Haunted Duke's Daughter

Haunted Duke's Daughter Chapter 51

Translated by: Niladri



[Recap: New character (secret agent ninja) stalking Lilia was caught and now getting interrogated]

Cynthia timidly met Lilia's gaze. Lilia nodded with satisfaction and then gave her an instruction.

"Take off your mask"


Cynthia drew in a breath and her eyes swam rapidly. Realizing that her gaze moved towards the ceiling and back several times, Lilia also turned glanced towards it. Perhaps there was another secret agent there.

"You don't mind, right?"

Lilia directed the question towards the ceiling, but there was no reply. Seemed like it was fine. Lilia concluded and tapped the table to urge Cynthia.

"Uh... I understand..."

Cynthia took off her facemask, and not only Lilia but also Arisa's eyes were wide open.

The face belonged to a fresh, young maiden, with trimmed brown hair. She was probably younger than Lilia and perhaps even Arisa.


Lilia muttered, appearing to be intrigued, while Cynthia's cheeks were flushed from embarrassment. She had earlier assumed that the purpose of the mask was to hide her face, but it seemed like she was just shy about exposing her face.

"Are you serving my brother?"

Listening to Lilia, Cynthia shook her head.

"I don't have a particular Lord yet. I accompany my father as an apprentice."

I see, Lilia nodded, and turned to Arisa. Arisa nodded as with understanding,

"I've heard that she's a genius appearing once a decade"

"Well, that's great."

Her gaze returned to Cynthia. The latter was looking down with a glowing red face.

―Lilia. {S}

―Yes. I want this girl. {L}

Considering her age, she might be lacking in experience. But if it was someone talented, she definitely wanted to grab hold of them.

"Cynthia. Do you have a Lord you want to serve?"

If she asked her brother, he may listen to Lilia's request. But she didn't want to obtain her through force. She wanted people who would follow Lilia from their own free will.

"No, not yet..."

"Yes. If so, serve me."

―It sounds like an order! {S}

―Oh, excuse me.

"Pardon me. I meant, why don't you serve me?"

Lilia's words made Cynthia look round. Her eyes seemed to once again dart to and fro from the ceiling. But there was no response. Cynthia bowed her head and spoke in a soft voice.

"Please let me think..."

"Yes. I understand. I'm not in a hurry, so think it over."

It was a little disappointing, but nothing else could be done at this point. Lilia finished up her tea and then slowly headed to the bedroom.

Lilia went to the library in the afternoon, but it seemed that Rei wasn't there. She just wanted to ask him how to teach someone, but with how things were, she went back to her room a little disappointed.

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That night, there was a visitor. Lilia, who was studying with Sakura in the bedroom, was called by Arisa to greet them. When she opened the door, there stood Tina flashing a big smile.



The instant Tina realized that it was Lilia, she immediately jumped and hugged her. Lilia stiffened a bit, but quickly regained her bearing and glared at Tina.

"It's dangerous. What are you doing?"

"Ehehe. I'm so happy!"

As she spoke, Tina was looking at Lilia with a big smile. Her face was very close because of their hugging posture. Lilia pushed Tina away, her cheeks slightly flushed.

"I will listen, so please sit down for the time being. "

Saying so, Lilia led her to sit on the table. Arisa immediately served tea.

"So? How was the exam?"

When asked this, Tina's smile deepened. The answer was obvious.

"Perfect score! Thanks to Lilia. Thank you so much!"

Saying so, this time she couldn't really hug because there was a table in between, but she took Lilia's hand on the table. Looking at Tina laughing happily, Lilia was able to feel a faint sense of accomplishment.

"Yes. That's very good. I wonder if you can let go now."

Tina continued holding Lilia's hand all this time. Rather than being released, Lilia felt Tina's grip growing stronger.

"A little longer"

"What is it..."

Lilia sighed, but she didn't feel that bad, so she didn't speak harshly.

―Embarrassed Lilia is so cute.

―I'm not embarrassed.

―Eh. Your face is red, right? Lilia is cute!


Saying something more appeared to be useless. Lilia could only let out a sigh.

―But you are my No. 1 best friend! I will not give you to anyone! {S}

―Oh, I don't think of you as my best friend.

―Eh……. Then, friends, I guess.

―Friends? Not really.

Sakura became completely silent after Lilia expressionlessly rejected her. Lilia frowned slightly, and Tina leaned her face even closer.

―I thought... Lilia was a friend...

―Wait up, you are crying from just this! ? Ah ah , I'm sorry, it was a joke! I think of you as a friend too!

Lilia panicked and apologized to when Sakura started crying. She didn't think it would be so effective.

― *Sniff*... I like Lilia...

―Yes. I like Sakura too. I think of her as an important friend.


Apparently her mood seemed to have gotten better. She laughed gleefully, and

―By the way, Lilia.


―Lilia is simple.

Then she noticed it. Sakura's monkey play (acting).




Author's Note:

I want to clarify that the genre is friendship. It feels like a genre fraud if it is left as it is.

What I want to say is that it's not a Yuri.

A friend asked me if they [Sakura and Lilia] could be in love with one another. No.

She is definitely not in love with Lilia.

This is the story of watching over a person's love. It's impossible.

I've been going through the activity report.

I would be happy if you could report typographical errors and comments.

See you soon.


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