Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 167: The end to the intense fight


Two canisters flew at the same time.

One from Rentaro's prosthetic arm and another from his prosthetic leg.

The canisters were ejected while Rentaro flew forward with flames near his foot.

After a barrel roll, Rentaro flew up, he's closing the distance between Noah and himself instead of running away.

Leveraging on the explosives he used, he literally punched the air away, creating a vacuum that allowed him to go straight for Noah.

Noah grinned when he saw this impressive punch. He didn't evade, he mustered up his own power and he met Rentaro's fist with his own fist.


Flesh and metal violently crashed as a thunderous boom echoed outwards.

Shockwaves reverberated outwards as the ground cracked up again.


The spectators had to watch their footing because they might get blown away if they weren't careful enough.

Naturally, the two fighters felt the brunt of the shockwaves.


Noah slightly retracted his arm as he flexed. With greater power, he exerted his might.

The brute power transmitted itself into Noah through his prosthetic arm. His whole body went numb when he got pushed back. He tried to steady himself, leaving heavy imprints on the ground. It took him more than a dozen steps to steady himself.

His opponent's mortal flesh just defeated his explosive-enhanced varanium punch.

Aside from shock, he felt completely baffled.


Noah followed up with incredulous speed. He smashed down with another hook.

Taken by surprise, Noah raised his varanium to block.

For a second, Noah heard metal crashing against metal when it's supposed to be a confrontation between stardust flesh and metal arm.

This attack sent him two steps back.

Noah pressed forward and he got into a stance with his fist near his waist. After that, a flurry of fists arrived.

Tang tang tang tang tang

It sounded like someone pounding a piece of metal with hammers.

Under this intense series of attacks, Rentaro got steadily pushed back. He can only block with his arm, groaning and grimacing whenever Noah punched him. Rentaro's face went pale, he's not doing too well here.

The spectators watched speechlessly as Noah went to town on Rentaro's pitiful defense. Every punch echoed loudly in their minds. Meanwhile, Rentaro got pounded into a metaphorical corner, he can barely find a steady footing to settle on.


Someone gulped.

"Are they... are they even human?"

Someone said while shivering.

They watched with dumbfoundment, this fight is just eye-opening for them.

The Fairy Tail members watched with raised heads, they were proud, they made sure the adjuvants can see their proud looks. They sneered whenever the adjuvants looked them in the eyes.

As for the adjuvants, it finally hit home how foolish it was to even think about coercing Noah into joining the fight. They silently thanked their past selves for not starting a brawl with Fairy Tail.

Gadou also looked very remorseful.

If he had knew Noah possessed such inhuman capabilities, he wouldn't have tried to take the guy hostage.

Moreover, if he knew Rentaro had such powers, he would have made other arrangements.

Enju is sweating cold bullets.

She didn't the fighters to suffer any injuries. One of them is her savior and family while another one is her promoter.

Tang tang tang tang

Noah continued whamming Rentaro's prosthetic arm, it might have been a result of his fatigue, but, it felt like the punches were getting heavier by the second. Noah noticed Rentaro's pale look and he quickly navigated to Rentaro's flank.


Noah turned around, he kicked upwards.


Unlike Noah's punch, his kick packed a bigger force that immediately sent Rentaro flying like a kite. The guy only managed to steady himself after flying a few dozen meters.


At the same time he landed, someone kicked him on his unmodified leg. Rentaro kneeled.


He groaned in pain, he wanted to stand but a figure stood before him.

He raised his head only to see Noah's calm eyes staring back at him.

It looked like Rentaro got down on one knee for Noah.

Anyone could see who won.

"It's over."

Noah declared, he sounded like he didn't want to do this.

"It looks like you can't drag me to the battlefield."


Rentaro wanted to stand up again. But, a big revolver was placed against his forehead.

"You stand no chance. I don't care if you're the product of the New Human Creation Plan, the fight's over."

Noah said nonchalantly.

"If you want to continue, I will not go easy anymore."

Rentaro's eyes wavered, it looked like he was very frustrated with this result.

"You were holding back?"

Noah said nothing, he stored his revolver away and he walked towards Fairy Tail.

The others lowered their head. Then, Rentaro yelled his soul out.

"Are you really going to sit this one out? Noah!!!"

Noah continued walking towards Fairy Tail, the other guild members followed behind him.


Rentaro smashed his fist into the ground.


Enju couldn't bare to look at Rentaro, she turned her head the other way.

And, then...

"Guild master Noah!"

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