High Energy QR Code

High Energy QR Code

Translated by: Kiki

Author: 青色羽翼

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Xing Ye entered a strange world full of pits after scanning a QR code.

System: Novice world. 4 Players, PVP mode. Because your luck value is too low, you will be doing a 1v3.

Xing Ye: ……

System: The enemies will be invisible and you cannot see the rules. You must discover everything by yourself.

Xing Ye: ……

System: You obtained a task prop: Mirror. It has no special skills and can’t move or talk. Everyone who looks at it will feel ugly.

Xing Ye: ……

System: How did you win?

Xing Ye: Just killed them all.

Latest Release: Chapter 34: Di Kuang

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