Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 173: A request? Change the world?

Tokyo Area 39, Fairy Tail HQ...

Kayo and Tina walked out of the kitchen with two plates of snacks and tea. They delivered the plates to the living room.


Kayo presented her plate.

"Please take a cup of tea."

"Thank you."

Rentaro's smile was far from genuine, he took a cup of tea from Kayo's plate.

Tina looked at Kisara with a hint of worry in her eyes. She offered Kisara a cup of tea anyway

"Kisara-san, please help yourself to some tea."


Kisara accepted the cup of tea but she didn't look like she's in the mood for tea. Her face was dark with weakness and low energy.

Noah saw Kisara and Rentaro's looks. He looked at his steaming cup of tea before asking them what's up.

"Still thinking about Tendo Clan's matter?"

Kisara and Rentaro were dazed, they had complicated looks.

Noah is familiar with these two guests, he can easily guess why they are mopping around like this.

Rentaro is probably feeling bad about his adoptive father being executed in front of him. The Tendo Clan where he grew up as a child also got doomed.

After Kisara's parents got done in by the Tendo Clan's plot, Rentaro chose to leave the Tendo Clan with Kisara. However, he's not consumed by hatred, unlike Kisara.

He still had a few attachments to the clan, that much is inevitable.

Rentaro must be dealing with his own feelings right now.

As for Kisara, she left the Tendo mansion after executing Kikunojou. She went over to Noah's house and she just sat there like a hollow soul.

Noah, Kayo, Tina, and Rentaro found her here. Her sword had a thick smell of blood, even the sheath is dripping with blood.

After that, news about the death of Tendo Hinata, Tendo Gentaku, Tendo Heitoshi, and other scums that almost caused the destruction of the Tokyo Area became widespread.

It didn't take them long to figure out Kisara's the killer.

These people were behind Kisara's parents' tragic death in the past.

It seems she got intel of her parents' killers from somewhere else. She went after them right after executing Kikunojou. She avenged her parents.

With all her sworn enemies dead, the Tendo Clan in ruins, she already delivered on her promise and she realized her existence as the Tendo Clan's ghost of vengeance. Now, everyone knew what's she dealing with.


That basically sums it up.

Kayo who had intelligence far above her peers can read Kisara's mind. Tina might not be as smart as Kayo but she lived as an assassin once, naturally, she can read the mood of the room. She quietly backed away after giving everyone a cup of tea.

Noah inhaled deeply. He made up his mind.

"Kisara, Rentaro..."

Noah hesitated before he continued.

"Can you listen to one selfish request of mine?"

Kisara and Rentaro exchanged a look. They tidied up their emotional luggage and they perked themselves up.

"What's with that formal tone?"

Rentaro asked in confusion.

"You helped us greatly, if there's anything I can do, I will do it."

"Let us hear it."

Kisara also nodded.

"You helped me exact vengeance, no matter what I will say yes."

"Don't agree so eagerly."

Noah shook his head.

"I want you two to liquidate the Tendo Civil Defense Corporation and join Fairy Tail.

"You want us to join Fairy Tail?"

Kisara and Rentaro gasped at the same time.

Noah closed his eyes. Then, when he opened them, his eyes were brimming with brilliant light.

"Kisara, Rentaro, I want to change the world!"

"Change the world?"

What does he mean by changing the world?

Something told Rentaro and Kisara that what they are about to hear is something that will set the course of history.

Kisara and Rentaro perked up their ears.

"I was tossing this idea around in my head, I never got to realize it. It's not something one can accomplish in a short span of time."

Noah placed his cup of tea down on the table. He sighed after glancing at the two guests.

"it's nothing new, I just want to give cursed children the same basic rights as other kids. I want to change their current status."

"But, I have seen enough cruelty and savagery to teach me that there are still a lot of people out there who hate these kids. There are also too many people discriminating against cursed children."

Noah narrowed his eyes.

"The situation in Tokyo Area is still relatively good since Seitenshi looks out for cursed children welfare. Compared to the rest of the country, compared to the rest of the world, the kids here had it good. I just can't, rather, I don't want to imagine what kind of lives the cursed children are living elsewhere."

Kisara and Rentaro nodded. They agreed with Noah.

"When you say you want to change the world, you mean you want to turn around the cursed children's fate?"

Kisara said with an astonished look.

"You know that's not easy, right?"

Rentaro nodded. He's agreeing with Kisara.

Anyone who survived the Great Gastrea War will remember the ghoulish scene from back then. They directed their resentment to the cursed children who carried the same Gastrea virus as the monsters that killed their friends and families a decade ago.

Getting them to accept the cursed children is a tall task. To get humans to abandon their hate and truly embrace these cursed children, that's just not realistic.

Even so, supposing the humans can drop their hatred and discrimination against the kids, the cursed children still have the Gastrea virus in them.

When the corrosion rate goes beyond 50%, these innocent kids will invariably turn into monsters.

Who would want walking time bombs to be anywhere near them?

Even if the subject in question is only a kid.

They can transform into monsters at any moment.

That's why these kids just can't merge into a working community.

Unless Noah can solve this fundamental problem.

Otherwise, it's just wasting everyone's time no matter what he comes up with.

Noah had a look of hesitation. Then, he dropped it on Kisara and Rentaro, he told them a shocking truth.

"Actually, Fairy Tail already invented a method to keep the corrosion rate of cursed children in check."


Even Kisara and Rentaro couldn't help but shout in surprise.

Noah stood up, he invited them to his lab.

"Come with me."

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