Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 141: Which one is the true Tendo Kisara?

"Oh... Oh... Ohhhh..."

Kisara stomped along the busy street with a mean look on her face. The pedestrians around her made sure to stay clear of her path. She continued mumbling to herself.

"You think you're big deal just because you have money? I am going to rake in the cash one day too!"

From a third person's perspective, Kisara looked like a gold digger who failed miserably and got conned by the rich bachelor. In short, she looked like someone who got played.

The pedestrians looked at Kisara with a pitiful look. Some of them took a look at her and they sighed while shaking their heads.

It's like they were expressing their pity. How did a young girl like her get done in like this?

Fortunately, Kisara who was fuming didn't notice the looks the pedestrians were giving her. Otherwise, even her etiquette as a rich educated lady wouldn't stop her from going ballistic.


A weird sound came from her stomach. Her anger froze and receded in time.

She rubbed her stomach and she mumbled out loud.

"I want to eat some beefsteak..."

The others who only knew about Kisara's identity as a rich young lady from a notable house would be surprised to hear her talking like this.

Only people who are very familiar with Kisara knew how extravagant her current urge is.

She took out her wallet to quell the protest coming from her stomach and she opened the wallet.

When she saw the condition inside her wallet, even the owner herself couldn't bear to continue looking at her own wallet.


Her stomach started acting up again, telling her that it's time to eat.


Kisara started moaning.

"I totally forgot. I went over to that guy's house to grab a quick meal. I should have ate before storming out."

The figure who caught up with her stopped when he heard her.

His helpless tone came from behind her.

"That's a very typical response from you."


Kisara jumped some distance away. when she turned around, her anger started burning again after seeing the one who caught up with her. She rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"What? You're not satisfied with dissing me just now? You want to continue ripping on me?"

"That's something you would do, not me"

Noah said matter-of-factly. He sighed while shaking his head.

"I think someone who tried to score a free meal, pick a fight, got played herself, and the storming out only to regret it later is the one who is the weirdest here, right?"


Kisara choked on her words. She wanted to retort but couldn't because she got shot with pure logic and savagery. She can only leer at Noah with the faint hope of killing him with her glare.

Looking at her putting on a display the fitted a brat, Noah chuckled and he looked around. He spotted a red-bean pastry stall nearby and he went over to it.

While Kisara tried to figure him out, he bought two red-bean paste buns and he returned to her.


When the hot and shiny looking buns came within 3 meters of Kisara, her stomach started rumbling once more. Her eyes stayed fixed on the buns in NOah's hand.

She closed the 3 meters distance in an instant. Using a speed so fast Noah almost couldn't capture her movements, she grabbed one of the buns. Then, she wolfed it down with great zest.

Noah watched with a gaping mouth, he didn't even have time to eat his own bun.

After a few seconds, Kisara turned around with ears red with shame. She looked like someone who suffered great humiliation and she gnashed her teeth at him.

"Don't say anything!"


Noah looked at Kisara like he's looking at a stray cat. He had pity and sympathy for her.

"What? You got something to say?!"

As if reading Noah's mind, Kisara started shouting with tears in the corners of her eyes.

"Yeah, that's right. I am just a mutt who can only beg for food!"

"I was thinking more towards a stray cat, a dog would be a bit too pathetic."

Noah bitterly chortled.

"Is your life really so far out on the edge?"

Kisara lowered her head and she bit her lips. She passed her wallet over to Noah.

Noah took one look at her wallet and he looked the other way because he couldn't bear the sight of her wallet. He grabbed his forehead.

"I heard you go to the same school as a certain princess-sama of the Tokyo region? How did you fall into such financial troubles?"

"Going to the same school as Seitenshi is last bastion of dignity for someone from the Tendo clan like me!"

Kisara retorted.

"I am not going to let you say anything otherwise!"

"I thought you hated being lumped in with the Tendos?"

Noah said with a puzzled look.

"It's the first time I see someone vehemently defending the thing they hate."

"I don't care how other people see me."

"I hate the Tendo clan but I will never ever hate my parents who gave me my given name and family name."

Noah revised his understanding of Kisara.

"Here I was, thinking you have given up yourself to hatred."

Noah mumbled in a volume inaudible by Kisara.

"I heard you have kidney problems, if you really like the life given to you by your parents, why don't you get an organ transplant?"

Kisara's expression faded.

Kisara loosened her body and she looked at the sky. She reached out as if to grab something visible only to her.

"I swore to myself I would use my life to bury all the Tendo members. My disease is a perpetual reminder to myself not to forget my vengeance!"

Like a puppet, Kisara emitted an aura that chilled people around her.

"You're just consoling yourself, you're not helping your vengeance with your current set of actions."

Noah furrowed his brows.

"It's my understanding that your sickness rendered you weak and unable to fight for a prolonged period of time. You also need to undergo regular dialysis, wasting precious time and energy. How are you going to exact vengeance on someone else when the chance presents itself? Are you going to whack them with your dialysis machine?"

Kisara who wanted to change this uncomfortable topic stopped. It only struck her now that she had tunnel vision on her own version of revenge.

Noah grinned when he saw Kisara's hesitation. He purposely changed the subject.

"Well, I think that should be enough. Let's return, Rentaro should be with us in a short while."

Kisara suddenly grabbed Noah's sleeve with a lowered head.

Noah thought she wanted to continue talking about revenge but Kisara asked in a mosquito-like voice.

"May I have the other bun?"

Noah's lip twitched and he looked at Kisara who is doing her best to not look absolutely embarrassed.

She's poor but she still retained her rich lady stubbornness.

A heart veiled by hatred.

Which one is the real Tendo Kisara?

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