Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 166: Counter, the battle going downhill


The ground started cracking under the intense blows the fighters inflicted on one another. Like a spiderweb, the cracks expanded.

Then came the strong gale, the winds swept up the loose debris and rocks nearby, assailing the spectators, the unprepared got hit and bled from the ensuing aftermath.

"Back away!"

Gadou yelled as his cohorts all backed away. They looked at the brawl with trepidation.

"Let's fall back too."

Kayo ordered the guild members to retreat, they didn't want to get hit by the flying debris.

They watched as they revised their perceptions of Rentaro who had heretofore been a rather nameless officer. They also watched as Rentaro took blows after blows while keeping up with a superhuman mechanical soldier.


The ground exploded as two figures flew away from each other, dragging two long trails in the ground. They steadied themselves after putting a 10 meters distance between themselves. They stared at each other.

A closer look would reveal the two fighters' state.

Rentaro grasped his prosthetic arm and his mechanical leg, his pale look and heaving chest suggested a significant drawdown in his stamina.

Meanwhile, Noah still held onto his radiant arming sword. Aside from some dirt on his clothes, he looked fine.

It's not hard to see who tried their best and who still had energy to spare.

Noah gave Rentaro an honest smile. He praised Rentaro who still needed some time to recover.

"Not bad, Rentaro, so this is the power you've been hiding. I knew you were hiding your true power, man, you didn't have to conceal it so deeply"

"I can say the same about you."

Rentaro looked at Noah with a grim look.

"I never expected this outcome. I released my full power and look at where we are, so this is why you can rear initiator on Enju's level. You are also very good at hiding your talons."


Noah slowly stored away his smile.

"If this is all you have, I would like to see how you're going to drag me onto the battlefield."

He brandished his sword once, casting trails of sword beam before he sheathed his blade. He put the sheathed sword back into his knapsack.

Rentaro and the others flinched when they saw this.

"What's the meaning of this?"

Noah didn't say anything. He threw the knapsack towards Tina.

Rentaro finally understood what's going on.

He's planning on fighting him with his bare hands.

Rentaro couldn't help but feel like he's being underestimated, anger rose within him.

Rentaro threw punches and kicks with his superalloy varanium prosthetic limbs, since his artificial limbs are harder than average weapons, his punches and kicks weren't something flesh and bones could handle.

Rentaro also used explosives to further enhance his power. Even Stage IV Gastreas would be penetrated in one hit, if a human got hit, they would become blobs of meat and sinew on the ground.

Rentaro forced a smile.

"I won't go easy on you!"

Noah said nothing, he gestured for Rentaro to continue the fight.


He got up to his feet and he rushed towards Noah in the heat of the moment. He aimed his right hook at Noah's chest.

Noah froze for a brief moment before a sonic boom erupted. The real body immediately appeared 10 meters away, leaving an afterimage at his original spot.


His right punch only hit the afterimage.


Like a phantom, Noah zipped in for a counter. He arrived at Rentaro's flank and he unleashed a vicious right jab for Rentaro's head. Rentaro only saw a dark fist, drenched by the black rain coming for his head.

Noah demonstrated superhuman speed as Rentaro's robotic eye started computing.

The nucleus within his eyes is a high-capacity computational device.

Aside from basic receptors, his artificial eye can speed up his thoughts and slow down everything around him.

Due to this perceived time dilation effect, attacks looked very slow in his eyes. Even cursed children looked like slowpokes when they attacked him.

This is why Rentaro could keep up with Noah during the earlier rounds. Noah's superhuman speed, reflex, and attacks would have taken him down if not for his robotic eye.

Now, Noah exhibited greater speed, his robotic eye could barely keep up.


On reflex, he lifted his head backwards and away.

The jab missed him, leaving a slight tinge near his face.

But, Rentaro can't celebrate yet. Noah adjusted his stance and he unfurled a vicious elbow blow for his face.


Rentaro had to do an uppercut to intercept.


Shockwaves expanded outwards as the sound of metal grinding against metal could be heard.

His superalloy varanium arm should have broken Noah's elbow in that blow. Yet, he felt like a truck smashed into him, Rentaro's face went pale as he got slammed into the ground

Cracks appeared near the point of impact


Rentaro endured the sharp pain from his back. However, this left him with a vulnerable state of mind.


Noah didn't stop, he stomped at Rentaro's head.

If Rentaro didn't do something, this fight would end with a knockout.

Rentaro's mind spun as cold sweat broke out.

He couldn't care about how Noah smashed into his varanium arm without breaking a few bones. He rolled and he dodged the stomp narrowly.


Noah appeared like a ghost, this time he appeared with a faster speed than before.


Realizing it's impossible to get rid of Noah, he punch at Noah who was right in front of him.


A golden canister flew into the air, Noah used more explosives.

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