End of World Businessman

Chapter 36.4: Combined skill [4]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 36.4: Combined skill [4]

In the meantime, after Ji Yun had switched to manual control mode, the 'Craniotomy Robot' finally managed to dig the first crystal nucleus and threw it into its belly. Next, he checked all its basic functions and found that although some small bugs and errors existed, its basic performance basically fulfilled the criterion set. The speed and precision it has when harvesting the crystal nuclei was much faster than when humans did it personally.

At that, Qin Wuhua looked at Wu Ye once again and saw there was a smile on his face. He then heard Wu Ye say, “You have done a good job, Ji Yun! When we get back, I’ll give you a bonus!”

Hearing Wu Ye’s pleased words, Ji Yun breathed a sigh of relief before he spoke with an obvious smile. “All right, thank you, boss! But, I don’t want the bonus. Just give me two candies, so I can take it back to coax An And. The little guy had helped us a lot.”

From the very start, Ji Yun wasn’t a greedy guy. Now that he followed Wu Ye, he no longer has to worry about where to earn three meals a day for himself and his loved ones; no need to fight with the zombies frontally; no need to force himself to ask strangers to form a team with him; and has abundant research and development funds, he didn’t care about the bonus at all.

"We’re out of sweets, but you can give An An a few more chocolates." Wu Ye laughed.

An An was a very sensible and clever child. When Li Min Sheng and Professor Li were working, he would sit and watch from the sidelines. He wouldn’t bother them or make noises to distract them. He would even help out by doing little errands like delivering the tools the adults needed from time to time. As such, it was no wonder that everyone likes him very much.

"Then, I will thank the boss on An An’s behalf." Ji Yun said happily.

Unconsciously time passed by and it was already one hour later. The truck was already full of zombies at this time. As such, everyone was preparing to change location. However, the amount of zombies not far ahead from them suddenly increased rapidly.

Wu Ye’s eyes caught a black shadow within the group of zombies and hurriedly warned his team, "Be careful, there are third-level zombies coming!"

It was not only him, Qin Wuhua had also discovered its traces at this time. Ever since his abilities had upgraded into the third order, he could directly damage the third-level zombies without preparing like before. So, he activated his ability as soon as he sensed the zombie and blasted a purple thunder from his hand. However, the third-level zombies were extremely fast. That’s why they managed to evade the thunder and lightning directed at them. It seemed, this time, they would fail.

Seeing this, Wu Ye didn’t even think. He just directly used his ability to make a ten-square-meter water curtain on top of the third-level zombies. Then, a moment later, Qin Wuhua’s thunder and lightning arrived. This combined both moves, turning it into a charged net where the low-level zombies turned into ash directly after violent convulsions. Meanwhile, the target, the third-level zombies were trapped and couldn’t do anything except to stay in one place. Seeing this, Yang Qi didn’t hesitate to use his ability and stabbed them.

The third-level zombies at the center of the power net were stunned.

"You guys don't move, I’ll do it!" Wu Ye shouted as he quickly changed his equipment into a sniper rifle. The gold-copper bullet accurately penetrated the eye of the third-level zombie and instantly killed it.

System: 【Compulsory Mission: Within today, complete 50 joint strikes with host’s comrade-in-arms. Accepted by default. 】

Wu Ye didn’t expect that the water ability he thought as trash actually had this kind of use. When it was combined with Qin Wuhua’s ability, it actually could be turned into a group attack skill. As such, at this moment, the Second Young Master Wu suddenly switched his opinion to 180 degrees and gave himself 32 likes to himself for being smart!

What was even better is that the system had actually issued a mandatory task! It meant it was an opportunity for a free draw! I might get a chance to get an expensive good!

The Second Young Master Wu took another look at the control panel and pondered. Just now, together with Qin Wuhua, they had accidentally combined their ability to kill the third-level zombies. When he calculated the point, it seemed to him that the points he had gotten were 100% without deduction!

It should be known that even if Wu Ye had bound Qin Wuhua to him as his comrade-in-arms, he can only get half of the total points from the zombies that Qin Wuhua killed. However, now that he had combined their ability together to kill the zombies, he could get the full amount without it being deducted. This was a really big surprise to him!

Because of that, at this time, Wu Ye finally began to like his ability.
While he was deep in thought, everyone with Qin Wuhua as the sole exception was very surprised. Ji Yun’s eyes were wide opened as he asked, “Boss, when did you awaken your ability?”

Wu Ye gave a brief explanation as he smiled. “It has been awhile since I awoke my ability. However, I didn’t tell most of you because I have always thought my ability was useless. I’m sorry about that by the way.”

While it was half true and half false, it doesn’t matter. I’ll just let anyone think whatever they want from that.

Yang Qi laughed and said: “The attack power of the pure water ability isn’t really strong, but when it’s combined with Qin Ge's thunder ability, the lethality is amazing! Boss really deserves to be the boss! Concealing such depth to himself!”

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