How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 23


20 minutes wasn’t a short or a long time.

Actually in a past SPL tournament, EG had gotten baron at 20 minutes and broken the nexus. It was a glorious moment but after all, this kind of thing could not be sought after. It was not something that could be done each time.

But Gu Zixing’s command was resolute this time. Not to mention that with this game’s lineup, EG’s golden opportunity to win was it was really before 20 minutes. In case the game gets dragged longer, it would give the mid and ADC plenty of time to scale and EG would turn incomparably passive.

And this 20 minutes is already considered a hopeful estimate.

But everyone in EG lived up to their expectations. In merely 15 minutes, WG watched as their several towers were razed to the ground. EG fans were already itching to yell out victory.

When it reached the 20 minute mark, besides Fu Xiaohai’s lane where the inner tower was not completely demolished, the other two lanes had already pushed the minions to their inhibitor tower.

Qiao Yanzhou, sitting in front of the TV, was watching with a silly expression. He could clearly watch Gu Zixing’s every movement and detail, and the broadcast once in a while would give a view of Gu Zixing’s dashing face…

But Liang Dong on the side was most likely not as happy. His own team he supported which was considered one of the top known teams unexpectedly was pushed into their base in 20 minutes by a similar team. It didn't matter who it was, they would still turn hostile.

“Let's all give an enthusiastic applause to congratulate EG for winning the tournament!”

When WG nexus was still left with half its health, the two shoutcasters had already impatiently declared the result of the competition.

EG won. It was an unexpected but expected victory.

Immediately after, they watched as the five members of EG stood up and walked to the front of the five members of WG to shake hands. When Gu Zixing walked in front of Lier, the broadcast deliberately aimed the camera at them.

In the camera lens, although Lier looked like he was smiling, but from his expression he didn't seem to have a friendly attitude.

But Gu Zixing didn’t care about these things. Not to mention in the alliance he had seniority. It really wasn’t worth it to try and compete with this rookie.

In the backstage area, Yao Le was called by the media to do a post-game interview.

Why didn’t the media call Gu Zixing? Because the media had learned their lesson.

Previously there were several times the SPL was on the world stage. Gu Zixing was a media favorite , but then something happened.

Reporter: “Asking God Gu how you felt your playing was today?”

Gu Zixing: “Like how you saw it.”

The reporter couldn't help but give a hollow laugh: “I was watching the later half of the competition, and God Gu managed to steal Baron and escaped unscathed even though the enemy jungler had Smite. This was not a small gain for EG ba.”

Gu Zixing: “Uhm.”

The reporter waiting for Gu Zixing to continue: “???”

Gu Zixing who felt that he already finished speaking: “???”

Sometimes the reporter really didn't understand in this world how come there was someone so difficult to interview like Gu Zixing.

Gu Zixing in his mind was also really puzzled in this world how come there was a question this stupid.

‘What else do you want me to say? Fighting over baron, if it's not for gaining a huge profit then what is it for? The five people took baron then went home to boil soup to drink? Do you think this is the movie Avatar?’ (1)

From then on, in order for both parties to go home and have a beautiful frame of mind, reporters would not deliberately go find Gu Zixing to suffer hardships again. Gu Zixing also was no longer tormented by those annoying and stupid questions.

However at this very moment, inside Qiao Yanzhou’s home, Liang Dong felt like he was being tortured to death.

30 years in Hedong, 30 years in Hexi (2). This phrase really was insightful and created a mess. Liang Dong thought highly of himself since a few days ago WG won against SSG and EG lost against HNG. At this moment he simply was just itching to punch Qiao Yanzhou’s TV.

“I’m definitely watching a fake TV with a fake SPL with a fake WG and a fake competition!” Liang Dong extended his hand wanting to stuff his mouth with french fries to lessen his anger only to realize that all the fries were gone!

“Then this must also be a fake cell phone with a fake APP issuing a fake reporter with a fake article.” Compared to Liang Dong, Qiao Yanzhou, who ust a moment ago was crazy, at this time was unexpectedly calm. Seeing him, he couldn’t help but shake his head as he hummed a tune and looked at the SPL game announcement published 3 minutes ago.

In this report about EG vs WG, the writer praised EG’s stable and steady plays similar to the accuracy of surgery. It wasn’t exaggerated. Every movement and ability of EG was accurate to the millisecond. Gu Zixing unanimously got MVP of the competition having the highest damage and accomplishments.

EG won the whole competition. For the League Community, it beat up the faces of those that were saying EG was going downhill.

As for the other teams, this was EG issuing a warning stating that they were step by step advancing into the peak of the alliance internationally.

As for Qiao Yanzhou, it meant more.

This meant that Qiao Yanzhou didn’t lose any cat points, but also he did not have to wear women’s clothes to stream!

Qiao Yanzhou felt that even celebrating new year wasn't as happy as this!

