Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 169: In action, the holy light that suppresses all

Drip drip drop

The dark rain continued staining the Tokyo Area mercilessly.

There were groups of individuals of different ages outside Fairy Tail's base. They bowed towards a certain person without getting up.

The Fairy Tail members looked at the person in question, they wordlessly looked at Noah.

Noah looked at the pure white crystal ball with a broken feather suspended within it, nobody else can see this oddity. His heart shook.

The World Fragment in the form of a feather can exist in different forms.

Noah knew it was not going to be easy tracking the world fragment down.

Some feathers can be found if Noah arrived at the correct destination. There are also feathers that existed in intangible forms. There are also feathers hidden in objects. Finally, there are feathers that will only manifest after certain criteria are fulfilled.

The World Fragment showed itself to Noah after he fulfilled the condition.

Noah finally understood why he couldn't find the World Fragment no matter how hard he searched for it. It also explains why there is no news on anything resembling the feather.

The fragment was with him all this time.

He just never fulfilled the condition to unlock it.

The condition is to express hope in a world of despair.

Noah reached out, he picked the feather up as he mumbled in a voice nobody can hear.

"You think I should this world too?"

The World Fragment trembled, it's conversing with Noah. His heart slowly melted.

Noah was too used to the darkness of this world. He saw the ugly side of humans and he got used to despair. The evil within human souls was ingrained into his mind.

Noah missed his old world, he wasn't aware that he had frozen his heart in this world.

After clearing the blockage in his heart, he realized there were still good things in this world.

There is still hope.

Boom tremble

The ground started shaking like there's an earthquake.


The spectators looked at the distance.

On the horizon, there's a dusty plume going up into the sky. It looked like something's burning there.




Like a school of fish, Gastreas of different sizes and shapes bellowed while charging for the Tokyo Area.

The Gastreas that retreated last time came back for another attack.

In the center of that horde, a long-necked Gastrea howled.


The beast's cry woke everybody up from their stupor.


Rentaro yelled.

"Get into formation!"


Gadou roared.

"Escort Seitenshi-sama out of this place!"

Kisara stood in front of Seitenshi with her blade ready. The other citizens also started panicking.

There are at least a thousand civilians here, including Seitenshi.

If they got involved in the clash between the civil defense officers and Gastreas, the civilians will suffer heavy casualties.

A group of officers broke formation and they covered the civilians and Seitenshi-sama. They wanted to escort the civilians away when a figure emerged from the crowd. He continued walking straight for the horde with steady strides.

Noah looked at the invading Gastrea horde. His steady steps could be heard by everyone here. He gave them all an order.

"You guys, stay back."

The others gasped.

What did he mean by stay back?

What's going on?

Noah ignored the crowd. He looked like he's planning to dive into that horde like a hero. The sight of his back as he faces the unstoppable horde etched itself into the minds of the people here.

"I will believe in this world one more time."

Noah said. He didn't care that he's going up against a horde of monsters.

"I hope you will all keep the flames of hope burning, don't let me down."

Noah's eyes scanned the incoming Gastrea army, he used a gaze that looked so sharp it can pierce space.

A gargantuan amount of magic power poured out of Noah.


A brilliant light rose up from Noah, it accompanied Noah like a light pillar.

Ding ding ding ding ding

Like a chain reaction, the light continued pouring out with Noah as the center. It covered Noah like a protective coat.

Ding dong

A loud bell rang from beyond the sky, the light pillars turned into magic circles that threatened to cover the sky itself.

In the center of that formation, one could see an insignia similar to the one on Noah's hand.

A beautiful melody echoed throughout the land as the brilliant light rained down over this vast area.

Like a god who descended to the mortal plane, Noah released an aura so strong it seemed imposing.

Losing grasp on reality, the spectators watched with bated breaths.

Noah spread his arm like he's hugging a ball, he placed his hands in front of him.

The magic he released turned into a radiant ball of light that illuminated everything as it floated between his palms.

"I don't care what kind of monsters you are, there is no place for you here!"

Noah looked up with a glint in his eyes.


Noah clapped his hands together, crushing the light orb between his palms.

"Fairy law... Activate!"

The ball of light exploded outwards in rays of divine light.


The rays of light expanded outwards like it wanted to fill the heaven and earth with its divine light. It covered everything in this area.

The Gastrea kept rushing and they were engulfed in no time at all.


With the Aldebaran as the leader, all the other Gastreas whimpered in agony as they were baptized by the divine light. They turned into statues and were shattered a second after that, obliterated from existence.

They watched as the divine light suppressed and extinguished the Gastrea horde.

The scene continued for some time.

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