Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 180: A second similar promise as before

It goes without saying that Seitenshi is an excellent woman.

She might perceive herself as immature but this 16-year-old girl is running Tokyo Area, she also worked very hard to keep her citizens happy and safe. Who can claim they can do the same thing reliably?

In terms of background and social status, nobody can top her position as the ruler of the Tokyo Area.

In terms of appearance, she definitely stood out. Her beauty is such that even the other regions have heard of her.

When a lady with such stellar looks, status, background, and personality confesses her love, who can turn her down?

Noah found it impossible to reject her.

This isn't a product of Noah's male desires for her. If that was the case then Seitenshi would have detected it since she has seen enough crazy displays of affection from her fans to predict one.

Noah couldn't turn her down because she's just pretty, it's a simple reason.

If Seitenshi gave him an impossible request or had she turned out to be a pretty woman with a terrible personality then Noah would shoot her down without hesitation.

He reckons that only 1% of the total human population can treat Seitenshi's kindness with malice.

Noah isn't cold enough to outright reject her.

Yet, he is also in an awkward position where he can't accept her feelings too.

A heavy mood started spreading throughout the room.

Seitenshi's red face slowly turned pale as time ticked on.

Her anxiety overtook her when she saw Noah's silent state.

Seitenshi bit down on her lips and she asked with a quivering voice.

"Am I inadequate?"

Noah might be drowned in the Tokyo Area citizen's spit if others heard this exchange.

If even a girl like Seitenshi had no chance with Noah then how high are his standards?


Noah inhaled deeply before he followed up with a slow exhale. He adjusted his emotions and he bitterly laughed.

To think he would use the same move as he did with Lisanna...

Noah stuck out three of his fingers.

"3 years."

"3-3 years?"

"I have a very important job to do that requires my absence. Therefore I cannot accept your request."

Noah started explaining himself.

"I will be leaving for three years. When I return, if you still feel the same about me then I will return!"

Noah said this on a whim.

But, since he made this promise to Lisanna, he intends to keep it. When the time comes, he's going to come back no matter what happens.

He promised Lisanna the same thing, he's using the same resolve on Seitenshi.

Seitenshi was stunned. She lowered her head and she replied with the composed face typical of the business-mode Seitenshi.

"I understand."

Then, Seitenshi smiled with the warmest and softest beam Noah had ever seen.

"If Noah-san already decided on that then I swear I will endure that 3 years!"

The kind lady didn't think Noah's playing with her feelings at all. She assumed this was a test Noah gave her.

The perfect maiden's kind nature touched Noah's heart.

He shook his thoughts away and he took another deep breath. He retrieved the cloth sack near him and he turned around. He didn't give her another look.

"If you encounter any trouble, go find Kisara. Anything Kikunojou can solve, she too, can solve now."

Noah took his leave lest his determination got broken by the angel in this room. He walked towards the Unexplored Area outside.

Seitenshi watched as Noah's figure slowly receded into the distance. She clasped her hands together in front of her forehead like she's praying.

"Please, let him be safe..."

In the desolate jungle, Noah looked back at the Monolith circling the Tokyo Area.

"I never thought I would encounter something like that when I am about to leave."

Noah reviewed his experience in this world as he sighed.

"In any case, I just made another promise I need to honor."

Noah pressed his hand on his heart, he looked around for the weird throb. He reached out when he detected the magical feeling.


Noah started fading like a mirage. When a gust blew by, he was already gone.

The Space between Worlds...



Noah opened his eyes to find himself in the familiar pure white world. He can feel joyful vibes all around him.

The feathers suspended in their own crystal orbs started dancing around Noah like they are welcoming him back.

He felt like he's back at home with the feathers acting like kids that were welcoming their parents home.

Upon returning to this weird space, the pent-up darkness from a year of living in [Black Bullet] got cleansed. Even his heart is at ease.

It felt fantastic and blissful.

Noah can fondly look back on his life in [Black Bullet] and pat himself on a worthwhile job done.


The feathers started backing away as the tattered feathers flew up to him.

A tattered feather appeared from within Noah. It entered the tattered feathers and bummed into one of the tattered feathers there.


The two feathers merged into a perfect state once more. It shone with brilliance and divine radiance. It returned from whence it came.

Noah looked at the dancing feathers and the tattered feathers.

He approached a certain feather.

This feather represented the Fairy Tail world.

He slowly reached for the feather with an excited feeling.

A suction force acted on Noah's mind.

Noah let go of the crystal ball with a look of glee on his face.

This meant he can enter that world.

If he allowed the suction to take effect then he would enter that world.

He suppressed the joy in his heart. He touched another feather.


He laughed out loud while clenching his fists.

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