of the dorm entrance. Noah didn't notice them.


They saw Noah sitting on the sofa and they stopped.

"Tomoe-chan, what's wrong?"

Her Duo looked at her in confusion. She looked in Noah's direction too.

"Eh, isn't he?"

Tomoe nodded.

"Miyabi, I am going over there. You can return first."

Tomoe didn't wait for Miyabi's reply. She approached Noah.

"Hey, wait! Tomoe!"

Miyabi also followed her.

Detecting a commotion near him, Noah raised his head.

He can see two young ladies approaching him.

They are quite the lookers too.

The one leading the duo is a girl with raven-black hair.

She's beautiful without a hint of cuteness.

She had a bombshell figure in addition to a mature air around her. She's like that dignified childhood friend, oozing with gallantry. She has an aura around her that just makes her presence stand out.

The panicky girl tagging behind her is like the polar opposite of the previous elegant lady.

She's shorter in stature and she still had a hint of immaturity on her face. Her short hair ended into two mini-tails laid on her shoulders. Unlike the gallant lady, she's exuding an air of meekness. She makes people want to protect her on instinct.

But, this girl has another notable characteristic. No, she's not as impressive as the elegant lady. It's those nuclear-level double meat missiles she's packing.

She's shorter than the average girl her age but those mammary glands have no business being on someone her age. That level of measurement is something not average adults can't achieve.

In Noah's experience, only Mira and Kisara can possibly contend with her.

She knew the two young ladies.

They enrolled in the school at the same time Noah did. They also introduced themselves during the first homeroom class.

If he recalls correctly, the elegant lady should be Tachibana Tomoe while the petite girl with ridiculous cans should be Hotaka Miyabi.

Miyabi and Tomoe finally closed the distance between themselves and Noah. They also noticed Noah's gaze.

Tomoe slowed down while Miyabi hid behind Tomoe.


Tomoe nodded respectfully.

"I am Tachibana Tomoe."

"Yes, I do remember the names of my classmates."

Noah scratched his cheek.

"I don't think I need to introduce myself again?"

"Of course, one would find it hard to forget your name."

Tomoe bitterly laughed.

"Is it fine if I call you Noah?"

"Fine with me."

Noah nodded.

He turned his attention towards Miyabi who is still hiding behind Tomoe.

"Hotaka Miyabi, yes?"


Miyabi blushed while shrinking back behind Tomoe.


Noah cast a puzzled look in Tomoe's direction.

"Sorry, she went to a girl's school before this, she's not good with males."

Tomoe apologized.

"Please don't mind her."

"You're being too courteous."

Noah bitterly laughed.

"Anyway, sit. We can't have a proper chat like this, right?"

"Alright, we will take you up on that offer."

Tomoe held Miyabi's hand as they sat down on the sofa opposite to Noah.

Tomoe and Miyabi's divine mountains jiggled slightly when they sat down. Noah involuntarily stared at them for a second before looking away while admonishing himself.

The incident with Imari is still fresh in his mind so he couldn't help but still be conscious of things like that.

Noah coughed.

"Do you two have some business with me?"

"Not really, we are just being nosy."

Tomoe continued.

"You looked like you're troubled, is it because of your roommates?"

"Yeah, there's nothing to hide."

Noah sighed bitterly.

"Anyone would be troubled if their roommates are girls."


Tomoe awkwardly agreed.

"Is there anything we can do to help?"


Noah asked.

"You want to help me?"

"As I thought, we are being too meddlesome, aren't we?"

Tomoe nodded. She expressed her thoughts with a serious look.

"It's quite worrying for you guys to cohabitate like this."


Noah chuckled slightly.

"I can guess why you're worried. We just met so it's fine if you don't believe me. A man and a woman staying in the same room would be a cause of concern. But, there are two ladies in my room, I don't think it's likely I would lay my hands on both at the same time, right?"


Tomoe lowered her head.


Miyabi giggled. When Noah looked at her, she blushed again, she cuddled up against Tomoe's cans. She threw a furtive glance in Noah's direction after a brief pause.

Noah isn't sure how he should deal with Miyabi.

Julie already observed him silently in the morning. Now, it's Miyabi?

This school life is shaping up to be quite challenging.

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