Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy 192: Astar Marks have levels?

Noah and the silver-haired lady stared at each other.

When Noah thought it's about time to break eye contact, the girl continued staring at him.

Noah flinched backward.


Imari blinked in surprise. She turned towards Noah.

"That girl, she's looking at you?"


Noah answered despite already knowing the answer.

"Maybe it's just coincidence?"

Alas, the silver-haired girl started walking at the same time.

Ring ring

Her waist-length hair fluttered along with its master. She approached Noah before bowing down politely.

Noah and Imari exchanged a look, they returned her greetings.

The silver-haired lady moved a nearby chair near Noah and sat down.

Just like that, a silver-haired beauty sat on his right side while a brown-haired beauty sat on his left side. It looked like he's a player who is not afraid to let the world know. Naturally, the other students looked at him with curious looks.

Noah's lip twitched.

There are plenty of seats left. Plus, he's already sitting with Imari, why did she move another seat here?

Noah also had a haunting feeling that she's somehow sneaking glances at him.

Imari's gaze wandered between Noah and the silver-haired lady. She asked Noah.

"You know this kid?"


Noah chuckled.

"Do I look like I know her?"


Imari pointed out the obvious.

"Why is she looking at you furtively?"

"That seems to be the case..."

He turned towards the sneaky girl.

"Hey, erm..."

The silver-haired girl twitched in shock. She quickly turned the other way like she wasn't already busted.

Noah's lip slid towards an odd angle.


Imari tried to mediate. She introduced herself to the silver-haired lady with an amicable grin.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Nagakura Imari."

The bells on her ribbons jingled. She slowly turned around, glancing at Noah one more time, she introduced herself with a lowered head.

"Julie Sigtuna, I will be in your care."

"Julie, was it? Your name's cute just like you!"

Imari forgot about Noah. She inched towards Julie.

"Can I call you Julie, is that fine?"


Julie purred.

"That's fine."

Imari noticed Julie's verbal tic.


"It means yes."

"Oh? Is that your tic? Oh my gosh, that is adorable!"

"Thanks for the compliment."

"Your modest nonchalant look is also cute too!"


Because Imari is inching towards Julie, she didn't notice her knockers that her uniform couldn't hide slowly pressing against Noah's arm.

Noah felt awkward. While Imari and Julie started chatting up a storm, rather, with Imari bombarding Julie with questions, Noah endured the gazes from the other students. He felt a slight headache.

"As expected, maybe staying was the wrong choice?"

As Noah wallowed in his hell of discomfort, the other students who recovered started entering the classroom with tired looks.

As if waiting for all the students to arrive, a nearby window suddenly sprang open.


A gale blew by as the window opened up.

A young lady appeared from the window. Specifically, she somersaulted through the window and she landed deftly near the podium.

She's a cute girl but it's easy to see she's also weird.

She looked like she's eighteen. With black hair, she looked rather beautiful. Her bubbly aura also increased her cuteness.

As for why she's weird. Well, she's wearing a maid uniform and a pair of bunny ears.

The cute and odd lady stood on the podium. Apparently, she's not worried that others might see her panties. She curtsied.

"Nice to meet Y'all! I'm Tsukimi Rito, your homeroom teacher! Just call me Usa-sensei!"

Her weird speech pattern and cheerful voice caused everyone including Noah and Imari to become too stunned for words. Julie is sporting an expressionless look so nobody's sure what she thought.

Who is this?

The bunny girl homeroom teacher who looked 18 introduced herself in a very unique manner. Her weird attire and voice also astonished onlookers.

This lady is the total package.

"Oya oya!"

Usa-sensei (self-proclaimed) took a look at Noah and she gasped in shock. She pointed her index finger at Noah.

"Found you! Found you! You're the irregular, right?!"

With a stomp, she leaped through the air and landed on Noah's desk. She giggled while teasing him.

"I saw you beating Daisuke-sensei. That was awesome! Although Daisuke-sensei is only Level III, he's still not someone a human can beat! Usa-sensei almost fell in love with you!"

Julie and Imari stopped thinking.

Noah also felt another wave of headache coming on. He sighed while asking the bunny teacher.

"What do you mean by levels and ranks?"

"A~re, you don't know?"

Usa-sensei gasped while widening her eyes. She started snickering like a cheeky brat.

"The Astar Marks, silly. There are different levels. You start at Level I. With training and improvements to the physical body, one can quickly grow at impossible speeds. At the end of the semester, there will be a sublimation test. Those who pass will rank up assuming the target already trained their physical bodies and mental states. Ranking up your Blaze level will increase your physical and mental prowess, you know?"

Noah's eyes lit up.

Continuous improvement?

His body, mental state, and magic power can still grow?

"Well, due to your excellent performance, the director made an exception to enroll you, this news already spread far and wide!"

Usa-sensei jumped up and down on his desk much to the other students' exasperation. She got into a cutesy pose.

"You guys need to put in more effort because you have a super-strong student among you!"

Usa-sensei returned to the podium.

"Alright, let's get on with the typical explanation."

By the way, Usa-sensei jumped back to her podium, she didn't walk back.

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