Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 171: The Tendo clan thrown into the heart of the storm

The next day, while the residents still grappled with how they made it through one of the worst crises to hit Tokyo Area, a massive information dump got leaked. It went completely viral in the Tokyo Area. In just a day, the news circulated throughout Tokyo Area.

After verification, the residents started clamoring and roaring in outrage.

To give context to this scandal. Let's start with how public civil engineering projects are typically auctioned to ensure fairness and reduce leakage or corruption.

This concept complicated the procuring process.

Constructing Monoliths that can make Gastrea stay away from is a critical job.

This is the reason why this project got delegated to a certain public office. This office is in charge of the monolith construction projects.

In other words, because this job required speed, controls on corruption and leakage were loosened and the auction process bypassed. This led to moral and financial corruption risks.

The leaked documents detailed how Monolith 32 got siphoned off by the one in charge of Monolith 32's construction.

The one in charge of Monolith 32 at the time was Tendo Kisara's half-brother, Tendo Kazumitsu. He held the office of the Deputy Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport and Tourism; LITT.

After this news got leaked to the general populace, it didn't take them long to piece together the news.

They knew why the Stage IV Aldebaran can adhere to Monolith 32 and slowly corrode it despite the Monolith's warding function.

It's all because Kazumitsu cut corners with 32's construction, using subpar materials to cut costs and siphon money.

Monolith 32 became the weakest link in the chain, Aldebaran latched on to it and corroded it away in due time.

Kazumitsu is the one who indirectly gave rise to the Third Kanto Battle through his nefarious actions.

Naturally, the citizens didn't take kindly to this news. They started organizing riots and demonstrations, disrupting Tokyo Area's peace.

The ones who almost dug their own graves by pissing Noah off and then subsequently got saved like a bunch of pathetic losers, the ones who got thoroughly schooled by Noah were practically rabid. With so much face and honor lost, naturally, someone had to be blamed.

Given a target, they were more than happy to jump on the hate bandwagon. Kazumitsu is to be blamed for everything!

They started holding demonstrations and they called for Kazumitsu to be severely punished for his wrongdoings.

Then, while everybody's still pissed off at one guy for almost screwing the whole region over, another document leak occurred.

This time, the leak contained scandals involving Tendo Clan members in financial and political gaffes.

The Tendo clan is a very powerful political clan with fingers in a lot of financial pies.

Everybody knew that.

When they climbed up the ladder, they also stepped on a lot of toes in addition to committing multiple crimes.

Corruption and almost every white-collar crime imaginable had been committed by the Tendo Clan.

Individually, the named culprits were minor characters in the Tendo clan that can be easily cut or expelled from the clan.

Before crap hit the fan, the Tendo Clan could have expelled them and they would be saved, at worst, their reputation got tarnished a bit.

However, with the Kazumitsu scandal as the catalyst, the situation and rules changed.

Already enraged by the reckless action of a single member from the clan, the revelation of misdeeds and crime by other members made the public turn their spears toward the Tendo Clan as a whole.

People started coming forth, blowing the whistle on each and every Tendo member holding a public office. None escaped a probe or investigation.

With so many stones turned, more misdeeds came to light.

The Tendo Clan members were getting betrayed left and right by their trusted accomplices or they ran away from Tokyo Area to wait for the news to die down.

Again, a storm swept up the Tokyo Area.

The Tokyo Area government is pretty much controlled by Tendo Clan, with so many public officers leaving or evicted from their posts, the political situation in Tokyo Area tipped to a dangerous area.

This is the main reason why Seitenshi kept Kikunojou around despite his less than desirable history and methods.

The Tendo Clan assumed their bulwark would hold. This is yet another reason why they didn't see the true calamity coming.

Almost at the same time, Tendo public officers went into hiding or were removed, replacements were quickly found and signed into the office like it had all been rehearsed.

The Tendo Clan was stumped.

Guilty or not, the ones who left their offices knew they will never get their titles and jobs back.

Even Kikunojou's post as the second-in-command got revoked.

The Tendo Clan got ousted.

The Tendo Clan is finished.

The Tendo Clan's main quarters are situated in Tokyo Area 1, an upscale premium land. The house is also a massive manor that incorporates western architecture. From afar, it looked like a tiny cottage.

With Gastreas waiting to pounce on humans, livable space became a scarce commodity.

But, just trying to reach the manor from the Tendo's main gate is already a journey of 100 meters.

The garden is also designed by artists, the trees and flowers were maintained by a team of gardeners.

The fountain built around a bathing angelic statue had fancy shells decorating it.

Kisara and Rentaro led Noah into the Tendo Clan like they were used to this kind of opulence. They pushed open one of the doors and they entered.

The room was designed like a traditional Japanese room.

Kikunojou sat cross-legged at the center of the room. His eyes were closed in what appeared to be a serene meditation, however, he still looked as sharp as usual.

Rentaro and Kisara felt something off, Kikunojou emanated a different vibe, he wasn't acting like himself.

He gave off the aura of a hero who is past his prime, he exuded an air of sadness.

It's like he had been expecting Noah & co, his eyes slowly opened and his sharp gaze fell on Noah.

Noah entered with a calm look. He didn't sit down, he stared down at Kikunojou from above, casually greeting him.

"Tendo-dono, have you been well?"

Kikunojou ignored his provocative words. He just asked with an old, tired, and hoarse voice.

"How did you do it?"


Noah faked his astonishment.

"Tendo-dono, you mean how I got my hands on all the dirty secrets and nasty deals the Tendo Clan did?"

"Those petty characters are very bad at housekeeping, it's easy to find dirt on them. I never bothered to clean up their mess."

Kikunojou coldly brushed his clan members off.

"If you didn't blow the whistle on Kazumitsu, your antics would have resulted in nothing but a slight itch."

"No, look at the impact, I would say it's very effective."

Noah snubbed him.

"Tendo-dono, I thought you already got a personal taste of the news leaks' effectiveness?"

Tendo Kikunojou's face darkened.

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