How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 27

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It was already very early in the morning.

Surveying the entire EG building, it seemed that only the light in Gu Zixing’s room was still on.

“Retreat, get the minions on the left.
Gu Zixing yawned, propping his head up with his hand as he watched the monitor. “All the minions you’ve missed through the night could form their own army.”

“You're in my face constantly causing trouble, how am I supposed to farm!” Qiao Yanzhou’s entire face was unwilling to accept it. “Stop moving, I almost want to throw up from watching!”

Sometimes flexible positioning is not always that great.

“Ok ok ok.” Gu Zixing couldn’t help but laugh for a moment. He obediently moved his champion back a few paces.

Qiao Yanzhou finally relaxed. He was just about to hit the long ranged minion that Gu Zixing was just talking about when Gu Zixing’s Syndra suddenly hit him with an energy ball. Qiao Yanzhou was scared and quickly flashed to a far distance.

Seeing his trick prevail made Gu Zixing laugh so hard he was almost out of breath.

“God Gu.”


“You’re so childish ah…”

This was already the 8th match between Qiao Yanzhou and Gu Zixing, but there was nothing very different from the previous 7 matches. The two people’s roles were very clear cut. One person was in charge of crazily damaging, the other was in charge of getting his life beaten out of him.

Actually Qiao Yanzhou didn’t feel like he was unable to resist. There were still opportunities to find a weakness, only he felt that these were deliberately given to him by Gu Zixing to tease him.

“Ah ah ah!!! So annoying!”

Watching as he was once again about to be beaten in the 8th match, Qiao Yanzhou could no longer endure it. He recalled all the different kinds of treatment that Gu Zixing gave him, it was as bitter and deranged as when the Eight-Nation Alliance burned down the Old Summer Palace.

Suddenly an animal appeared in Qiao Yanzhou’s mind.

A cat.

He heard that when a cat is catching a mouse, it usually isn’t done with one bite to the neck, rather they would toy with it continuously until the mouse was exhausted before finally taking it’s life.

What Qiao Yanzhou just experienced was pretty close to that. Or maybe it was similar for all the people who went against Gu Zixing. During the tournament, they would first let Gu Zixing thoroughly humiliate you, then make you doubt your life choices.

Finally, carry it away and bring in the next one.

Qiao Yanzhou now dared to completely believe that Gu Zixing’s previous opponents were not crying from their death, but from being toyed with alive.

“I’m not playing, not playing anymore! Can’t bear it!”

Looking at the multiple deaths on his screen, Qiao Yanzhou was so angry he almost threw his mouse. “Just now you only had ten HP left, you should just die!”

Gu Zixing very calmly asked a question, “Angry?”

“Is it possible not to be angry…” Qiao Yanzhou was still a Master to Challenger player(1). To be beaten up like this would cause others to laugh at him. “You think I don’t have any pride ah!”

“Don’t be angry. Look, you’ve still made some improvement Xiao Qiao.” Gu Zixing contently looked at the end screen stats. “In 20 minutes you got 200 cs, that's better than the first round by 20 cs ne.”

“Useless.” Qiao Yanzhou curled his lip and snorted, “No damn use.”

“Xiao Qiao.”

“What…” Qiao Yanzhou responded a bit unhappily. He didn’t know when his tone towards Gu Zixing turned like this.

Gu Zixing was also not upset. Beaming, he asked, “Are you messing with me?”



Gu Zixing’s tone suddenly turned gentle and warm like a cotton ball. It made the originally still peeved Qiao Yanzhou unable to stay angry. No, this person's change was still kind of fast…

“Xiao Qiao, look just now your Annie was a little too forward. Annie’s auto attack is a bit slower than Syndra’s, can you sense it?” Gu Zixing navigated his champion right next to Qiao Yanzhou’s. “Syndra’s range is 580, Annie’s is 625, since your range is longer then when the match started it would have been best to farm better instead of creating pressure.”

Gu Zixing spoke with a lot of patience. He also didn't ask if Qiao Yanzhou was earnestly listening, merely continued to speak.

