Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 178: Then, are you ever coming back?

The dark monolith was built as if to pierce the sky. The dark monolith gave any onlooker a sense of pressure.

There were choppers flying around with reinforced nets that placed the Varanium blocks one by one.

Monolith 32.

It's been a few days since the construction of the new monolith reached a higher stage. It's now about as tall and impressive as the other monoliths.

Noah came here to take a look at the monoliths. He placed the scene of choppers carrying blocks of Varanium into his mind.

In this world, he spent a relatively character-shaping year when compared to the original Fairy Tail world.

After working hard to make Fairy Tail famous through the Tokyo Area, he's sure the Fairy Tail of this world will one day dance upon the global stage. He never forgot why he got into this, it was so the cursed children can live better lives.

The Fairy Tail of this world was born from Noah's compassion and sympathy for the cursed children.

He just couldn't bear watching these innocent kids fall into hardship. He decided he was going to make Fairy Tail a sanctuary for the cursed children. It's because he protected these cursed children that he got on Kikunojou's bad side, he also received verbal lashings from the Stolen Generation. He saw the ugly side of the world.

After that, Noah's days were far from happy. He was caught up with the darkness of this world. To adapt, he learned politics, diplomacy, and ultimately, against his cruelest foes, murder.

These topics weren't taught back in the original Fairy Tail.

In a sense, Noah grew up through his hardship. That raises another question, is this transformation good?

If he kept living in [Fairy Tail], would he touch these subjects?

Noah started missing his rowdy guild.

Now, Noah understands what it means to miss one's family while in another place.

It's probably the effect of appreciating that which one used to take for granted.

Noah is also not exempted. He finally realized how precious an unconstrained life was.

However, he didn't regret the move that led him to this world.

His motivation was the same as why he established the Fairy Tail in Black Bullet.

He wanted to help the ailing worlds like how he helped the cursed children.

His reason was so simple it seemed laughable. He left his original world and he established the Fairy Tail of this world to help others.


Sound of tires screeching to a halt disrupted Noah's thoughts.

He turned around in confusion to see a high-class saloon car stopped some distance away from him. The car door opened up as a teenage girl charged out.

Noah flinched in shock.

She was wearing a pure white dress that looked like it would fit well in a wedding. Her silvery-white hair also glistened in the faint light. There's a sense of urgency on her otherwise heavenly face. She ran towards Noah.

Who else but Seitenshi?


Noah identified her. Because Seitenshi is wearing heels, she tripped and fell forward as she yelped.

Noah jumped forward and he caught the falling Seitenshi. He prevented the ruler of this country from eating dirt.

"What are you doing?..."

Noah wanted to scold her when he saw Seitenshi's expression. He forgot his words and he went silent.

Seitenshi was biting her lips in agitation. He can feel her strong grip through her lacey white gloves. Her eyes were dyed in anxiety.

"Guild master Noah, is it true you're leaving Tokyo Area?"

Noah asked her in puzzlement.

"How did you know?"

"I went over to Fairy Tail and President Tendo told me about your departure. She also gave me your rough direction."

Seitenshi continued clenching down on Noah's hands. The person herself likely hasn't realized her close proximity to Noah's face. She looked down in the dumps.

"Guild master Noah, so it's true, you're leaving Tokyo Area?"

Noah panicked for a moment when he saw her crestfallen looks.

What's going on?

Why is she acting like this?

Hime-sama doesn't wish for me to depart too?

No way...

He didn't think their relationship advanced to such a stage.

"Is it because of the constant discrimination from the residents? Are you leaving because of them?"

Seitenshi said with a pale look.

"I know their actions are inexcusable but they were victims of Gastrea predation. I believe one day they will come to see the errors of their words and action. I know they can put down the hatred in their hearts. Please, Guild master Noah, don't let the citizens get to you."

Noah can't help but respect Seitenshi even more.

Noah and Fairy Tail weren't the only targets of the brainless actions of the citizens. This princess also suffered a negative backlash.

People said she was out of her mind, an incompetent ruler, they cursed her for failing to protect Tokyo Area. There were also personal attacks made against her.

He also heard about how some sickos who admired her for a long time decided to try their luck when faced with death, these obsessed fans tried to molest and ravage Seitenshi only to be stopped by her security.

It seems Seitenshi wasn't traumatized by the citizens. She even defended them like nothing bad ever happened to her.

She is kind.

Noah loosened his tough attitude. He shook his head.

"No, I am not leaving because of them."


Seitenshi felt bewildered.

"Why are you leaving the Tokyo Area?"

"Is it that strange/"

Noah sighed.

"I was never a resident. Surely, you should have known by now, right?"

Seitenshi was stunned for a second. Then, her eyes wavered and she spoke up.

"So you're returning to your country of origin?"

"My origin?"

Noah chuckled bitterly.

"Maybe, maybe not, there's also a chance I might be in a new place. I can't say for sure."

Noah's bitter expression didn't escape her eyes. She opened her mouth and she finally squeezed out her most earnest question.

"Then, are you ever coming back?"

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