Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 181: A normal world and a weird organization


Before Noah can open his eyes, rowdy noises enter his ears first.

He flinched and he opened his eyes.

It's just a normal street.

He's standing in the middle of a busy street.

There are people talking as they passed him, there are also people yelling into their phones or fidgeting with their phones.

On the busy road, cars can be seen zipping by according to the traffic light's direction. He can also faintly hear the sound of trains operating in the distance.

Noah's heart loosened up.

When he left [Fairy Tail], the location of entry was set in the Unexplored Territory when he arrived in [Black Bullet].

It didn't take long for Noah to get the feeling that Black Bullet was set on a path of darkness and despair.

The boisterous and normal daily scenes here were a stark contrast compared to the bleak world of Black Bullet. Noah couldn't help but sigh in relief.

It seems this world isn't leaning towards the nihilistic side.

Granted, there is a chance that this is all just superficial, a more insidious kind of darkness might be lying below the façade of normality.

For Noah, this world is still a foreign world.

After finding out that he can return to Fairy Tail and Black Bullet, he felt a heavy weight lifted off his back. He can full-heartedly dive into other worlds to gather the Feather Fragments.

Like a man with a new lease on life, Noah chose this world.

This world's culture and technological development are similar to [Black Bullet].

For instance, he heard the same language being spoken by the natives around him. Everyone's speaking Japanese.

That's good news.

This saved him the trouble of breaking through the language barrier. After all, Noah spent a bit of time to brush up on his language skills.

The first knowledge he mastered in Black Bullet is the mastery of the Japanese language. He used his superhuman memory and comprehension to subsequently learn all the major languages of Black Bullet.

That was a wise move. It saved him the trouble of finding a conversation partner in the slammer just to get good at a certain language.

"I am guessing this world's infrastructure and social constructs would require an identity. I need to make a profile for myself."

Noah rubbed his chin.

"Nn, I need to set up an account and an ID. An ID is critical, I reckon it would be hard to move around otherwise."

Noah left the street with pedestrians gawking at him.

They were staring at him because he's carrying around a rather conspicuous-looking cloth sack that contained his arming sword.

Tap tap tap tap

Noah sat in an internet cafe booth while tapping away at the keyboard in front of him. His fingers are lightning fast as codes zipped past the computer screen.

He looked like a professional E-sports player given his rapid keystrokes. It's like he's on a world-class team.

However, he's not playing a game. This 17-year-old youth is using a low-specs computer in an internet cafe to hack into the country's data servers.

He learned his hacking skills in Black Bullet.

Cursed children are treated like crap in Black Bullet, everyone knows this.

In some regions, cursed children aren't even allowed to have accounts. There are also extremist officials who go out of their way to strip Cursed children of their bank balances after they stored what meager amount they could in it.

To prevent such a case from happening to the ones under his protection, Noah learned under a very skilled hacker and he used the art of hacking to solve account problems for Cursed Children.

Noah didn't think he would use it for his own benefit.

After a bit of time, he cracked the country's data server, he created an identity for himself in the National Registry.

"That should do the trick."

He can give sappy excuses like he lost his ID card or misplaced them to "replace" his lost ID.

Noah started browsing highly confidential files of the country he's in.

He's not interested in trade secrets or covert operations. He just wanted to see if there are any dark matters he should be aware of.

If this world is filled with mere mortals then it would make his job very easy.

If there are superhumans or extraordinary settings built into this world then he would need to be cautious in his endeavors.

Using an internet cafe computer to hack isn't a safe thing to do. It's insane for any self-respecting hacker to do so.

Noah's running out of time so he started sifting through whatever he can get his hands on.


Noah noticed a file with red font as a file highlight.

<<Dawn Organization>>

"What is this organization?"

Noah's curiosity got piqued.

Alas, when he clicked on it, an error notice popped up.

Noah narrowed his eyes.

This means the file is too confidential that even inside a secured database, it is still locked in heavy encryptions. The officials who can access this server probably can't access this file.

Noah felt the urge to hack the file and crack open whatever's inside but he gave up on the thought.

His current hacking skills are inadequate when it comes to cracking open multiple encryptions and firewalls.

Noah searched the Dawn Organization online.

It was just a random move, he didn't think it would turn up anything.

Indeed, no search results turned up with the keywords: "Dawn Organization". He did get a bunch of results that looked like random positives.

"Kouryou Academy?"

Noah raised an eyebrow. He clicked on the link.

It's a very special school.

A school where students are taught combat skills.

In a relatively peaceful like this, teaching students practical combat skills seemed odd. This caught Noah's attention.

Even weirder, there are no specific articles or resources on this abnormal school. Anyone with an inquisitive mind will quickly find many yellow flags with the school.

For instance, students are all exempted from tuition, free boarding fees, and free meals. They even give their students an allowance.

The backer behind the school is an obscure research organization with no description beyond its name.

Yes, he found the Dawn Organization.

The Kouryou Academy's curriculum, background, subjects, and other specific details are nowhere in sight. Dawn Organization only has a simple summary that said it's a research organization, he can't find any other details on a weird establishment like this.

This is too uncanny...

Noah thought as he stood up. He shut down the computer and he picked his cloth sack up. He exited the private room.

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