Although Qiao Yanzhou was angry, he wasn’t stupid. Each word and phrase were instructions from a powerful mid laner in the current alliance, only an idiot wouldn’t listen! He almost took out a notebook to write it down!

“But Annie’s abilities are on a short cooldown. Also has a strong cc(2), so she is strong in early, mid, and late game. Along with the buff from 7.9 patch, she is good in the laning phase and in team fights.” Gu Zixing’s words carried a smile, “Xiao Qiao sure knows how to pick ne.”


Hearing Gu Zixing’s words, Qiao Yanzhou felt that his face was about to turn red. Gu Zixing’s gentle and warm tone was like he was coaxing a child….

“Xiao Qiao?”


“Are you actually unhappy?”

“Aiya! How could I, my Lord Zhou Yu(3)!” Hearing Gu Zixing ask like this, Qiao Yanzhou urgently repeatedly denied. He didn't want Gu Zixing to think he was too petty, at the same time he didn't want Gu Zixing to know that at the moment he was actually a bit embarrassed.

“Xiao Qiao, do you think that I am bullying you?”

Qiao Yanzhou really did think so. Obviously 3 minutes ago he was a super devil king who laughed at Qiao Yanzhou who was begging for death from being bullied. Then in the matter of seconds he turned into a confused little sheep who asked if he was bullied.

Qiao Yanzhou was unprepared for the 180 change.

“N…. no…”

“Then we’ll end like this for today. I’ll come find you again tomorrow night.”

“Eh ok…” Qiao Yanzhou agreed without a second thought.

It seemed that going through Gu Zixing’s untiring effort for the entire night, and with Qiao Yanzhou’s basic skills and techniques, Gu Zixing managed to transform Qiao Yanzhou from an uprising hardcore Master to Challenger player in the alliance, to a Master to Challenger hardcore M(4).

This remarkable outcome could be counted as an instant effect. Really was worthy to be the alliance’s inspiring Boss Gu…

After shutting off the computer, Qiao Yanzhou felt that his body didn’t feel too well. He liked Gu Zixing for many years, this really was the first time he was scared of Gu Zixing looking for him.

What exactly did God Gu want to do ah. Qiao Yanzhou couldn't help but think, I didn’t provoke him recently ba

Actually Gu Zixing’s motives were not that big. At most he had a little plan in mind.

He merely wanted Qiao Yanzhou to get a prize at the GML. There was no need for him to demonstrate extraordinary talent but to just have a few good plays. Then he would also lay the foundation for Qiao Yanzhou to enter the alliance someday, it's just this simple.

As for why Gu Zixing didn’t tell Qiao Yanzhou the reason, he thought that this super easy and blunt thinking Qiao Yanzhou would oneday understand.

The second day, Gu Zixing unexpectedly arrived to training late. He was late for a full ten minutes and was yelled at by Coach Chen Gu then punished to scrub the toilets. But when he arrived at the toilets, the sanitation lady refused to give the mop in her hand to him.

“Hurry and go practice young man! Each one of you guys live the life of young masters. How could we dare to let you clean the toilet, don’t mess around with this aunty!”

“Aunty, I had a lot of salt for breakfast this morning and couldn’t sleep so I came here to tease you…”

Gu Zixing really felt that he was old. Just randomly staying up all night and the next day cant get out of bed is one thing, but now he can’t even snatch a mop.

Won't give then wont give ba, Gu Zixing actually also couldn't think of another lure. He might as well turn around and was about to leave when he saw Qi Chen come in.

“What are you doing ne.”

“What else are you going to do in a bathroom.” Gu Zixing yawned, “planting mushrooms(5) ne.”

“.....” Qi Chen's lips fell into a flat line, “Coach is looking for you.”

Gu Zixing wrinkled his eyebrows, “Didn't he want me to come clean the bathroom and now he's looking for me. Does he take me as a sea rabbit with ten paws?”

“Hurry and go.”

“Wait, I need to go use the restroom.”

“Hurry up.” Qi Chen urged, then stood and didn't move, looking at Gu Zixing.

Gu Zixing also stood there and didnt move, looking at Qi Chen.

