How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 24


Although the playoffs between EG and WG for the SPL tournament was already finished, the grievances between the two teams were far more than that.

In the next month during the GML, WG and EG coincidentally were in one bracket together. Although this was already officially announced last month, this piece of news was even more hyped up by the media after this competition.

In the GMLs before, TR was the one that kept getting matched with EG. Don’t know why this year after being exchanged to WG it gained more attention.

As a result, EG who just won the competition did not dare to become tired. Although the GML was simply an entertaining competition with the rules dictating that three professional players would bring two audience members, it was still a display of strength.

To speak frankly, it didn't matter if it was a for-fun competition, as long as it was a competition, it wouldn’t look too good if you lost. This was Coach Chen’s attitude towards any big or small League of Legends event. To be daring, if they lost this GML, then the previous SPL wins would have been in vain.

After returning to the club it was already completely dark. Gu Zixing went back to his room and was about to take his clothes off and go shower when his phone rang to go to a meeting.

Gu Zixing was really vexed. Having competed all day he was both tired and sleepy, now he couldn’t even take a shower. Furthermore when he opened the door to the meeting room, he instantly became even more annoyed.

Seeing Yao Le, who was already sitting there and turned around at the sound of the door, discovering it was Gu Zixing quickly looked away. The movement was very obvious and even Qi Chen sitting on the side felt that something was fishy.  

If it were not for Coach Chen who was also here, Gu Zixing would not even look back and leave.

But Coach Chen didn't care about this. Seeing Gu Zixing stand there staring stupidly at the entrance after opening the door, Coach Chen frowned, “Come and sit down.”

Gu Zixing did not say anything, pulled a chair next to Qi Chen and sat down.

“The competition with WG has ended, next time it's against STG.” Coach Chen swept his gaze over the three sitting people, “but before the competition, next month’s GML is also an important move.”

Actually when Coach Chen had spoken to that point, Gu Zixing already guessed what he wanted to say next. Hence, he regretted not leaving earlier when he wanted to.

“So starting tomorrow you three, besides training everyday for the competition, at night you also need to train for the GML.”

As expected.

After hearing this phrase, although none of the three people said anything but they clearly all felt the atmosphere in the meeting room suddenly turn completely heavy. If it were not for these three people’s colorful clothing, Coach Chen wondered if he didn't just suddenly deliver them a memorial service scene…

“Don't even think that it’s annoying, originally you were supposed to train a month ago. It’s already down to ten days what are you guys expecting?” Coach Chen this time didnt even yell at them. In his heart he knew that these three veteran players were tired because of all the frequent competitions recently.

But there was nothing he could do about it. Tang Xuan was going to retire soon and Fu Xiaohai was also too young. The club also attached a lot of importance to this event, so he could only harm these three gang leaders of EG.

Gu Zixing actually felt it was kind of annoying, but when it was time for the actual training he was indifferent. Afterall he had been in the alliance for so long, he was already accustomed and experienced to late night training.

What really made Gu Zixing collapse was Coach Chen’s next words.

“Gu Zixing, for this time’s GML, go bot with Yao Le ba. Consider it as practice for when Tang Xuan retires next season.” Coach Chen twisted his head to look at Gu Zixing. “What do you think?”

What do I think? Gu Zixing was a bit distracted.

“Forget it, don't say anything,” Coach Chen look at Gu Zixing’s appearance. He looked like he really was about to say something. After thinking about it he was afraid that this person would really say something heaven defying that would make him unable to retaliate. Might as well simply throttle this thought.


Afterwards the atmosphere in the meeting room became even more awkward.

When Qiao Yanzhou and Liang Dong finished eating it was already 10 in the evening. Qiao Yanzhou drank but although he was not drunk, he was still a bit dizzy.

Liang Dong also drank, but Liang Dong’s alcohol tolerance was good so 2-3 pitchers of beer was no problem for him.

Old Zhao was not at the shop anymore after 10. Therefore after settling the bill with a waiter Liang Dong took Qiao Yanzhou back to his apartment entrance, then took a taxi and left, leaving Qiao Yanzhou by himself to slowly sway around his house.

Meow….. Meow….

Qiao Yanzhou knew that currently he was very dizzy, but this dizziness causing him to hear cat sounds was too intense.

Meow… Meow….

That's not right, it seems that there really is the sound of a cat.

Qiao Yanzhou, with great effort, tried to make himself sober. Searching for the sound, it seemed that it came from a cardboard box underneath the street light. The top of the box was covered by a wooden plank and the sound was coming from within.

Qiao Yanzhou walked over, carefully opening the wooden board. It was quite heavy. Someone was probably afraid that the thing inside would jump out so it was covered.

Qiao Yanzhou opened the box little by little. In fact he was a bit scared that something would suddenly jump out of it. But the whole time there was no big movement from the box, only a meowing sound would occasionally come out.

After opening the box, Qiao Yanzhou crouched down to peek inside. There was actually an orange cat laying inside! This orange cat must not have reached a grown age yet. Looking at it, it was skinny and small, but it should have already been weaned.

Was it abandoned?

It lay languidly in the box like it had no plans on leaving. It simply continued to lay there and cry out with a repulsive face  that said “Zhen is hungry. Why aren’t you feeding Zhen but instead put Zhen in this dark and dirty place”. Even caused the original owner to find this slab and seal it.

The bottom of the box held a note and underneath the note was 100 Yuan. Using the street lamp as light, Qiao Yanzhou took the note to take a look.

Because of the circumstances of our house we have no choice but to abandon the kitty. Thanks for taking in this kitty. This is 100 Yuan. If you are willing, I can send you money every month as support. This is my wechat number: XXXXXXXXXX


Qiao Yanzhou coldly snorted. Still paying for support. It was almost like a husband and wife divorcing. Throwing away is throwing away, why are you trying to fake benevolence.

He was also the one who discovered it.  If he didn't find it then would others find it? This small cat would probably starve to death in this dark box.

Qiao Yanzhou shook his head and looked at the orange cat who was already abandoned but was still wondering why no one gave Zhen food. He couldn’t help but force out a bitter laugh. “Foolish ba, abandoned by your owner ba.”

“Seeing the handwriting of this note, your owner must be a pretty girl. How could their heart be so ruthless ne?”


“I didn’t ask if you're hungry or not, I’m asking how is your owner so heartless.” Qiao Yanzhou reached out a hand to carry the cat and rubbed it’s shaggy head.


“Fine ba. I’ll bring you home first. My stinky home is probably not as good as your original owner’s, but there's nothing to be done. It’s still better than leaving you here in this battered box to starve. What do you think sister cat? Ai? Brother or sister?” Qiao Yanzhou spoke and unrestrained turned the cat over to look at its belly.

Oh, male.

“I’m sorry brother.”


In the middle of the night underneath the street lamp, one cat and one person, both frightened and strange, reached some kind of consensus...

Jade: Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

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