Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 177: The final gift

Tokyo Area 39, Fairy Tail...

With a brilliant arming sword that looked very sharp in his hand, Noah diligently wiped the blade.

The modified revolver near Noah was cleaned by him a short while ago. There are also varanium ammo magazines near him. The black glint on his gun would catch anyone's eyes.

A sword and a gun.

White and black respectively.

He got the sword from his original world Fairy Tail. Meanwhile, he got the gun from this world. Ignoring their functions for now, the weapons had a different significance.

It's the reason why he carried them with him.

He's going to take these weapons with him.

He already found the [World Fragment] in this world.

He felt like he can leave this world if he just act on the tingling sensation within him.

Having gone through this experience once, he knew what would happen if he allowed the world to help him. He will leave this world and return to the Space Between Worlds.

Before that, he has to make sure this world's Fairy Tail won't encounter any danger.

It's also why he revealed the primary culture that can completely suppress Gastrea Virus. He started the master plan of harboring all the cursed children in the world too.

It's also why he invited Kisara and Rentaro. He entrusted Fairy Tail's management to Kisara, Rentaro, Tina, Kayo, and others.

Don't let the Tendo Civil Defense Corporation's dilapidated appearance fool you. Kisara has got serious management skills.

She was once a Tendo heiress and her management capabilities are on par with Noah if not better. Otherwise, Miori wouldn't have treated Kisara like her worthy foe.

Kayo who had genius-level intelligence and Tina who had operational expertise also pitched in. In these girls' hands, Fairy Tail will definitely be able to achieve the plan set down by Noah. They are also very resourceful as they effectively deployed the resources needed for the plan's success.

Perhaps, one day Noah might return to see a Fairy Tail that sits atop the world as the top power. The cursed children will no longer live like street rats.


He sheathed the blade mindfully and he put the sheathed sword in a cloth sack. He also grabbed the ammo clips on the desk in front of him.

The ammo clips are for the Springfield XD series of semi-auto handguns.

The bullets within the clips are all made of crystal.

Any Fairy Tail world native mages will be able to recognize the crystal in an instant.


It's a type of Lacrima used to store magic.

These Lacrima bullets can only be used once.

Lisanna insisted by shoving these crystals in Noah's luggage when he left [Fairy Tail].

These crystals originally had convenient magic like breathing in water, path-finding, heat generation, light generation, magma resistance, and other such miscellaneous magic.

Noah cleared the spells within the crystals and he installed his Crush Magic in the bullets. He made a total of 12 bullets.

Due to the magic power limitation of these crystals, the installed Crush magic is inferior to the Crush magic Noah can use. But, for the purposes of killing Stage V Gastrea, the potency of the bullets are adequate.

No matter how resilient a Stage V Gastrea can get or how tough their hides are, one shot and these monsters would be in pieces.

Only a true monster that can revive from getting disintegrated can survive these bullets. Otherwise, these bullets can bring down any monsters in this world.

He stored away his gun and the magazines. He also brought the magic ammo clip with him. He used his coat to hide his gun. Then, he grabbed the cloth sack near his leg and he went for the door.

When he opened the door, a bunch of people was waiting for him outside.


"Guild master."


The guests greeted Noah.

Kisara, Kayo, Tina, Enju, and Rentaro were all present.

"Guild master."

Enju asked with a reluctant look.

"Are you really going away?"

Noah swept his gaze over Enju, Kayo, Tina, Kisara, and Rentaro. He can see they are still not okay with him leaving. He bitterly laughed and he rubbed Tina and Enju's head.

"I thought I already told you guys about this yesterday? Still can't accept the news?"


Enju and Tina looked like they couldn't deal with this. Even Kayo's eyes were brimming with sadness.

Noah felt a bit helpless. He tried to pacify the kids while looking at Kisara and Rentaro.

"You should at least tell us where you're going, right?"

Kisara grumbled, she has been meaning to say this for a long time now.

"If you tell us then we can still contact you."

"I have my reasons. I hope you guys will understand."

Noah sighed. He took out the magic ammo clip. He threw it over to Rentaro.

"There are only 12 ammos in that thing. One shot is enough to kill Scorpio one more time."

Rentaro almost threw the clip away in shock. Kisara also gasped.

"These are the bullets you used to kill the Zodiac?"

"Yeah, use it wisely."

Noah said with a smile on his face. Then, he grabbed Kisara's arm and he rolled up her sleeves.

Noah placed his palm against her arm and he started channeling his magic.


A radiant light surged outwards with Kisara's arm as the focal point. The others had to close their eyes due to the piercing light and they only opened their eyes when the light receded.

They were stunned by what they saw.

A golden tattoo appeared on Kisara's arm.


Kisara asked Noah.

"It's nothing huge. You should be able to feel something like a switch inside yourself. Activate it and you can use the magical charge within you. You only have three charges. The next time something like the Third Kanto Battle happens, you can save the people with it."

The others looked at the golden tattoo with shocked looks.

Is this the same thing that wiped out a horde of 2000+ Gastreas? The tactical weapon that Noah got his hands on by chance?


Noah stepped back.

"With these two things, I am sure you two can protect Fairy Tail no matter what happens."

Noah went past the others and he walked towards the exit.



"Guild master!"

Kisara, Rentaro, Enju, Kayo, and Tina yelled out loud.

His unconstrained voice entered their ears.

"Till next we meet."

Noah's steadily walked onwards. Slowly, he faded into the distance.

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