How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 22


In reality Gu Zixing really didn't do it on purpose. At the very least, he personally didn’t think that there was anything wrong with this kind of play that could make someone infuriated.

Because of his lack of damage, even if the person opposite was exchanged to another person Gu Zixing would still choose to do this. He didn’t have enough damage so he took advantage of other sources. Only an idiot wouldn’t use it.

Not to mention that the other team also had members who had been killed, but how come the method of death was different...

En, it’s possible that if a person is bad to the bone, they won’t know when they are acting bad.  Maybe even still think that they are super adorable.

Gu Zixing could be said to be one of that archetype.

But the SPL competition was fully focused on the new super rookie. Lier’s face was already a bit concerned, the death was too ugly to watch.

After spawning back at fountain and returning to lane, his arrogant vengeance almost nearly penetrated through the screen to stab at Gu Zixing’s heart.

On the other side, Gu Zixing was very lively. Just now getting a kill and getting a wave of minions over Lier, immediately blessed him into having a safe and wealthy position. You couldn’t see the little flame of vengeance on the other side, but you could see his unobstructed advancement with a glance.

“Mid lane be careful, the jungler went over there.”

Yao Le’s warning suddenly appeared. At the same time Gu Zixing was in the middle of retreating a bit. He also detected that someone had come mid lane.

“You guys go steal the dragon.” Gu Zixing calmly ordered, “Xiao Hai come here.”


Without any unnecessary questioning, Fu Xiaohai killed the last cannon minion and started heading down. As a result, he only took two steps when he discovered that Lier had started to push in the wave again.

“Where’s their jungler?” Fu Xiaohai asked a bit worried. Seeing Lier’s actions, he felt that it was possible that WG’s jungler was nearby waiting.

“Went to fight for the dragon.”

“Then we’re not going to help?”

“WG’s Jungler has no Smite.”(1)

“How could he not have Smite?” Fu Xiaohai became stupid.

“Because just now he went top to sneakily steal our blue buff.” Gu Zixing smiled. He turned his head to emotionally look at Qi Chen by his side, smacked his lips and said, “A blue buff~”

“Aiya so annoying isn’t it just a blue buff! I’ll repay you ten more in a moment!”

Qi Chen had been quietly sitting there for awhile because he was afraid of Gu Zixing asking about this. Although he knew the pain of the mid laner not being able to get blue buff but there was nothing he could do it was already gone. In any case, he could not let him mention this again!

“Don’t need to compensate me ten times.” Gu Zixing smiled. At this moment, it seemed like he was actually being reasonable. Qi Chen was about to say thank you when he heard him say something else.

“Isn’t there one on the enemy mid laner? I want that one.”

“You know how to f*cking pick...” Qi Chen bit his lip for a bit.

Gu Zixing smiled and didn’t say anything.

Although Qi Chen said that, but after killing dragon he still obediently came to the side of the midlane in the river.

Even though he wasn’t convinced at all that a blue buff for Lier would it make harder for Gu Zixing, but since Gu Zixing already said that he wanted Lier’s blue buff, Qi Chen had to follow. Not only just for the development of Gu Zixing, but also for his future jungling to be more smooth. Don't let Gu Zixing, this devil king, completely bully him to death.

Afterall, not giving Gu Zixing the blue buff was considered his own mistake. He didn't really have any qualifications to talk about the terms.

“The enemy jungler is here ne.” Qi Chen herding towards the midlane hesitated a moment, also saw Fu Xiaohai hovering around the midlane.

Qi Chen didn’t speak anymore as he quickly detoured through the enemy jungle to behind the tower. At the moment, WG’s jungler Wolf was farming the raptor camp closeby. Qi Chen carefully positioned himself to get a good view. Although he was not sure if the midlaner had vision of such a weird position, but seeing the jungler’s appearance, he most likely didn't see him.

Wolf using the champion Kha'zix, his jungle clear had obviously improved during the mid game. After clearing it was clear to see that he wanted to go mid for Gu Zixing and alleviate Lier’s embarrassment.

Hence after a second, one only saw Wolf’s praying mantis leap from the jungle to Gu Zixing, wanting to use an ability on him. But he didn’t even wait for him to land on the ground when Gu Zixing with his R ability, petrified him midair.

The shoutcasters and the spectators were about to cheer for Gu Zixing’s actions when Fu Xiaohai, who had been hovering around mid lane for a long time, scuttled out of the bush. Q, W, E, R four abilities within a second were all pressed out, causing the pitiful praying mantis to be stunned in place once again.

A few seconds of crowd control, to Wolf, seemed like a century. After the crowd control wore off, the praying mantis had wanted to run off with only a sliver of health left, but Fu Xiaohai composedly delivered an auto attack, making him stunned once again.

“Commander Gu, the kill...

“You take it.”

Gu Zixing was already heading towards a different direction. Actually the reason he wanted Fu Xiaohai to come midlane was for him to take the kill. It was to make up for the first blood and also to give him some more gold, therefore making his top lane a bit more comfortable.

As for asking to kill, him and Qi Chen were already enough.

What a sweet little angel~



Fu Xiaohai took the kill and top lane also had a big wave. Like this, Fu Xiaohai would not have a loss in profit.

