How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 20

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Qiao Yanzhou got up very early today. Or, it was more accurate to say he didn’t sleep the entire night.

Why? Because today was the start of his highly anticipated match between EG and WG!

Looking at the time, Qiao Yanzhou had gone to bed at 2 AM. He was so excited, as a result he got up at 3am to do his live stream for the day.

It was the early morning. Don’t even mention the presents, even the spectators were very little. But Qiao Yanzhou didn’t really care about that. From 3 AM he continued to stream until 10 AM. Afterwards, he eagerly ran to the supermarket to buy some snacks to eat while watching the competition.

On the other hand, Liang Dong for the sake of this competition got time off from his part time job at the coffee shop. He was prepared to go to Qiao Yanzhou’s house for the two of them to hog the tv to watch.

Actually, in regards to the competition today, Liang Dong and Qiao Yanzhou were part of opposing enemy teams. Qiao Yanzhou supported EG while Liang Dong supported WG.

This was like watching the UEFA Champions League, and there was a Manchester United fan and a FC Barcelona fan put together. All types of potential dangerous factors could create a big personal injury at any time. Any small mistake from either team could lead to a big argument between the two of them.

The reason Qiao Yanzhou invited Liang Dong to watch the competition together was firstly because the two people would have someone to talk about it with. Secondly, if the two people really did fight Qiao Yanzhou was confident he could beat up Liang Dong.

If it was a different person, he wouldn't be so sure.

But Liang Dong most likely was also thinking this…

The competition between EG and WG was at 2 PM. At noon, Qiao Yanzhou struggled over and over again before finally sending a message to Gu Zixing.

What Qiao Yanzhou originally wanted to send was: Good luck during the competition God Gu! If my cat points can double or not relies on you la!

But after thinking about it, he felt it wasn’t appropriate. If Gu Zixing felt a lot of pressure before the competition because of this, what would he do?

As a result Qiao Yanzhou changed it to a relatively calm and collected version: God Gu if you win today, daddy will marry you today!!!

But Gu Zixing did not respond at all.

He also didn’t know if there was too much to do before the competition and he was busy, or if Gu Zixing simply did not want to respond.

Qiao Yanzhou put himself in Gu Zixing’s shoes to think.

En, the latter seems more probable.

Liang Dong arrived at Qiao Yanzhou’s house around 1:30. When he saw him he only lifted his one hand holding a big bag of McDonalds. The other hand was carrying two big cokes. Before he even entered, Qiao Yanzhou could smell the fries and chicken nuggets.

“You didn’t eat lunch?” Qiao Yanzhou helped Liang Dong and took the McDonalds bag to put it on the table and asked.

“Didn’t eat, I’m losing weight ne!” Liang Dong said this, his whole face proud. It was as if he was in the middle of conducting a great pioneer work that could save the world.

“En, can see it… “ Qiao Yanzhou said this and turned his head. Remaining calm, he glanced at the big paper bag with several boxes of large fries and chicken nuggets. There was even a special little baggy with napkins, ketchup, and sweet and sour sauce. He finally said again, “I can see it.”

“Why did you buy coke? My house has a giant stack that we never drank.” After putting the things away, Qiao Yanzhou started to nag like a woman of the family. “In a moment the ice cubes in the coke will melt and it’ll be tasteless. This coke is probably already diluted with water. You tell me, with these extra couple dollars, what you could buy.”

“If there's no taste then just pour in your coke. What are you so concerned about.” Liang Dong’s face was full of resentment.

“One is Pepsi, one is Coke. How are you supposed to pour it in?  Aren’t you just mixing the taste!”

“You’re mental.” Once he heard, Liang Dong knew it was Qiao Yanzhou’s OCD acting up again and gave him an annoyed look.

Qiao Yanzhou also did not say anything.

“Ai, is that GML ticket you mentioned before reliable or not? I already declined that ticket scalper already.” Liang Dong sat his butt down on the carpet of Qiao Yanzhou’s living room. Out of habit, he took the remote.

“It’s not like you are rejecting a girl by refusing the ticket scalper.” Qiao Yanzhou snorted. He started to prepare the television by plugging in his laptop to the TV port. The TV screen was bigger than the laptop, watching it was more clear.

“In case that ticket scalper is also a girl ne.” Liang Dong smacked his lips. “That's not right, that's not the point!”

Qiao Yanzhou smiled, “Don’t worry, if you can’t enter the place at that time, I’ll lift my butt for you to f*ck.”

Qiao Yanzhou said this and even turned to wiggle his butt at Liang Dong.

Regarding Qiao Yanzhou’s perverted behavior, Liang Dong already felt that he was no stranger to strange sights. He waved his hand, calm and collected and said, “I’m indifferent ah, but if my Lingzi is here, you would already be in the hospital.”

“Aiyo, I’m afraid.”

The original name of the Lingzi that Liang Dong was talking about was Zhao Lingling and she was Liang Dong’s girlfriend. She was also a League of Legends and SPL super fan. It was unknown why today she didn’t come together with Liang Dong.

Qiao Yanzhou was also not someone who liked to gossip, and therefore did not ask.

And because Qiao Yanzhou was someone who did not like to gossip, he therefore also did not tell Liang Dong that the person who gave them tickets to GML was Gu Zixing himself.

But as for why he didn't want to tell him, Qiao Yanzhou was a little unsure inside his heart. He believed he wasn’t a person who liked to hide things, but this time he unexpectedly didn't want to say anything at all.

Perhaps it's because he wanted to wait on the day of GML to give Liang Dong a nice surprise, or perhaps it's because Liang Dong was not an EG fan. Even if he knew, he wouldn't have much of a reaction. The most probable one was because he's afraid once he says it, Gu Zixing would take offense.

