Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 155: The shocking declaration and a stern warning

The Toyko Area citizens were angry and they made sure to let their voices be heard. Noah's question only added fuel to their seething anger, their deafening objections and curses rang clearly in his ears.

Seitenshi bitterly smiled as she closed her eyes, she couldn't stop Noah in time.

The citizens were unaware of the explosive kegs they were all sitting on.

Only Seitenshi who more or less knew Noah reckoned this won't be easy to clean up.

The Fairy Tail members weren't staggered by the fuming mob, they cast their eyes on the leader they trusted.

This is the faith they had in Noah after seeing the back-breaking work he did for all of them over a year.

"Are those your answers?"

Noah asked simply, his voice chilled the surrounding temperature as the mob piped down.

Noah roamed his eyes over all the citizens here, his dark and deep eyes shaking them to the core. Out of instinct, they lowered or averted their gazes.

Noah glanced over everyone and he continued.

"Very well, I have bore witness to your answers. Today, let me fulfill your requests."

Noah stared at Seitenshi and he dropped the bomb on them.

"Seitenshi-sama, all Fairy Tail members will relinquish their right and participation in the lottery for bunker entry tickets. Let them have the quotas!"

Seitenshi was stunned.

Not only that, the citizens didn't expect this turnaround.


They started cheering after exchanging looks of disbelief.

Despite depriving others of their chances and rights to life, indirectly killing others for their own selfish gains, the 1000 or so riot members weren't saddled with guilt. Instead, they cheered as if they just won the lottery or something.

Although the Fairy Tail members had different thoughts, they didn't question Noah's judgment.

They trusted Fairy Tail absolutely.

Even when Noah's decision sounded like he cut off their lifelines, they didn't think so.

Noah chortled when he saw the citizens cheering together.

Noah dropped another bomb.

"Also, Fairy Tail and its members will not participate in the Adjuvant or any related Tokyo Area defense operations."


Seitenshi went pale.

Finally, it struck the citizens, the implications of Noah's declaration. They started sweating cold bullets.

It didn't take long for all the protest members to get the larger picture.

Fairy Tail is a special organization. Without a doubt, every Initiator or Promoter that bears the insignia were the top, if not the best at their jobs.

Noah personally vetted the promoters, only worthy and capable promoters were allowed to pair with the cursed children he trained and reared. This is the major reason why the Promoters and Initiators from Fairy Tail are all excellent and talented individuals.

Because of the unique way Fairy Tail operated. Numerous external civil defense officers came in droves, bolstering Fairy Tail's already staggering firepower. They were also powerful and capable external IP who joined.

In Tokyo Area, almost half of all veteran civil defense officers were affiliated with Fairy Tail.

In absolute number, civil defense officers from Fairy Tail also made up a sizeable portion of the active civil defense officer's population.

If Fairy Tail bows out, the Tokyo Area defense force will be left in a very precarious situation.

With Fairy Tail out of the picture, the defense operation going forward would be incredibly dangerous, the chances of a total wipe-out is also very high.

Noah's decision would be the last straw that broke Tokyo Area's back.

"Guild master Noah!"

Seitenshi raised her voice with Noah.

"How could you?!"

"Why not?"

Noah answered without any emotion.

"They want us dead. Why should I protect people who want us all dead?"

"Bu-but, what does this solve?"

Seitenshi said with a panicky tone.

"You're all citizens of Tokyo Area, if it gets destroyed, what about you guys? How will you live?"

"That doesn't concern you, we will handle that ourselves."

Noah gave her a glance.

"We wouldn't want to waste your time."


Seitenshi wanted to say something but Noah didn't want to continue listening, he's frankly too tired to deal with this.

Noah addressed the mob.

"I have seen enough of you fools to know that a majority of you are dumber than a nail. As for the smart ones among you, you should know you reap what you sow."

"Hence, when Tokyo Area gets wiped out and most of you died at the jaws of the Gastreas. Remember, you're the ones who got yourselves in this mess, by pushing away the power that protected you, you brought this upon yourselves."

"You people decided it was somehow in your best interest that the ones who put their lives on the lines for your sake should die."

"You, and no one else dug your own graves."

"Remember that..."

"One more thing..."

Noah pulled out his gun and he pulled the trigger on Takuto.


Takuto's head exploded the moment the large-caliber bullet struck his head. The bullets are anti-tank, imagine what it can do to a human's head, it ain't pretty.

Bang bang bang bang

The Fairy Tail members executed the tied up culprits.

They were absolutely shocked and astounded, including Seitenshi.

"Remember this!"

Noah swept his cold eyes over the mob around them.

"This is what happens to people who attacks Fairy Tail!"

Noah led his people away from the area, the mob were too stunned to say or do anything.


The mob finally regained their senses as they shrieked at the horrifying scene laid out in front of them. The reporters also reported this scene with pale sickly looks.

Seitenshi who was protected behind a squad of bodyguards looked at the bodies on the ground and she looked at the direction Noah departed from. She looked like an entity of desolation.


How did things become like this?

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