Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 179: Confession? Stay for me?

"Then, are you ever coming back?"

Noah entered a state of silence.

Is he coming back?

If Noah knew the answer, he wouldn't have destroyed the Tendo Clan and sabotaged Kikunojou, the primary threat to Fairy Tail. He also wouldn't need to invite Rentaro and Kisara into his guild. He also wouldn't need to deploy his plans so quickly.

It's because Noah isn't sure whether he can come back that he wanted to leave this world with all his concerns addressed.

Although he doesn't like the world's dark side, he still made connections with the residents of this world.

Fairy Tail and the world itself, are the only things that matter to him.

Can Noah stay permanently on a world?

No, that's not possible.

Noah just placed his faith in the chance that he might be back one day.

Seitenshi didn't think Noah would come back since he's stalling for time. Her heart felt empty all of a sudden.

Seitenshi was respected by all the people she encountered while growing up. Her tutor when she was still young, even Kikunojou respected her.

When Noah appeared with his brash and forceful attitude, Seitenshi started paying more attention to this abnormal guy.

Noah also gave Seitenshi a ton of fresh experience, she went through countless emotions and events that she would have otherwise not obtained from anyone else.

Seitenshi's encounter with Noah also gave birth to one of the milestones of a woman's life.



When she thought about never seeing this special man, her heart started hurting. She also used her disbelief to reject reality and reject this outcome.

Seitenshi never experienced something like this before. She was influenced by her emotion. Seitenshi let go of Noah's hand. Her beautiful eyes went misty.

"What will become of Fairy Tail?"

Seitenshi tried to make him stay even if it's unhealthy to deal with her feelings this way.

"Aren't you worried something's going to happen to Fairy Tail while you're gone?"

"If I wasn't worried, I would be long gone by now."

Noah closed his eyes. He turned his back on Seitenshi.

"Fortunately, Kisara, Rentaro, Enju, Kayo, and Tina are capable talents. With Fairy Tail in their hands, nothing bad can happen."


Seitenshi clasped her hands in front of her chest. She clenched down on the seam of her dress.

"I thought you would stay and protect the kids until the very end."

"I had thoughts like that."

Noah chuckled.

"Alas, if they keep living under my protection, they will never truly grow up. The kids will grow up and then it will be their turn to protect Fairy Tail."

Seitenshi went mum.

"Guild master Noah is superior to me. Every time we cross tongue, you were always the one who can see the bigger picture and sniff out the irregularities. Given the experience you had in Tokyo Area, it's not hard to see why anyone would choose to leave."

Noah looked at the self-deprecating princess.

Isn't she being too tough on herself?

Seitenshi didn't notice her pessimistic state. Suddenly, she rubbed her lower stomach.

"My body is ready to make babies."

This sudden statement came out of nowhere, Noah was stunned.

"The royal family has been nagging me about leaving an heir."

Seitenshi said with a dark look.

"The last ruler suddenly died with just one year in office. I was immature when I got the throne. I ascended to my position because I am the only direct heir. The royal family is worried that I might end up like the last Seitenshi, they kept going on about how leaving an heir is an important task as well."

Noah listened to Seitenshi talking about an otherwise taboo topic. He gave her the time to explain where she's going with this.

"To ensure a genetically superior heir, the royal family already chose multiple candidates, they want me to pick one as my spouse."

Seitenshi lifted her head.

"Rather than leaving a genetically superior heir, I prefer raising a kid that's the crystallization of mutual love."

Noah wasn't shocked to hear this.

Noah already knows about Seitenshi's girly side, she might be the ruler of Tokyo Region but she's a girl through and through.

With her ideals, choosing love over biological advantage appealed more to her. Choosing the one that loves her as much as she loves him seemed to be a better choice.

Seitenshi certainly thought so.

"Nobody understood me. The ones trying to show off to me or prove themselves to me are aiming for my status and office. Like Takuto, he was one of many such individuals."

Seitenshi clasped her hands together.

"I never felt remorse over giving my all to the office of Seitenshi, sometimes, it just gets too tiring. Guild master Noah, I wish to be with the one who can stay by my side and share the burden with me."

Truly the words of a girl in her prime of youth.

Noah still isn't surprised.

However, what Seitenshi's going to say next certainly took him by surprise.

Shock doesn't qualify it enough, it was just ridiculously surprising.

"Compared to you, I might be immature. But, I do hope you will stay. Be with me."

Seitenshi started blushing and she finally let it loose.

"As a man!"

Noah almost freaked out.

What did that mean?

What does this mean?

What's going on?

Seitenshi's intense gaze almost made Noah took off in a panic.

Is this a confession?

"Now, I understand, Noah-san..."

Seitenshi hands went pale because of how hard she's clasping her hands. She still mustered up enough courage to voice her honest thoughts.

"Unbeknownst to me, I slowly started to treat you like a man and I fell in love with you."

If Noah doesn't know where Seitenshi is going with this, his years of being alive would have been a waste.


Noah suppressed the disquiet within and he gave her a smile.

"I don't think I did anything worthy of your affection, did I?"

"You never noticed it and even I was blind to it until now. In the end, I managed to say it."

Seitenshi used a passionate gaze on Noah.

"So, please stay for my sake?"

Seitenshi started shivering.

Even if she's Seitenshi, she's at her limits.

Noah started heaving as he tried to think of a proper answer. Seitenshi also continued staring at him fervently.

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