Although Gu Zixing did not give off the feeling of someone who would not care about trifling matters, but who knew?

Next to Qiao Yanzhou, Liang Dong was watching him set up the TV and really couldn’t help him.

“Ai, Brother Zhou, if I got an EG ticket and sat at the WG audience side, isn't it a bit inappropriate.”

“Not inappropriate, it's more like you simply won’t be able to sit there at all.”

Qiao Yanzhou finished setting up the TV right as the ad for the SPL sponsor showed up. There was still ten minutes before the competition started. There was no rush.

“Team tickets all have designated seats. Did you forget?”

“That’s right, seems like it.” Liang Dong suddenly reacted. “Then what to do ah! Saying it like this, I should have gone and got tickets from the ticket scalper!”

“Buying a through-ticket doesn't mean you’ll necessarily get in.” Qiao Yanzhou reached into the bag and brought out a french fry to stuff it into his mouth. “How would you know if all the seats are reserved or not. Don’t forget that these two teams are extremely well-off.”

“Unlikely reserved all the seats ba. Even if all the seats are reserved, they’ll still leave at least 50-100 seats to give the organizer some face..”

“Several thousand through-tickets, all competing for 50- 100 seats.” Qiao Yanzhou didn’t feel like continuing on. Liang Dong, this nutjob, sometimes was not even as flexible as a telephone pole.

“Several thousand through-tickets and not everyone wants to watch EG vs WG…” Liang Dong harped from his mouth, but did not finish discussing when he interrupted himself. It seems he finally reacted to what he heard and modified his tone. “Forget it. I better suffer in silence and sit with you in the EG audience ba.”

“Young Master, you’ve been wronged.”

“It’s fine.”

Qiao Yanzhou kicked Liang Dong’s ass.

The official start of the competition was in three minutes. The big screen finally started to broadcast the two teams first lineup.

First was EG on the Blue side. (1)

A huge picture of the Rift was on the screen and in every lane appeared the portrait of the EG member.

Bot Lane: EG Coco

Support: EG Listener

Mid Lane: EG Siler

Jungler: EG Deep

Top lane: EG Sea

Then it was WG.

Bot Lane: WG Niko

Support: WG Wang

Mid lane: WG Lier

Jungler: WG Wolf

Top Lane: WG Mouse

Qiao Yanzhou paid special attention to WG’s lineup today. Sure enough, that new mid laner was on the stage again.

The name of this mid laner was Su Wenzhi. It seemed that this year he just turned 17.

Previously on the League of Legends App, Qiao Yanzhou had seen a related report. Among it was a phrase that deeply made an impression on Qiao Yanzhou. It said the 17 year old Su Wenzhi was extremely talented. He was very similar to the also 17 year old Gu Zixing who first made his public performance during season 4 competition. But also that he was the candidate most likely to succeed Gu Zixing.

But when he was reading this news Qiao Yanzhou happened to be downstairs with Liang Dong eating soft bean curd. When Qiao Yanzhou had seen that phrase, he became so angry he threw the spoon fiercely into the bowl. The result was the spoon chipped a side and splashed Liang Dong’s face full of soft bean curd who was obediently eating at the side.

“Brother, if you can’t finish eating this soft bean curd you also shouldn't splash it on others ah. Or is it that you noticed that I didn’t wash my face this morning.” Liang Dong of course was deliberately trying to disgust Qiao Yanzhou, but Qiao Yanzhou simply didn't pay attention to him. He continued to glare at his phone screen with wide eyes.

As a result, Liang Dong discreetly grabbed a paper towel to wipe his face and moved Qiao Yanzhou’s soft bean curd in front of him to eat all of it.

He waited for Qiao Yanzhou to finish reading the report and finally realized that only an empty bowl was left from his soft bean curd.

Till now, Qiao Yanzhou doesn't know if its because the writer of the article was too provocative, or if its because he didn’t get to eat much soft bean curd that he remembered this very clearly. But in his heart, he was very clear that he did not have a good impression of this new 17 year old mid laner.

As a result, to this day, this scene, the two shoutcasters on the TV screen were talking about this d*mned thing too!

Shoutcaster A: As expected, this time during the competition, WG once again sent out their 17 year old rookie, Lier. Regarding this competition, the predestined showdown between Lier and Siler will definitely be marvelous! Will the new rookie from WG reign victory, or will the Mid Lane Overlord remain superior? Let us wait and see!”

“Waiting for nonsense. Go die.” Qiao Yanzhou, sitting in front of the TV screen, wanted to just fly over to the competition scene. “He only entered the stage a few times and they dare to call it a predestined showdown with God Gu. He doesn’t  know the difference between Heaven and Earth. I’m afraid Gu Zixing is going to beat that mental illness out of him!”

Liang Dong, from the side, heard Qiao Yanzhou speak, resisted smiling and ate two pieces of french fries. At last he couldn’t bear it and laughed a “pft” out.

“What are you laughing for.” Qiao Yanzhou frowned and didn't understand what Liang Dong meant.

“Ai, Brother Zhou, ah Brother Zhou.” Liang Dong shook his head as he patted Qiao Yanzhou’s shoulder. The smiling expression on his face hadn’t left yet.

“What are you doing.”

“Do you know what you are currently like?”

“Like what?”

“Like a young married woman eating vinegar.(2)” Ling Dong looked at Qiao Yanzhou, paused for a moment then continued on, “Gu Zixing’s wife.”

  1. Blue side: The teams are separated onto two sides on the map, Blue side and Red side. Blue side is the bottom half and Red side is the top half.
  2. Eating vinegar: To be jealous
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