How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 92 Part 1

By: Niladri

Deepest apologies for the late posting. Excus...ahem ahem...reasons for my late posting mentioned at the end of 2nd part. Hope you enjoy. Scroll down for the link if u don't need intro.

L'il bit intro if u need:
Lu Heng- MC (currently disguised as a Miao woman). Before dying, his mother Nadolo asked him to retrieve the golden silkworm gu from his father, an aristocratic young master who betrayed his mother. Highly proficient at Gu techniques after he finished his training at the thousand Gu cave)
Duan Feiqing - ML. Current leader of the Taichu sect that he wrested control of from his Master's friend Feng Weiyang after he tortured and imprisoned DF. Highly proficient at <<mind sutra of the demons>>, a powerful demonic technique that allows him to do all kind of cool stuff in return for the side effects of being obsessive and potentially posessed.
Feng Qinwang- FL. Naive girl who ran away from the Taichu sect to find some secret medicine for her senior martial brother's cultivation's side effects, DF coz she admires him. Got into trouble, got saved by LH and then got escorted by him back to DF.

Chapter 92 Part 1

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