Hello! It's Momo!

After finishing up "The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams" , I decided to translate the other 2 stories from the same series.

DISCLAIMER: I feel like I need to put out a notice to avoid attracting disappointed readers to this novel. Please, don't expect it to be like the previous story and don't go badmouthing the story because the MC is portraited as an innocent and romantic person. This one is a silly and short romance. Even though out of the 3 stories, this was the only one that wasn't published, I decided to translate it anyway to follow the order the author introduced the characters. If you're looking for the smut, just wait until I finish translating (should be around 1-2 months) since it's in the later chapters. Or just wait for the 3rd story about the perverted mage LOL. It's not necessary to read all the other stories to enjoy this.

Here's the first chapter of "The Knight Can Have a Gentle Flower".