Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 193: Three people living together?

"Well? Well?! Has anyone noticed it yet?!"

Usagi-sensei started jumping around the classroom while blowing kisses. She's like a rabbit in human form.

The students got used to her antics really quickly. They started checking the items they got: Student manuals, student IDs, and dormitory manuals.

"You all can read up on the rules in the school and dormitory. The student ID also doubles as a credit card. You can use it as 100,000 Yen (roughly 823USD) will be automatically credited into your accounts every month. Don't lose it now!"

"100,000 yen?!"

The students started clamoring.

100,000 yen as monthly allowance.

That is already a bit excessive considering the expenses students actually incur. Heck, if the students economize, that amount is enough to live on for a family.

Noah wasn't focusing on this part. However, Imari heard the notification and she clenched down on her student ID. She stood up while asking Usagi-sensei a serious question.

"Sensei, can the academy automatically send my allowance to my family?"

"Send it to your family?"

Noah glanced at Imari. He assessed her serious expression.

Usagi-sensei was also taken by surprise. She pointed her index finger to her cheek.

" Now that's a question I've never heard. Yes, you can make an application at the admin office, an arrangement shouldn't be a problem."

Imari's innocent look mellowed out. She sat down with a pleased look. She hugged the student ID like she was holding a treasure.

"Alright, listen up."

Tsukimi (Usagi)-sensei clapped her hands, gathering everyone's attention.

"Our school has a Duo System where you're partnered up with another student for training, classes, and further developments. The deadline is over the weekend, I expect you all to decide on your partner. Anyone without a partner will be randomly assigned one at the end of the next session. You won't get a choice then so be warned!"

"Right, in case you guys think you can pair up nonchalantly, you've got another thing coming."

Usagi-sensei winked at them.

"To deepen the understanding between Duo partners, the school expects you all to spend most of your time with your Duo partner, even sharing a dorm."

The students who weren't taking the class seriously changed their attitudes upon hearing this.

"Now that's a game-changer."

Imari started thinking.

"If we are going to share a dorm then that partner must be someone we can get along with. Otherwise, student life will be ghoulish."

Noah rubbed his temples with a troubled look.

It isn't because Noah liked acting alone or he found a partner's existence a nuisance to his daily life.

In reality, Noah already experienced this kind of arrangement before.

For instance, in Fairy Tail's universe, it's common to pair up to clear quests. Noah partnered up with Erza, Mira, and Lisanna on multiple occasions.

In Black Bullet's universe, there's the IP pairing system where a Promoter works with an Initiator on a partnership basis.

Noah never officially picked an Initiator. But, to make sure the Cursed Children in his guild are well-prepared for future missions, he cultivated the art of cooperation into school lessons, he learned greatly from his time as a teacher and mentor to the students.

Noah didn't find cooperation hard.

But, Noah's completely oblivious to the norms of this world.

Aside from Imari, Noah has no friends in this world.

Imari is correct. He needs to pick someone he is comfortable with. Pick a wrong partner and you're screwed.

If possible, Noah wanted a compatible Duo too.

That would make living together a much more natural arrangement.

Giving them a week is barely enough time to find the right partner.

Noah felt troubled by the short timeframe.

Usagi-sensei poured salt on the wound with her next announcement.

"The official Duo System will be established over the weekend. For now, try living one trial week with your selected Duo. The dorms will also be adjusted for cohabitation."

Usagi-sensei started snickering.

That grin was directed at Noah.

Noah had a bad feeling when he saw this.

Indeed, his intuition is too sharp for his own good.

"Now, now, let me do that work for you since you guys don't have much time to choose."

Usagi-sensei jumped up and down enthusiastically.

"Until you settled on your official Duo, every student will partner up with the student they are sharing the desk with!"

Noah wasn't aware of what other students had to say.

Noah only noticed his own expression freezing up.

"Sharing desk..."

Imari turned towards Noah and she saw his petrified look too.


Her shriek echoed across the classroom.

Imari jumped up with a red face.

"Wait! Usagi-sensei, that can't be right?!"

She screamed at Usa-sensei.

"Oya oya? What's wrong?"

Usa-sensei chuckled playfully.

"Isn't it obvious?!"

Imari raised her voice. She's blushing furiously.

"Noah is sharing the desk with me, you want us to live together?!"

"Wouldn't that be fine?"

Usa-sensei shrugged, she used a 'lucky-you'-expression.

"You're going to live with a handsome young man with incredible fighting prowess. If you guys cultivated a good relationship with one another, wouldn't you feel safe around him?"

"H-he's good-looking and powerful, I feel safe..."

Imari wavered but she quickly shook her head.

"No no! That's not the issue!"

"We have 3 people over here!"

Noah stood up as he reckoned an intervention is necessary.

"Duo means two so only two can live together, right?"

Imari nodded but Usa-sensei continued giggling like a schoolgirl.

"It's fine, it's fine, one week of cohabitation shouldn't kill you, enjoy your time together while you endure this, I guess?"

"You just said enjoy our time?!"

Noah also raised his voice. He glanced at Julie who was sneaking glances at him.

"Julie-san you think so too, right? Three people staying together would cause problems, right?"

Julie tilted her head. She used a deadpan expression to answer him.

"I am fine with this."

Imari and Noah turned into statues.


Usa-sensei hugged her stomach while laughing out loud.

"Then it's settled!"

Noah slammed his face into his palm, he also couldn't look Imari in the eyes.

Noah is sure of one thing.

It was a wrong move stay in this school.

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