Three Marriages For His Heart

From Luna: Three Marriages Update

Hello everyone!!! ~This is not a chapter update~ or is it?
It's official - I'm picking up 三嫁惹君心 by 明月听风!!


However, since it's now my project, I would like to make some changes as to the look of the novel page on ISO.

  1. I am planning on changing the title, from Three Marriages to Three Marriages For His Heart. (This is to stay true to the original full title and little explanation on why at the end of this post)
  2. I am using a different cover picture. (I really really like the yellow colour of this cover!!)
  3. I am also using a different summary, the one that is listed on the Baidu page for the novel, and based off of the Douban post listed as a reference for said page. (Link Here)
  4. If all goes well, updates will be one chapter every 2 weeks (because I'm updating full chapters without splitting.
  5. I am also using Ju Mu'er instead of Ju Mu Er now.

For the changes, I won't transfer these to the Novel Updates page just yet, as I wanted to ask the current readers if you're averse to such changes and if not, I will make the necessary updates to the TMFHH page on NU (if there's no objections then automatic update one month from today!)

As for why I felt the need to change the title to Three Marriages For His Heart, I found this semi-spoilery explanation for the title.

Why the New Title?:


The first marriage, was a marriage of chance,

The second marriage, a marriage of convenience,

And their third marriage, was a promise of forever after together.

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As usual, drop Ko-fi for bonus updates, and tell me what you think about the new title, summary and my plan to update!

seriously though
Isn't that little explanation thingy so cute and aww-inducing!!!

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