End of World Businessman

Chapter 36.5: Combined skill [5]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 36.5: Combined skill [5]

Wu Ye merely gave them a smile and kept quiet. He didn’t offer any explanation, but even then traces of sweetness darted through Qin Wuhua’s heart.

With their abilities working perfectly with each other and other stuff, the little guy was really destined to have a deep relationship with me.

Turning his head, Wu Ye put down the sniper rifle, and put his paws on Qin Wuhua's shoulder with excitement. His beautiful peach blossom eyes blinked innocently at Qin Wuhua as he spoke.

“Let’s practice our combination moves for a while, and increase our proficiency.”

Their distance with each other was incredibly short, and Qin Wuhua was able to look at Wu Ye’s long, dense, and curled eyelashes one by one. Seeing this, Qin Wuhua felt as if there were two fluffy feathers scratching his heart gently, making him feel crisp and itchy. This really made him want to...

"Hey, what are you daydreaming about?" Wu Ye asked. This was the first time he found Qin Wuhua getting distracted...

Qin Wuhua’s face turned hot, but fortunately, he had a dark complexion... Otherwise, he would have lost his face today. He quickly moved his eyes, coughed and concealed it. “I thought there was another third-level zombie over there. Anyway, there are too many zombie corpses here. We should move elsewhere to practice.”

“Alright!” Wu Ye smiled happily.

When he looked at Wu Ye's clean and bright smile at close range, Qin Wuhua's heart missed several beats and he almost couldn’t cover his rapidly reddening face with his wheat-colored skin. Fortunately, everyone hardly realized his plight.

Then, soon after Ji Yun had finished manipulating the ‘Craniotomy Robot’ to harvest the crystal nucleus, they drove away for more than ten minutes to change their location to continue hunting.

Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua spotted a dense area of zombies, glanced at each other before they nodded simultaneously. They then began to use their abilities to practice their combination skill. However, their good luck seemed to have been exhausted since they were unable to recreate that feat again.

Their timing just wasn’t synchronized when they used their abilities, making it hard to recreate the previous feat. There had been more than a dozen tests in a row just now, but they were only able to combine their ability into a power grid around five or six times out of dozen attempts.

"No, no, wait for my breath to come back." Wu Ye finally tasted what it was like when the power was squeezed out of their body completely. It felt very uncomfortable to the point he felt his hands and feet were as soft as jelly.

The reason was because, in the beginning, Wu Ye was too eager for quick success. As such, the water curtain was less than 34 square meters, and it dissipated after less than a second. Qin Wuhua ’s lightning did not have a chance to fall on it and form the power net. And in some cases, Qin Wuhua's lightning had flash away before Wu Ye was able to create his water curtain.

It was only after repeating many times that Wu Ye became well-behaved and only made a water curtain around ten square meters. However, he used too much power previously, and the net was weak, and the time for the water curtain to remain was still too short. Fortunately, Qin Wuhua found a trace of rhythm for this combination act, and Wu Ye had also slowly figured out some ways. So, they gradually began to succeed.

However, at this time, Qin Wuhua's abilities are also exhausted. Therefore, he ordered Qian Xin, Yang Qi, and Yang Li Na to continue on. "You fight first. Boss and I will rest for a while before we continue practicing."

"Yes!" The three of them replied simultaneously with Qian Xin's voice being the loudest and most energetic.

Meanwhile, Wu Ye grabbed a handful of crystal nuclei from today's harvest and placed them next to him. He then crossed his knees and started to cultivate the 《The Supreme Art of Water Control》, while letting 《The Basic Breathing Method》to operate on its own. Within a moment, 20 or 30 transparent and red crystals were instantly turned into powders.

This was seen by Yang Qi and Yang Lina, who were changing their cartridges at the time, and they couldn't help but turn to look at each other. The shock they felt was obvious and reflected in their eyes.

Qin Wuhua noted this and said lightly: "The boss' ability is just a little bit special, but there is nothing strange about it at all."

The warning light that came from the bottom of his eyes was hard to ignore.

Therefore, Yang Qi and Yang Li Na only smiled while holding back their curiosity in their heart when they spoke.

"There is nothing really strange. Isn't that how everyone absorbs the crystal nucleus?"

No way that's the truth! If they forcibly absorb so much energy from the crystal nucleus like that in such a short period of time, it isn't strange that they might burst their meridians. Really, Wu Ye's exquisite marksmanship was enough for him to play the hunting game and survive, but now combined with this ability... his future will be extraordinary and boundless for sure.

Truly worthy of being the boss.

Yang Qi and Yang Li Na looked at Wu Ye's delicate and beautiful eyes that were closed right now along with his lovable baby faced features. And they felt indescribably complicated from the bottom of their heart. However, they just proceeded with their task obediently.

Meanwhile, within a mere half an hour, Wu Ye had absorbed another hundred or more crystal nuclei. At this moment, his power was almost recovered to the fullest extent while Qin Wuhua's own had only recovered by half.

This showed the wonder of the arts they had.

So, they switched with the other group and began to hunt the zombies. This time, the cooperation between the two was much better than the previous ones. It was obvious by the skyrocketing success rate of their combined skills, the power net. As such, after the two had repeatedly drained their power to combine their skills to hunt the zombies, Wu Ye finally succeeded in completing the mandatory task.

Furthermore, the success rate of their combined skills had reached more than 80%. And when the zombies were cluttered densely, dozens of them could be electrocuted in one move, which was absolutely astonishing at present.

However, it was getting late. So, Wu Ye ordered everyone to pack up and go to the black market together to sweep up some goods there.

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