End of World Businessman

Chapter 36.2: Combined skill [2]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 36.2: Combined skill [2]

In any case, the three energies in Wu Ye were finally merged together. Then, Wu Ye opened his eyes once he had managed to completely take control of his newly merged energy and used it. Instantly, a fist-sized water ball appeared in his hand. He then silently operated the technique and the water ball immediately turned into a thin curtain water. Followed by a shaped cone, cube, five pointed star, and finally it turned into a pistol that was so misshapen that it was unrecognizable. After that, Wu Ye withdrew his ability.

Motherf*cker! What’s the use of being able to shape the water?! So, I can perform magic tricks for zombies?!

Nevermind. The road ahead is long and bright. I shouldn’t think too much about it.

Wu Ye stretched and twisted his neck before he lifted his leg to get out of bed. The control panel was still open in front of him. He looked bothered with the open panel screen and was about to close it.

But, at that moment, he saw the progress bar at the bottom had changed from 0 to 5%. And when he looked closer, he found that the second-level gene chain was already unlocked and the system showed that the goal had changed from unlocking the second-level gene chain to unlocking the third the third-level gene chain.

【System, are you bugged?!】Second Young Master Wu exploded in an instant.

The system had gradually figured out how to cover up its guilty conscience in front of its stupid host. As such, it would use an icy flat tone to briefly explain the similarities and differences between cultivating with crystal nuclei and the direct enhancement of the gene. Then, no matter what its stupid host says, it would pretend to be dead.

【Little bastard! Don’t think I’ll believe you’re innocent just because you pretend to be dead!】 The Second Young Master Wu cursed as he held his ⅓ shrunken hiking backpack, looking mournful. 【Poor Lao Zi’s hard work in earning these crystal nuclei are wasted. 】

The crystal nucleus in the hiking backpack was obtained by Wu Ye by selling counterfeit cigarettes before. He had paid for Yang Qi, and the others to help him hunt the third-level zombies, supported the daily expenses of himself and the younger brothers, and paid for research funding all from that. Not to mention he had rented and decorated the house ‘luxuriously’ from that too.

So, the original fund of more than 80.000 transparent crystals had shrunk to less than 40.000 crystals from all those expenses. Now, it shrunk even more after tonight’s event. From the way the backpack weighs after shaking off the powder from it, it’s already a good thing if there were even 20.000 crystals left.

While the business of the store was good, the transactions in the small store are all done through the cards. You needed to go to the Lan Cheng’s Deposit Office to withdraw the crystal nuclei, and golds in the cards. However, although to deposit the crystal and gold in order to keep it safe could be done within a minute, the opposite couldn’t be said to be the same. The other party would say that they have a limited staff, as such withdrawal could only be done once a week within a certain time. Past that time, then sorry, they wouldn’t let you withdraw.

Ordinary zombies hunters wouldn’t say anything against this rule as they didn’t have much money on their hand, so they didn’t tend to save too much funds on the card. They would only have enough there for their daily life. Therefore, except for the merchants who often buy and sell, few people rarely withdrew their funds.

Furthermore, Wu Ye was worried that if he continued to add scarce goods to the store, it would attract unwanted attention. After all, the goods were brought from another world. It’s obvious, he couldn’t explain the source to people from this world. It would be no joke if he accidentally revealed something.

Therefore, he had discussed with Qin Wuhua and decided to go to the black market tomorrow to buy a batch of goods from there and mixed them with the things in the store. He didn’t aim to earn much from the difference in price for the stuff bought from the black market.

Its only purpose was to enrich the variety of goods in his store, so the goods he had brought from his world wouldn’t be so conspicuous, and caught the eyes of some people it shouldn’t. This way, in the eyes of some people, the things in his store also had a barely justifiable source.

However, before he could even go to the black market to enact his plan, there’s only a little crystal nuclei left from the previous abundant state. It was no wonder that the Second Young Master Wu was feeling pained down to his flesh.

Fortunately, the Second Young Master Wu always had a big heart. So, after taking a cold shower to ease his pain, he lied in bed and closed his eyes. He put the matter aside, and firmly delivered himself into the arms of Dreams’ God. Or in other words, he slept on his problem to be solved another day instead.

Ever since the last zombie siege, the safety zone of Lan Cheng base had shrunk by more than 10 kilometers, and the original black market stronghold has now become the nest of zombies. After the senior officials of Lan Cheng base finished gathering the crystals nuclei from the battle siege, they lifted the base ban. At this time, some of the ability users organized and found a small factory in the safe area as a new trading place after they had gotten the ‘go-ahead’ signal from the senior leaders of Lan Cheng base. And soon, words spread among the ability users community and the new black market address quickly spread, letting the ability users rush there en masse.

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