Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 146: Like water and fire, a hostile relationship


Noah & co saw the guest room when they opened the door to this cabin.

A familiar figure who regularly appeared on television greeted them.

He was an old man in white hakama. He stood with a straight back and he also sat at the couch with perfect style. He waited there with closed eyes. He looked like a disciplined warrior who is meditating. He gave off a sharp feeling just by looking at him.

Looking at the old man who they haven't seen for quite some time now, Rentaro and Kisara had tense expressions. They weren't treating each other like family members, it's like they were faced with their arch-nemesis.

Compared to Kisara and Rentaro, Noah who had the pleasure of fighting against the old man for a whole year looked rather composed. He told the other girls.

"Kayo, go play with Enju and Tina."

Kayo who knew about the relationship between Noah and Kikunojou nodded without delay. Enju who more or less knew about this also sighed in relief. They were glad they didn't have to deal with this.

Tina doesn't know about the animosity between Kikunojou and Noah. She is also unaware of the implications of Kikunojou's visit. However, she can tell something's not right.

Kayo led the other two girls out of the guest room.

Kisara and Rentaro stayed, rather, they looked like bodyguards when they stuck by Noah's side. They also kept their eyes trained on Kikunojou.

Kikunojou is Kisara's grandfather, and, the enemy she can never reconcile with.

Kikunojou is Rentaro's adoptive father, he's also his master who taught him battle skills. Due to Kisara's bad blood with Kikunojou, his relationship with Kikunojou  soured as a result. However, he doesn't hate the guy as much as Kisara.

Noah didn't ask them to leave. Instead, he sat down with the two in tow.

Time froze, the room just felt so tense.

Noah sat with crossed legs. Meanwhile, Kikunojou, Kisara, and Rentaro sat in Seiza.

Kikunojou said nothing for a full 5 minutes. He just sat there with shut eyes. Finally, the old man spoke with a hoarse voice.

"I never thought I would visit this sanctuary."

The mood immediately turned hostile.


Noah grinned.

"How do you feel?"

"As you would expect."

Kikunojou opened his eyes, he used his sharp gaze on Noah.

"I've been to many places over my long life. I even ventured into Gastrea monster dens. But, this is the worst place I've been to."


As the poster child of the one who hated cursed children, this figurehead of the Stolen Generation abhorred the idea of coming to Fairy Tail, a place brimming with cursed children.

Noah just laughed Kikunojou's harsh words off.

"Good, it would upset me if you found this place cozy. I like what I am hearing."

The two wasted no time going at each other, making the already tense mood basically dry powder waiting to ignite.

Watching the two composed monsters going at each other made Kisara and Rentaro sweat. They finally got a good look at the animosity between them.

They assumed they were just on bad terms.

Kisara and Rentaro didn't think they would unabashedly jab at each other with no signs of compromising. They were like water and fire.

Anyone watching them would get nervous no matter their nerves.

Yet, the two were unperturbed.

Apparently, verbal blows like these were customary between them.

Kikunojou got tired of this uncultured exchange of hostility. He looked at Kisara and Rentaro.

"You two, so this is the kind of place you two visit?"

Rentaro said nothing, he endured Kikunojou's scrutinizing gaze.

Kisara narrowed her eyes and she smiled back at him.

"Tendo-dono, long time no see, I missed you so very much."

Kisara's words carried no warmth. In fact, her tone and look were bone-chilling.


Kikunojou snorted, his gaze turned frosty.

"You realized your own weakness and you came wagging your tail at an abominable place like this?"

"Oh, I came here on a whim, that's all."

Kisara smiled.

"Relax, Tendo-dono."

Kikunojou stared at Kisara's passive-aggressive grin.

"It seems time has only worsened your bad habit of not watching your tongue."

"If Tendo-dono doesn't like that, I can present my honest self."

Kisara stored away her fake smile and she glared at him.

"Just so you know, I am still planning on killing all Tendo members, I will see to it that I bury them all in the ground!"

Kikunojou's sharp gaze turned dangerous.

This conversation is between a grandfather and his granddaughter.

Rentaro felt chilly, he knew about the background between Kisara's feud with the Tendo clan.

Noah drank his tea sip by sip, letting the two go at each other like it's not his business. He looked like he had all the time in the world.

Kikunojou turned his attention back towards Noah. He mused out loud after seeing Noah's reaction.

"You're calmer than I thought, do you not wish to know my aim in coming here?"

"I just want to know if you're done with whatever you wanted to say or do."

Noah sipped his tea without looking at Kikunojou.

"If you're finished you should leave soon. Leave while you still can."

Noah said something that almost made Rentaro jump in astonishment. Kisara tightened her grip on her sword. She is ready to join in the moment a fight starts.

"What a bold brute."

Kikunojou replied.

"Is this how you influenced Seitenshi-sama?"


Kisara and Rentaro gasped.

Noah raised his head, he looked at Kikunojou for a second and then he grinned.

"What's the matter? Someone's falling out with Princess-sama?"

"I heard you acted as Seitenshi-sama's guard while I was out of Tokyo Area on official business. You also sent Saitake packing back to his own Osaka Area."

Kikunojou brushed off Noah's sarcastic comment. He stated his piece.

"After that, Seitenshi-sama slowly changed. She devoted more of her energy to politics. She even took some duties off my hands, I am simply astounded."

"Ah, so you admit you're losing the princess' favor?"

Noah continued jabbing at him with raised eyebrows.

"The previous rulers were not experienced enough to handle political power. Now, the current ruler is taking initiative, she's growing and making her own decisions. Does that intimidate you? To know that your days are numbered and your position isn't as solid as you thought. Did you come here to have a consulting session with me?"

Kikunojou showed a very rare look of anger.

"Don't give me that hogwash!"

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