“That's enough, don’t be depressed over this match~” Qiao Yanzhou strived to restrain his body to floating to the heavens and shrieking. He walked to the side of Laing Dong and patted his shoulder, “Let’s go, I’ll treat you to hotpot tonight.”

Liang Dong glanced at Qiao Yanzhou, pouted with a face full of disdain.


The restaurant downstairs of where Quiao Yanzhou lived was not small, however Qiao Yanzhou had a special fondness for the hotpot restaurant across the street. Forget about the winter, even if it was during the hottest months of the year Qiao Yanzhou would still go 2-3 times a month.

Turn on air conditioning and eat hotpot, amazing!

The name of the hotpot restaurant is “This Hotpot Shop”. The shop owner was surnamed Zhao. Qiao Yanzhou ordinarily liked to call him Old Zhao (3). Old Zhao was also a resident of the neighborhood. He wasn't too old, he was just around 30. Heard that a few years ago he came from Chongqing city and understood a bit about hotpot so this shop’s business wasn’t too lacking. Sometimes in the evening this boss would bring out a stove to make skewers to eat regardless of the recent strict government inspections, but he hardly did it anymore.

Because it wasn't dinner time yet, Qiao Yanzhou and Liang Dong just pushed open the door to the shop and saw Old Zhao sitting at the front desk idling looking at his cell phone. When he heard someone enter he looked up and saw Qiao Yanzhou, suddenly became cheerful.

“Ai, isn't this Zhou Zi? Haven't seen you in two weeks, thought you had moved away ne.” Old Zhao continued to talk as he set up a table for two. He turned his head and saw Liang Dong’s face look like Changbai mountain, as a result hurried to ask, “What’s wrong Dong zi? Unhappy?”              

“It’s nothing.” Qiao Yanzhou gestured at Liang Dong. “He ate too many hawthorns, so it left a sour taste.”

“Aiya, what is sour about it.” Old Zhao smiled, “Eat some hotpot and there won’t be any problems anymore. Xiao Na, go turn on the air conditioning.”

Qiao Yanzhou took the menu, with a practiced eased he ordered a few items then gave the menu to Liang Dong. He smiled and said, “Today I’ll let you take out your anger for a moment.”

Although Liang Dong was in a bad mood he still took the menu and began to order. He was so fast that Qiao Yanzhou doubted if he even looked at the menu and was just blindly picking. It was all for revenge in order to relieve himself.

The main thing was not to blame himself for letting EG win, if he had a problem he could go find Gu Zixing. Qiao Yanzhou smacked his lips.

Oh that's right, Gu Zixing.

Qiao Yanzhou suddenly thought about something and hurried to fish out his cellphone. He found he really did have two unread messages on Wechat.

Star: Prepare the wedding gift ba.

That was clearly answering the thing that Qiao Yanzhou had sent before the competition: God Gu if you win today, daddy will marry you!!!

Star: I don’t feel an ounce of happiness from the victory from you :)

Qiao Yanzhou saw that and almost cried out, hurried to respond.

YZQiao: Little Orangutan, just follow me ba~

Because Qiao Yanzhou was too excited, he accidently typed out Orangutan instead of Star (4). Gu Zixing responded very quickly.

Star: Orangutans don't follow, baboons do.(5)

In fact, after Qiao Yanzhou sent that out he felt cold from head to toe. He felt that he might really easily turn into a d*mned pervert to Gu Zixing and end up on his blacklist. But thinking about an hour ago during the SPL tournament thousands of people were chasing after Siler, then an hour later he unexpectedly took liberties with him!

Although they were separated by a phone, he still felt very good! How! F*cking! Satisfying!

“Why are you smiling so much.” Liang Dong who was picking his dishes looked at Qiao Yanzhou whose face was about to turn red. He couldn’t help but avoid out of dislike.


Qiao Yanzhou looked distracted for a moment.

‘Not good, not good. I’m simply too smitten I can't be like this.’ Qiao Yanzhou threw back his head.

I can’t keep thinking about marrying Gu Zixing!


Because… because he also can’t give birth to a child for me!

  1. In the movie Avatar, the humans want an alien planet for the riches and resources but the main character doesn’t want that. Basically GZX is saying that of course baron was done for profit.
  2. 30 years in Hedong, 30 years in Hexi: phrase describing that the affairs of the world will always rise and fall and are fickle to change
  3. Old Zhao: it rhymes in Chinese
  4. Orangutan: Star and Orangutan both sound the same in chinese, it’s just written differently.
  5. So this entire conversation has a bit of a flirty connotation to it. I tried to dig up some research but I really didn’t want to read entire articles about sexual reproduction differences between Baboons and Orangutans. From what I could figure out on Baidu, calling someone an Orangutan is basically saying that they’re big. Calling someone a Baboon is the equivalent of Orangutan in the Gay community. So essentially QYZ accidently called him an Orangutan and told him to follow him (very flirtatious/sexual). GZX corrected Orangutan to Baboon, which is the gay version.
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