Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy 191: Attention-grabbing on many aspects

Kouryou Academy, first-year classroom...

Although the exterior of the school looked like it was designed with western architecture in mind, the classroom's simplistic layout is a stark contrast to the opulent exterior.

With this said, only the classroom's size and the general layout are the same as other highschools. The tables and chairs here are huge and clearly made for sharing between two students.

The students who passed the enrollment trial found their seats and sat down.

There are about 40 students in the class. The rest are still recuperating in the infirmary after the last enrollment exam.

Blaze cannot cause physical harm as it is a manifestation of one's soul.

This is tried and true.

Multiple students here suffered injuries in the last exam, they got attacked by Blaze and walked away unscathed albeit they felt tired.

The students recuperating in the infirmary suffered direct physical harm like bruises from falling or getting hit by knuckles. The students who got hit by Blaze are catching some naps on their tables. Students who didn't get hit a lot were busy chatting with their new friends.

A girl ponytail entered the classroom. The sight of her attracted the attention of the students here.

She's Imari and she passed her enrollment exam.

The students were curious.

They were intrigued not just because Imari's very cute. Imari looked like she's very familiar with that guy.

The human who defeated an Exceed with pure skills.

Not only did that normal human defeat an Exceed, said Exceed is a teacher of Kouryou Academy.

He also had a revolver as a Blaze so he's also an Outlier. With so many salient features it's hard not to get the students' attention.

The students wondered what is the relationship between Imari and that Outlier.

The next student who entered the classroom after Imari caused a ruckus.

"I-It's him..."


"I thought he already left?"

Noah who was supposed to have been disqualified is currently standing behind Imari.

Imari's in a good mood. She's all smile and sunshine. She looked around the classroom and she set her eyes on the last roll of desks behind the classroom. She waved towards Noah who waited at the door.

"Noah! over here!"

Noah felt a bit helpless. He obediently went over there while the other students pointed and murmured. They sat down at the desk together.

Despite doing so, the other students are still discussing or whispering about Noah. Curiosity, shock, doubt, and confusion could be seen on their faces.

Imari nudged Noah with her elbow.

"Well, aren't you popular?"

"If it's just popular then I would be fine."

Noah waved his hand.

"I reckon they are wondering why I am here, right?"


Imari giggled.

"I didn't think I can still talk to you in the same class. Luckily, the director is smart enough to recruit you back as an outlying exception."

Sakuya appeared before Noah and Imari while they were still saying goodbyes.

She gave a simple offer, Noah should stay in the academy.

According to her, it's unheard of to see a normal human beating an Exceed. That's why Sakuya wanted to see what Noah would become after continuing on the path of an Exceed.

That's just one of the reasons.

Noah and Imari also guessed that Sakuya made this exception because she wanted to study Noah's Blaze.

The outlying Blaze known as the Revolver.

For this, Sakuya doesn't mind breaking her own rules to recruit Noah.

Imari urged Noah to accept the offer with glee. She practically accepted the offer on Noah's behalf.

Imari's trying to atone for her guilt. When she saw the chance to keep Noah here, she jumped on it although Noah allowed this to play out.

Noah is indifferent, there's no reason he must stay or leave.

Noah forfeited because of Imari. Now that both of them can stay, he decided to take the easy way out.

Noah and Imari came to the classroom together.


Noah sighed.

"Just enrolling took away most of my energy."


Imari revealed a tired look too.

"The Astar Process already took away our mental energy and stamina. Then, they threw the enrollment exam our way. Thanks to you I was spared from a duel. If the first day is already tiring like this, I shudder to think about what comes after this."

"Don't tell me we still have more events after this?"

"Maybe something along the lines of, 'outrank the one sitting next to you at the end of the semester to stay, the one who has lower rank will have to drop out'."

"N-no way..."

Imari froze up. Her smile also became forced.

"I don't think they will resort to something like that, right?"

Imari felt anxious all of a sudden. She saw Noah's cheeky grin and she started hissing.

"You're teasing me on purpose!"

Imari raised her fists.

"Maa maa, it's just a joke, chill."

Noah laughed it off. He casually ended the topic here.

"Don't worry, if something like that does happen, I will make sure you get to stay."

Imari's heart started racing when Noah said that with a dazzling smile. She blushed and turned the other way in a hurry.

"What's wrong?"


"Really? You look red as an apple."

"—You're mistaken!"

"Eh? But..."

"You. Saw. Nothing."

"Fine! I was wrong! Stop pounding me!"


Noah and Imari scuffled when a bell rang near the door.

The class went silent.

A beautiful figure entered the classroom through the door. Everyone could see the angelic doll-like beauty with silver waist-length hair and deep red eyes. The bells near her hairclips made the noise. She was a petite beauty with astonishing looks.


Imari gasped.

"That kid's also here? She passed the enrollment exam?"

Imari's shocked for a good reason.

She looked like a dainty little thing that's not suited for combat.

Like how she behaved during the assembly, she entered the classroom without minding what others had to say. She looked around and found the target she has set her eyes on.

Noah, the target met her eyes.

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