Seeing that Gu Zixing didn't move for awhile, Qi Chen anxiously pressed him, “Hurry up ah, Aren't you going to the bathroom!”

“Then are you standing there to help me pull out my thing from □□, or preparing to watch me pee?” Gu Zixing very honestly asked him, “I’d prefer the first one.”

“Gu Zixing your leg is broken(6)!”

Qi Chen couldn't stand it anymore, directly left the bathroom while shouting,“Go by yourself to find Coach Chen later!” and left.

Coach Chen’s office was right next to the training room. Gu Zixing swayed by himself every two steps till he finally arrived. He opened the door to find Coach Chen looking at an ipad.


“Aiyo, finished cleaning the toilet?” Coach Chen’s line of sight went from the pad to Gu Zixing, his attitude was much better compared to previously.

As long as he left the training room and the competition stage, Coach Chen was about 80% human.

This was something Gu Zixing discovered and evaluated ages ago.

Hearing Coach Chen’s words, Gu Zixing smiled. He didn’t even wait for Coach Chen to open his mouth and sat on the sofa in the office.

“Look at this, this is the wechat that Yao Le sent me last night.” Coach Chen spoke as he handed the pad over to Gu Zixing.

Gu Zixing swept over it, rapidly filtering out the unneeded greeting. To sum it up, Yao Le’s general idea was that Tang Xuan wanted to leave, he also didn’t want to play support anymore and wanted to play mid. Gu Zixing also wanted to switch to bot lane so mid lane just happened to be empty.

“Not strange.” Gu Zixing leaned against the back of the chair and gave the pad back to Coach Chen. “When he came to EG, wasn't he the mid laner of TR?”

“Really, it isn't strange?” Coach Chen narrowed his eyes. His eyes were already small so this made them impossible to see.

Gu Zixing didn’t say anything and calmly stared at Coach Chen.

“What are you looking at ne?”

“Looking for your eyes ne.” Gu Zixing smiled.

“...........” Coach Chen’s entire face was speechless, “Be serious!”

Gu Zixing put away his smiling expression. “How is it strange, Yao Le’s skill isn’t bad. You put him in the support position, doesn’t your conscience hurt?”

“No ah.” Coach Chen lifted his glasses, “You also didn't take a look at who our mid laner is.”

“..........” Gu Zixing hearing this couldnt help but force a bitter laugh. “Doesn't matter who it is, in any case he is being chased to the bot lane.”

“I know your life in the mid lane was very comfortable, but what choice do I have?” Coach Chen shrugged.

“I don't have an opinion.” Gu Zixing’s expression was a little hard to make out due to his lack of sleep. “Yao Le goes mid, I’ll be relieved.”

“But in the past you guys were so good together, it was like one person. Now you are finally going to bot to become partners, how come Yao Le wants to suddenly go mid?” Coach Chen finally asked the question that had been perplexing him. “Did you two have a falling out?”

“Can you not make wild guesses?” Gu Zixing sometimes was really impressed by this Coach Chen.

“Fine I won't make blind guesses.” Coach Chen waved his hand and turned around, “I’m not done with you guys anyways even if you lose.”

Gu Zixing's mouth twitched.

“Also your hand.” Coach Chen turned his head to look at Gu Zixing’s right hand, “Since it’s determined that you're going to be adc, your normal training needs to be more careful. When you have time, go to the hospital for a check up.”

Gu Zixing lowered his head to look at his own hand, raised his head and smiled.

“No problem.”


  1. These are the rankings in League. It goes Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Challenger.
  2. Cc: stands for crowd control. Its things like stuns, slows, knockups, etc...
  3. Lord Zhou Yu: a famous general from Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  4. Basically saying he went from being very proud of himself as a player, to being a masochist
  5. Planting mushrooms: just means to dilly dally/dawdle
  6. Leg is broken: it's a way to yell at someone and call them depraved/a pervert

JADE: Sorry haven't updated in a verry long time. Life has been a bit hectic. I will attempt to do better. Currently aiming to ATLEAST do one chapter a month. Also, Gu Zixing has so much sass I love it.

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