Three Marriages For His Heart - Chapter 22

By: starie_hui

I really meant to get this out earlier, but assignment submissions are killing me...

But thanks to mystichead's support I'm going to crack at it!

Here's the chapter!
Also I swapped the way momo Yu shows up (momo Yu instead of Yu momo, like Teacher Wen instead of Wen Teacher from Wen Lao Shi)

CC count is now 25 chapters (including C.22) CC = Commissioned chapters (a little XMAS bonus but who knows when I'll finish TT)

Chapter 22

Don't forget to support me (comments or likes will do but Ko-fi's not unwelcome xD also lowkey, never try to last minute translate historical texts the sentence structure will just kill you... Also if some of the sentences sound weird and old-english-y I apologise in advance haha the closest I could get is that probably)

This chapter is dedicated to mystichead and long-time supporter Sarah! :D

Personal Note I recently fell in love with listening to 戏腔songs (meaning kind of modern pop music with Chinese operatic singers singing certain lines e.g. 左手指月)anyone interested? Also I'm getting ahead of myself but I lined up so many historical novels to translate (I've been procrastinating yes TT) any suggestions on a particular trope you might like to see? (Although let me just put a disclaimer, I don't do anything NP or harem haha I like my CPs 1v1) Oh yeah if you've read up until here, maybe take a looksie at the brief summary of PMDW would you want to read it?

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