Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 134: Give them a taste of their own medicine

“I am surprised.”


Sougen said as he played with his mustache.


“I didn’t think Seitenshi is the type of person to wake people up in the middle of the night to host meetings. What an eye-opener.”


Seitenshi remained calm despite the verbal provocations. She nodded with an apologetic look.


“This is a rather pressing matter, please forgive me for bringing it up.”


“Of course, I am not so petty as to get angry over such a small impasse.”


Sougen said with a very unpleasant look on his face.


“Alright, let’s not waste any more time, what is it?”


A hand held Seitenshi back from approaching him.


Sougen frowned when he saw this.


In front of two rulers of extremely large regions, Noah entered the scene as he stared at Sougen who looked like he really didn’t want to deal with him.


“Seitenshi-sama, leave this to me, okay?”


“Guild master Noah.”


She stopped in shock, she didn’t think Noah would interrupt her job.




Sougen laughed out loud. He looked livid.


“Know your place, what makes you think you’re qualified to talk to me?”


“My qualifications?”


Noah didn’t say anything, he didn’t need to. The cold look he gave Sougen was enough to remind him of what transpired last time when Noah verbally wrecked Sougen over the issue of social standing.


Noah kept his eagle eyes on Sougen.


“Saitake Sougen, you’re the one who sent assassins after Seitenshi, right?”


The mood turned still.


She had a look of disbelief as he didn’t think Noah would accuse Saitake outright like this.


Clearly, Saitake wasn’t expecting this allegation, his facial muscles twitched.


Anyone could guess that it was him, after all, he had all the motives to do that and all to gain from Seitenshi’s untimely death. It would speed up his process of making the whole world bow to his will.


But, blaming a person without concrete proof, a ruler no ess, that is simply too foolish.


The bodyguards looked at Noah with judging glances. Seitenshi also got a bit anxious.


Taking a lesson from history, Sougen knew Noah is smarter than this, he knew he is up to something as a chill went down his spine. He used a leer on Noah.


“Civil defense officer, are you defaming me?”




Eyes still as the calm sea before a storm, he pressed on with immense pressure, even Sougen felt like he was pushed back by an invisible force.


“I think you’re the one who is clearest as to the veracity of my claims, isn’t that so?”




Sougen’s facial muscles twitched again.


The four bodyguards around Sougen whipped out their guns immediately.


“Stand your ground! Take another step closer and I will order my men to gun you down for threatening behaviors!”


Noah ignored him as he inched closer.


“Guild master Noah!”


Seitenshi completely lost control of the situation as she yelled inv ain for Noah to cease his actions.


The four guards took offense at Noah’s flagrant disregard for them. They pulled the triggers on their guns.


Bang bang bang bang


Four well-aimed bullets flew in Noah’s direction.


Noah’s figure turned blurry as the bullets simply shot through the remnant image of Noah.


The bullets dispelled the illusory image.


An afterimage!




A sinister shadow streaked past the four bodyguards, manifesting itself inf front of Sougen.


Reacting too slow, Sougen’s action did little to stop a hand from hoisting him forward.




Moaning in pain, he was pulled like a sack of meat.




The four bodyguards yelled in shock.


With Sougen captured, the four bodyguards lacked the courage to take any reckless moves, they can only aim their guns at Noah.


“Saitake Sougen, let me make something clear, don’t expect a smoking gun from me.”


He made sure the guy can see his lips as he spelled out his verdict.


“I am very sure the culprit is you. I can kill you and I can continue living my life as usual, I don’t need to find a smoking gun, got that?”


“You.. I…”


Pulled up by his collar, his weight choked Saitake until he turned purple. He wanted to say something but being choked meant he can only emit anguished lament.


The four bodyguards are shouting and bluffing with violent gestures. Annoyed by them, Noah continued.


“Don’t say I didn’t go easy on you.”


Noah threw Saitake Sougen to the side.


He collided heavily against the ground as he yelped in pain.


“I like using the tricks other people draw up against themselves.”


Noah stared at Sougen and he issued a cold edict.


“You tried to kill Seitenshi, now, it’s your turn. I will try to kill you. You have one hour to make your escape, I will come after you in an hour, If you can make it out of Tokyo Area by then, it’s your win and I will stop my pursuit.”


“If you can’t even do that…”


Noah revealed a pair of eyes that would chill the cores of any mortal man.


“You can kiss your dream of world domination goodbye, watch as I quash it in my hands!”


Noah turned around.


“You have one hour.”


Sougen didn’t doubt his words, the cold aura lingering around Noah notified him of his seriousness. He yelled in a hoarse voice.


“Go! Bring me out of here!”


The four guards frantically helped Sougen to his feet as they rushed into the elevator.


“Gu-guild master Noah!”


Seitenshi finally got a chance to chime in.


“Wh-what are you doing?!”




He stopped her by raising an arm to block Seitenshi. He stared out the window at the night sky outside the building.


“If you still trust me, you will let me handle this.”


Seitenshi opened her mouth wide but no words came out in the end. She nodded with a worried look.


This night is going to be a long one.


Especially, on a night like this…

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