Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 175: The plan that can change the world and its fate

The Gastrea virus within Cursed children is fundamentally the same as the Gastrea virus in Gastrea monsters.

Kisara and Rentaro guessed that the serum being cultivated in the vat in front of them can do more than just stop the corrosion rate. The serum worked by the curbing Gastrea virus.

If they can properly deploy this serum, it can become a great weapon for humans in their fight against the Gastreas not unlike how Varanium became humanity's hope of stopping the Gastrea monsters.

Moreover, if this serum is administered to a recently infected patient, it can probably stop the Gastrea transformation process before the patient fully succumbs to his condition.

These are all reasons why researchers are working super hard to find a cure for the Gastrea virus.

The earth-shaking cure is actually in its advanced stages of development in this small lab under Fairy Tail.


Kisara and Rentaro sighed in awe. They digested the information Noah divulged.

"With this serum, kids like Enju, Kayo, and Tina will never turn into Gastreas, right?"

Rentaro's voice shook.

"Humans will also never have to fear Gastrea infection?"

"That's irrelevant to me."

Noah coldly said.

"I create this serum with the kids in mind, I never thought about applying it to the selfish and ugly humans of this world."

Noah understands not all humans are unsightly. However, a vast majority of them are corrupted and he didn't think too highly of them.

Rentaro chose to keep mum on this topic.


Kisara looked at Noah.

"What does it have to do with us joining Fairy Tail?"

Noah wiped the vat, he looked at the liquid inside and he dropped another verbal bomb on them.

"That's because I am entrusting this vat and Fairy Tail's management to you guys."


Rentaro and Kisara sucked in a cold breath of air.

"Hey, Kisara, Rentaro..."

Noah's eyes lit up, he didn't give them any time to catch up.

"I want to turn Tokyo Area's Fairy Tail into the Fairy Tail of this world!"

Kisara and Rentaro linked the dots and they caught up with Noah's intention.

Making Tokyo Area's Fairy Tail the Fairy Tail of the world.

In other words, he wants Fairy Tail to be the sanctuary for all the cursed children in this world.

If this became real, changing the world is certainly possible.

Varanium is a vital metal in human's struggle against the Gastrea monsters. With Varanium, the surviving humans secured fortresses.

But, Varanium is ultimately a limited resource.

Soon, Varanium will be depleted.

When that happens, what will become of humans?

The humans would have to rely on cursed children to fight the monsters.

If all the Cursed Children are under the protection of Fairy Tail? What will Fairy Tail become?


Fairy Tail will become the only institution in the world that can create initiator-promoter pairings.

If the civil defense officers want an Initiator, they are going to have to join Fairy Tail, making Fairy Tail the single largest civil defense organization in the entire world.

Once they lost control of cursed children, the humans of this world will have to bow down to Fairy Tail if they want to survive Gastrea attacks.

Fairy Tail will quickly promote Cursed Children's rank from street rats to heroines of the world.

Humans will have to rely on them to survive.

This is certainly a moonshot plan for all organizations except Fairy Tail. Anyone betting on this plan would be doomed to fail except Fairy Tail.

They are different. With a serum that can completely suppress the Gastrea virus, who wouldn't want to join Fairy Tail?

"This is the primary culture of the serum, you can use the auxiliary equipment to synthesize the serums needed for cursed children. As long as this primary culture is here, anyone planning to replicate the serum through other means will never succeed."

Noah chuckled.

"I supplied the blood for the primary culture and I made the primary culture. The serum can only be synthesized through this primary culture."

Kisara and Rentaro were at a loss for words.

Noah's plan is just too grand, they were intimidated by his vision.

"If we adopt and harbor cursed children on such a large scale, the other rulers will sense something amiss. I don't think we can talk a way out of a confrontation between nations."

Rentaro said with a shaking voice.

"Fairy Tail might become public enemy no.1 globally, is that ok?"

Kisara retorted.


Kisara bitterly shook her head.

"Who in their right minds would go up against an organization with many cursed children within their ranks?"

Rentaro was silenced.

Humans need cursed children to fight monsters. If they can't even fight monsters themselves, how are they going to deal with Fairy Tail who had a literal army of these mutated kids who can fight monsters?

It's not a question of will, rather, they just can't do anything against them.

It's a simple rule of who has the bigger fist.

"It's high time the humans learn to appreciate cursed children, it's time they know who is the weaker party of this debate."

Noah said in a cruel tone.

"In this chaotic world, those with real power decide what goes, humans are the weakest in this equation. I am going to use cold hard facts to tell them to get off their high horses!"

"Are you willing to become my blade once more?"

Noah beamed at Kisara.

"This time, you're not a blade of vengeance. You're the symbol of hope for me, the kids, and for your own life."

"A reason to live..."

Kisara trembled. Her eyes which were lackluster at best suddenly lit up.

"What about you?"

Noah looked at Rentaro, his eyes pierced Rentaro's weakness.

"Wanna become the hero that turned the fate of these kids and lead a global Fairy Tail to save the world from the threat of Gastreas?"

Rentaro's eyes glimmered.

Change the fate of the cursed children?

Defeat the Gastreas?

For Rentaro who wanted to uphold justice, these two reasons were more than enough.

Noah grinned when he saw the light within Kisara and Rentaro's eyes.

He knew he's got them on the ropes.

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