Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 113: Incriminating evidence on Tendo’s faction



The sound drew back Rentaro who was at the window. He turned around to look at the entrance.


Kisara dressed in her usual black sailor uniform entered the office. Rentaro is a bit bewildered and he wondered if he’s imagining it.


Somehow, Kisara looked awfully flushed and her breathing is rushed. Her heaving bosom made Rentaro very uncomfortable.




Rentaro asked.


“What’s wrong?”


“What do you mean by that?”


Kisara forcefully smiled and anyone could tell she’s hiding something since she avoided eye contact with Rentaro.


“More like, Rentaro-kun, what are you doing here?”




Rentaro scratched his head. He suppressed his curiosity and he replied.


“Didn’t you hear the loud sound just now? It sounded like a massive car accident, right?”


Rentaro is even more confused.


“Kisara-san just came in, don’t tell me you didn’t hear it?”




Kisara started stuttering which made Rentaro even more suspicious. A mysterious sense of discomfort rose up in Rentaro’s heart.


Kisara’s trying to hide something from him, a most peculiar behavior for her.


Another person chimed in with a helpless tone.


“Look, if you’re going to talk, can you go in and not block the door for other people?”




Kisara scurried away in shock after hearing his voice.




Rentaro gasped.




“Yo, what’s up, Rentaro?”


In stark contrast to Kisara, Noah is cool as a cucumber when he greeted Rentaro.


“Where’s Enju?”


“Oh, don’t even get me started.”


Rentaro sighed.


“She said something about watching Tenbatsu Shoujo anime and she holed up inside Fairy Tail without coming out since.”


“Oh, really?”


Noah chuckled.


“That sounds like her.”


“I know right?”


Noah’s nonchalant attitude drew a pout from Kisara. She threw a hissy fit.


“Oh, I thought Fairy Tail’s big and might guildmaster couldn’t be bothered with a small and insignificant firm like ours?”


Rentaro twitched in astonishment while Noah is rendered speechless.


What’s her deal?


Why is she so upset?


Noah glanced at her and he subconsciously compared her dressed appearance with her disrobed figure. He used an antagonistic tone with her.


“Oh dear, Fairy Tail is such a poor organization it can only afford to live in the outer regions, surely we can’t compare to the great young miss of the Tendo clan.”


“I am me! Tendo is Tendo!”


Kisara retorted with a leer.


“Don’t lump me in with the Tendo bunch!”




Noah laughed apologetically.


“Then I’m sorry.”


Noah and Kisara glared at each other with imaginary sparks between them. One of them suddenly turned awkward while the other one blushed and averted her gaze.


Rentaro is perplexed, to say the least.


If Kano or Enju is here, they would have noticed something. At least, they would have known that they are just using this pointless banter to hide their shame.


Rentaro is too dense for that, he asked while trying not to set off any bombs.


“Erm, you two, what’s going on here?”


“Nothing is going on!”


Kisara and Noah shot back at the same time. Then, they stared at each other.


“Don’t copy me!’


“You’re the one who copied me!”


“Are you doing this on purpose?”




Noah and Kisara are in sync as they tried to shoot each other with words.


After they have calmed down, the way they stared at each other made the air in the room get a bit too charged for anyone’s comfort.


Although he’s clueless, Rentaro reckons that it’s best if he didn’t ask so many questions.


“Y-you know…”


Rentaro looked at Noah to defuse this situation.


“Noah, why are you here?”


Noah’s question sparked the same question in Kisara’s mind. Noah also recalled the reason he’s here. He used a serious face and he asked Rentaro.


“Miori said you have something that I requested, she passed it to you and told you to pass it to me, is that right?”


Rentaro’s expression turned grim. He can’t hide the disquiet in his voice.


Kisara knitted her brows, she had noticed the change in the mood so she turned her attention towards Rentaro.


“Rentaro-kun, what is it?”


Rentaro didn’t answer her. Instead, he thought for a bit before he took out a bunch of papers from his inner pocket.


Noah tried to retrieve them but Rentaro distanced himself.


“Why do you want this?”


Rentaro looked intently at Noah while holding the papers.


“I’m sorry but I gleaned the documents and I hope you can give me an explanation.”


Noah inwardly sighed.


So it turned out like this, huh?




Kisara noticed that it’s not as simple as it looks, she got closer to Rentaro without minding the earlier altercation between herself and Noah.


“What’s that you got in your hands?”




Rentaro looks conflicted for a moment but he relented in the end.


“It’s incriminating evidence on a lot of officials who belonged to the Tendo clan. It’s very shady stuff like corruption and embezzlement of funds.”




Kisara’s eyes shrunk and the next instant, her eyes widened. With trembling hands, she tried to obtain the document in Rentaro’s hands.


Rentaro knew she would act like this, he tried to raised his hand and Noah snatched it with his speed.




Before Rentaro can say anything, Kisara emotionally pounced on Noah.


“Give it to me!”


Noah dodged her and he is intrigued by her over-the-top reaction.


“What are you going to do with it?”


“I could ask the same of you.”


Kisara adjusted her breathing and she growled at him.


“What are you going to do with it?”


Noah knew the moment Miori told him that the documents are in Rentaro’s hands that he’s going to get questioned by them.


Looking at Kisara’s reaction, Noah replied after thinking about it.


“If I say, it’s going to be the last nail in the coffin when I overthrow the Tendo family, what are you doing to do about it?”


The room fell silent.


“Overthrow… Tendo family…”


Rentaro mumbled out loud.


“As expected…”


“Overthrowing… the Tendo Clan…”


Kisara mumbled to herself. A hint of hesitation flashed in her eyes but she quickly made up her mind.


No, rather than resolve, it’s more like the reckless abandon of a trapped demon.


“I can do it too!”


Kisara stared intently at Noah, her voice sounded like it came from the deepest abyss of her soul.


“I can help you destroy the Tendo clan!”


Rentaro’s expression crumbled but he didn’t voice his opinion.


Noah frowned, this is a very rare and unusual side of Kisara. She’s behaving very maliciously right now but he didn’t say it out loud.


Thinking about it, he took another look at Kisara and he walked out of the office, leaving her with one final message.


“We will save this for another time…”


Rentaro stopped for a bit but he pursued Noah, leaving Kisara in the office. She stared at the door in silence.

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