Entertainment Industry’s Gourmet Food Service

Chapter 52 - Under the moonlight

Mo Shaoqing hung up and resumed grilling meat, but his thoughts were elsewhere. Why did he invite Mr. Ling over?

Maybe he was trying to show Mr. Ling he successfully completed the filming! Or maybe it was something else…

“Shaoqing, what are you thinking about? The meat is turning into mush.” Mo Shaohong nudged at his brother who had been in a daze from the start.

Mo Shaoqing woke up from his trance, shoot, he didn’t even ask where CEO Ling where he was leaving from, what if he wasn’t in S City and was coming from Y City? That was a two hour commute, and it was already 9PM… oh god, how could he disturb someone else’s resting time!!!

But Mr. Ling also agreed to come, right? Thinking this through, Mo Shaoqing’s lips couldn’t help but curl into a smile. “Older brother, I’ll leave these for you to cook, I’ll go check on everyone who is having hotpot.”

Mo Shaohong: “OK, leave it to this older brother, you go take a look.”

There were four hot pots boiling and letting out steam in the middle of the table. Everyone had split up the meat and vegetables into portions and cooked them in rotation. After eating some hotpot, they would switch to BBQ.

Mo Shaoqing controlled the amount of alcohol provided carefully. He knew that everyone had work the next day, so he provided beers and cocktails that everyone could have without getting too drunk, and everyone remained satisfied.

Not too far away, Tang Qin noticed that Mo Shaoqing was finally free and brought over some juice and stepped forward, “Shaoqing--”

Mo Shaoqing heard someone call for him, he turned around and saw Tang Qin, dressed in casual clothes, smiling while looking at him.

“Tang Jie!” he called back,

Tang Qin noticed his forehead was sweating, and noted to herself how sensible this child was, “Look at you, sweating so much, are you thirsty? Quickly now, have some juice.”

Mo Shaoqing took the juice, and drank it all in one go, “Thank you Tang Jie.”

“I should be the one thanking you, the food on set is never this delicious, because of you, we could finally have a good meal tonight. I don’t know how to thank you!”

“Right, you’re still young and so good at grilling meat. The restaurant you mentioned before, how’s business there?”

Mo Shaoqing: “Thank you for asking Tang Jie, our restaurant’s business is not bad…”

Mo Shaoqing then explained in detail his work experience over the years and included parts regarding the restaurant. Tang Qin was quiet and listened attentively.

After listening to his explanation, Tang Qin liked the young man in front of her even more. She even had some ideas on how to help him out, watching him play with his phone out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly asked “Shaoqing do you have Weibo?”

Mo Shaoqing was a bit startled, “I do, why?”

“Let’s take a picture together” suggested Tang Qin.

Mo Shaoqing, of course, agreed.

Tang Qin took out her cell phone. After finding a flattering angle, a photo of the two was taken with everyone eating, drinking and enjoying themselves in the background.

Mo Shaoqing’s hand was holding a V like a pair of scissors, while Tang Qin’s head was slightly tilted with a smile.

After taking the photo, Mo Shaoqing noticed the time. It was already 10 but his phone had no  notifications…

Suddenly, the sound of a text message received chimed.

Mr. Ling: I’m outside the studio!

He arrived so soon! Mo Shaoqing quickly responded --

Mo Shaoqing: Coming in? There’s hot pot and BBQ!

Reading the reply, Ling Senhao was a bit disappointed. Did he get invited along to dinner with everyone else because it was “convenient”? How was this kid so oblivious?

Ling Senhao: I’m not familiar with the place, come out.

After reading this, Mo Shaoqing immediately put down the drink in his hand and went out.

“Hey, where are you going?” Mo Shaohong quickly went to stop the host of the party.

“Mr. Ling has arrived, I’m going out to get him.” replied Mo Shaoqing and ran out of the filming studio.

After running for about 10 minutes, he realised something, Am I stupid? This place is so big, why didn’t he drive! Did he become an idiot when he found out Ling Senhao arrived?

The studio park was dark and had few street lamps lining the roads. Under the only lit lamp post parked a black Audi.

“Mr. Ling!” Mo Shaoqi went up and knocked on the car window.

Ling Senhao had already seen Mo Shaoqi running up earlier, he rolled down the window, their eyes locked onto each other.

Mo Shaoqing: “Mr Ling, let me show you where we’re having dinner!”Did he look that hungry? It seemed that every time they met up, it was the same dialogue!

Ling Senhao patted the passenger seat: “No need, get in!”

Huh? What? Mo Shaoqing listened to the instructions and sat in the passenger seat.