WG’s jungler Wolf was puzzled as to why he had been cc’ed (2) three times but his mid laner did not come to help him, but Gu Zixing and Qi Chen were not expected.

Because Lier was hiding at the tower being captured by Qi Chen.

Waiting for Gu Zixing to hurry over, Lier only had some health remaining. Although Qi Chen’s condition was also not too optimistic, but his champion still had two displacement abilities. Even if he could no longer do anything there was still a full health Gu Zixing. If he wanted to leave he could definitely leave, just seeing if Gu Zixing was willing to save him or not.

But because he had lost Gu Zixing’s beloved blue buff he could only stand there and watch as the enemy mid laner beat him up, Gu Zixing would definitely appear.

It’s not like he hadn’t done it before.

Don’t ask.

There's no story.

But this time it was still tolerable. Gu Zixing rushed over and quickly took over Lier. A poisonous cloud along with Twin Fang made the originally still hopeful Lier with a sliver of health, turn completely cold.

Gu Zixing’s thirst for blue buff was finally in his hands.

This rippling circle was very pretty. In this early game stage, the score was 3:1 with EG in the lead with a gold lead of 3k, also  WG’s midlane turret was taken down to half.

When a champion has Blue Buff

Seeing Gu Zixing’s elated appearance that the dazzling blue buff originally under Lier was now on him, Qi Chen naively thought that he could finally escape from Gu Zixing’s torment. However later he realized that he was too naïve.

In the next following thirty minutes of the competition, every six minutes, Gu Zixing’s mode was like this:

“Support, bot lane, put a ward at red buff, see if our jungler lost it yet?”

“Xiao Hai put a ward at blue buff, see if our jungler got it stolen yet?”

“In a moment I’ll go put  a ward at my blue buff and see if its there or not~”


“You’re so annoying!”

Qi Chen vowed, he definitely swore, next time it didn’t matter if he lost baron, lost dragon, lost towers, lost kills, he absolutely would not lose Gu Zixing’s blue buff again! This f*cker keeps nagging on like a broken record was extremely tormenting people!

Thankfully, EG was in a good spot in the game, otherwise after this competition was over Qi Chen would directly go to a mental hospital and check himself in.

The match was already on for thirty minutes, WG was already completely caught in a predicament by EG's Gu Zixing leading a vicious circle. Not to mention this vicious circle once fallen was very difficult to come out.

Some people say that moba games are actually games with a type of turn based system. Then if its like this, then starting from ten minutes in and after, it was all Gu Zixing’s turn.

If you used the turn based system to explain it, then it should be like this:

Ok, currently we are seeing Siler use his poison and Twin Fang to poison Lier!

Next it’s Siler’s turn.

Siler used Combustion Blast on Lier!

Next is Siler’s turn.

Siler used Miasma to stop Lier’s position! Lier has little health!

Then finally it’s Siler turn!

Lier died.

Their eyes watched as EG pushed forward with baron buff, plundering through their own jungle.

Kept watching as EG pushed into their nexus. The five members of WG could not find an appropriate opening. EG these five people, if they weren’t carrying baron buff then they were ahead in items due to the gold lead.

Push it ba.

WG’s nexus was destroyed and the cry of victory sounded through the SPL stadium. Although this was only the first match, but it was not enough to obliterate the fan’s enthusiasm.

On the SPL official Weibo, all kinds of support for EG was about to explode the webpage. And with this match, it also ruthlessly hit the faces of those keyboard warriors who were saying that Gu Zixing was going downhill during the losses of EG competitions.

But whether it hit their faces or not Gui Zixing was indifferent. In comparison he was more concerned about a Wechat message he had missed before the competition from a fan who said he wanted to marry him, wondering if it was true or not.

If it’s true, the next competition could think about losing a bit.

The second match would begin in ten minutes.

Even though they didn’t know what new tactics or patterns WG would bring out this time, but EG’s tactics were very clear cut -- just listen to Gu Zixing. Commander Gu was heaven, Commander Gu was earth.

During the pick ban phase of the second round, WG as expected left Orianna open again.

“Dare to leave it open then dare to pick.” Coach Chen said from the side.

Gu Zixing smiled, mouse clicked on Orianna’s portrait to lock it in.

It was a champion selection that Gu Zixing would typically pick. 'Next round you guys won’t play this champion, this champion I’ll teach you how to play.'

And Lier this time was clearly more terrified. Don’t know if it was because the coach requested it or he himself wanted to be terrified, selected Galio.

Galio, this champion although early game it was very hard to have a lane advantage when farming minions, but in the late game he was a champion who could dish out damage as well as receive it.

But Gu Zixing was here, how could he possibly let you safely reach late game.

“I’m giving you guys 20 minutes to break the inhibitor towers of all three lanes.”

After entering the game, this was Gu Zixing’s first command to EG.

  1. Smite: This is an important skill for junglers. It basically deals a burst of damage to a target and junglers use it to help clear out the jungle minions faster. Its important for big objectives (Baron and Dragon) because it helps secure your claim over it. If you have a team battle over an objective without Smite, theres a high chance that you'll lose it.
  2. cc: crowd control. These are immobilizers like stuns, slows, silences, roots, etc...

JADE: Ahhh sorry haven't updated much. Life has been busy. I'll try to start updating a bit a more now.

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