Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 156: The effects of killing someone for the first time

Enju, Kayo, and Tina looked at Noah who was languid on the sofa, they were worried and more than anything, they can feel Noah's pain.

Yet, they couldn't do anything to get rid of Noah's tired spell.

It wasn't because Noah was physically tired.

His mental state is drained, his heart is weary.

Noah's disappointed, he is very disappointed.

He knew this world was corrupted by despair and chaos, he didn't think humanity had fallen so far. He didn't think they would be so heartless as to go after them like this.

The cursed children gave their all to protect the humans who spat and cursed them. They fought against monsters despite their young age. Where did these humans get off hating the cursed children like it was only natural? How can they reject cursed children as if they weren't humans?

He just couldn't fathom how they can treat the very same kids who protected them like monsters. They declared that they wanted the cursed children dead.

Do they know how unsightly they look when they said that?

Do they realize they are giving humans a bad name?

Do they know they are repaying kindness with malice?

Don't they know they are just reducing what little resistance and hope they have to fight against Gastreas? Don't they know they are shooting themselves in the foot?

When he first set out protecting Fairy Tail, he resolved himself to become the enemy of humanity when the need arises.

He severely underestimated the quantity of humans who were either dumb or just evil.

Even among the Deprived Generation, there are radicals and there are moderates.

The radicals are those who hated the cursed children and aren't afraid to let it be known. The moderates are those who discriminated against cursed children but they hid their deep-rooted hatred out of plain view.

With a life and death crisis in front of them, they tore away their façades and they revealed all the nasty contents of their souls. They were showing their ugliness without any apprehension.

Noah finally got a good look at just how many people hated the cursed children, he also saw how merciless they can get.

That is why he's so done with this.

He's done with the humans of this world.

Even so, they are humans.

Even if they tried to bomb Fairy Tail to high heaven, they are humans.

Noah raised his hands, they were shaking.

"At last, my hands are stained..."

Seven years.

After gaining sentience, it has been seven years now. He learned a lot of things during his past 7 years.


Sword skills.



Speech and languages.


He learned about many more.

Today, he learned something he didn't want to.

Killing people.

Takuto is Noah's first kill.

Only demonic beast or Gastrea fell by Noah's hands.

Today, he freed someone from his mortal coil.

Even if he hated the guy, it still didn't excuse his actions.

"Guild master."

Kayo grabbed Noah's shaking hand as she looked into his eyes.


Tina grabbed Noah's hand too.

"Guild master."

Enju gave her support despite sporting a pale look. She grabbed Noah's hand with a firm resolve.

Noah's hand steadied.

He bitterly laughed when he saw the three little girls cheering him up in their own ways.

"Sorry, I made you girls worried."

"Please don't say that."

Kayo shook her head.

"We know why you did what you did, for whom you did what you did."

"Onii-san killed the bombers to deliver a message, right?"

Tina gave him a warm smile.

"Only by sternly warning them would they think twice the next time they try to do anything to Fairy Tail. You did that to prevent another adverse event, didn't you?"

"You killed because you wanted to protect us."

Enju had a guilty look.

"We should be sorry for making you dirty your hands."

"Looks like you girls figured me out."

Noah chuckled.

"I thought my façade was impeccable, turns out you three little brats read me like a book. I see bright futures ahead of you girls..."

Enju, Kayo, and Tina shook their heads. They continued holding hands with Noah. It's like they wanted to share Noah's pain and angst after murdering somebody.

There were hooligans and criminals among the civil defense officers.

Shougen Ikuma isn't an average gangster, he's someone who did morally questionable things while holding the license of a civil defense officer.

Murder is among his crimes. Enju who was once Ikuma's initiator also killed people under Ikuma's order.

She can fully sympathize with Noah's feeling.

As for Tina, well, that goes without saying. She worked as an assassin before her conversion. She's well-versed in the art of killing, murder comes with her job scope.

Tina still felt anxious each time she's about to pull the trigger.

Tina is perhaps the one who understood Noah the most in this regard.

Compared to Enju who lived under Noah and Fairy Tail's protection, she never experienced murder or killed anyone. Rentaro is also a good guy so he never got close to that.

Enju tried to put herself in his shoes.

If she killed someone, how would she feel?

Enju can also somewhat empathize with Noah.

Noah sighed when he saw their cute attempts to console him.

"You girls don't have anything to say about my decision?"

Noah blew any chance of Fairy Tail members entering the bunkers. He also ordered them to stay back from Tokyo Area's Defensive Battle. They were going to sit this one out.

His decision made Fairy Tail forfeit any chances of survival in the safety of the bunkers, his actions might even drag Fairy Tail into a fiery end as Tokyo Area gets wiped out.

Noah's decision looked like he is making Fairy Tail members commit suicide by way of idling and desertion.

Even so, the members chose to put their trust in Noah and they abided by his instructions.

He was moved by the trust and credit given to him by Fairy Tail members. He wasn't as confident when it comes to whether or not the members are struggling with anxiety and panic.

Kayo and Tina exchanged a look. They chirped at the same time.

"We will always do as guild master (Onii-san) says!"

"I too will follow the guild master's order to the letter!"

Enju declared although she meekly added.

"But, what about Rentaro?"


Noah rubbed her tiny head.

"Don't worry about my order, go join them."


Enju gasped in shock.

"I am a Fairy Tail member too!"

"I know, and, you're a splendid Fairy Tail member too."

Noah explained himself.

"If you don't join the battle, it's highly likely Rentaro will be exposed to great danger. You must protect him."

"I understand."

Enju nodded.

"Enju will make sure to keep Rentaro safe!"

Noah beamed at her slightly and he looked out the window.

He doesn't want anymore accidents to happen. That would be the greatest thing ever...

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