When he got in, Ling Senhao could faintly smell alcohol coming from Mo Shaoqing. He took the opportunity to tease him and leaned in closer to sniff his clothes: “Were you drinking?”

Mo Shaoqing’s body leaned away, “Just a bit!” afraid that he wouldn’t believe him, Mo Shaoqing was quick to gesture with his fingers the amount, “Really, it was just a little bit.”

“I’ll bring you somewhere to sober up!”

Mo Shaoqing didn’t have time to respond, the car quickly sped away from the studio park all the way to the riverside by S City.

Since it was the middle of the night, the riverside wasn’t as bustling like it would be during the day. Under the moonlight, a cool breeze helped sober and straighten out Mo Shaoqing’s thoughts. His whole body relaxed, the two strolled along the riverbank.

He didn’t know why but Mo Shaoqing summarized his recent work accomplishments to Ling Senhao, as if he was trying to improve leave a good impression of a hard worker.

“Can we not talk about work?” blurted out, interrupting Mo Shaoqing.

“Of course! Of course!” Except you’re the big boss, other than work, I don’t know what to talk about!

“How are things going, are you getting used to it?”

“I’m doing alright!” chatting up until now, Mo Shaoqing thought back to the things that happened in the Capital. Ling Senhao had helped him arrange everything. It seemed that he treated him rather well, he even came out to see him today, cared about his well being. To have such a good boss was truly rare in this world!

“Mr. Ling, you are so nice to me, to help me without thinking about the gains or losses, thank you.”

In his previous life, Mo Shaoqing could only rely on himself, however in this life, he was able to meet such a good… boss, who took care of him in every way possible.

“Who said I wasn’t counting my losses?” Ling Senhao chuckled. His facial features softed, his smile made his usual stern face fade away.

Originally, Ling Senhao carried a handsome air around him. His family background was good and his position at work was high. Who knew how many women would drop under his suit pants~ Mo Shaoqing sighed inwardly, he was doubting his abilities to one day be someone as successful as Ling Senhao.

“Mr. Ling, do you have a girlfriend?” Mo Shaoqing was curious, he was such an elite and handsome person, it was hard to believe what his girlfriend would be like!

“What? Are you interested in me?” Ling Senhao held a smile in the corner of his mouth.

“Of course not!” Mo Shaoqing responded reflexively, how he wished he could rewind time right now, he asked you not to talk about work, and you go digging into his personal affairs, such a nosy employee!!!

“No!” (LSH)

“Huh?” Mo Shaoqing was surprised he got a reply for his question just nom was Mr. Ling not angry?

“But, you don’t seem to be that young, shouldn’t you be thinking about…” Mo Shaoqing couldn't help but imitate mother Mo nagging older brother Mo to get married, and actually said it out loud.

Ling Senhao felt like he received a deadly blow, “Do I come across as very old?” He smiled again and looked at the boy in front of him.

Mo Shaoqing could feel his sweat freeze from that smile, “Not at all, you are still very young….”

Worried that Mo Shaoqing misunderstood the meaning, Ling Senhao explained again: “Actually, I don’t like women, so I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Mo Shaoqing: …. You’re so direct, so straightforward!

Mo Shaoqing felt like kneeling from this explanation, Da ge , I’m feeling second hand embarrassment for your explanation, what am I supposed to do? Say “oh what a coincidence, me too?”

After a conversation like this, Mo Shaoqing erased all the honorable titles like “Boss Ling, Mr. Ling” from his brain.

Mo Shaoqing tried to console him: “Haha, this is actually quite normal!”

“ I know!” Ling Senhao looked at Mo Shaoqing’s “This is normal, why are you speaking strange” expression.

Well, I already made a fuss over a small issue.

“How about you? Don’t have a girlfriend yet?” Ling Senhao probed.

“Of Course not!” Mo Shaoqing vehemently denied it, as a debuting artist he couldn’t have a girlfriend, otherwise it could lead to gossip. Mo Shaoqing knew this much at least, so of course he wouldn’t have a girlfriend.

“What about a boyfriend?”

“This…” being asked so bluntly, Mo Shaoqing didn’t know how to respond.

Which is why he forgot that a straight man wouldn’t have hesitation to the question like this!

Great, he hesitated, with this, Ling Senhao’s probing ended.

“How could I (have a girlfriend)!” replied Mo Shaoqing with hindsight.

Ling Senhao looked directly at Mo Shaoqing: “Then do you want to try dating me?” After saying this, he didn’t wait for Mo Shaoqing’s respond and continued --

“You should have noticed it, I like you, do you want to think about it?”

The world around them went silent.

Mo Shaoqing:....

What the hell? Mr. Ling just suddenly… towards me… confessed! What is this progress?

Seeing his (MSQ) eyes dart around, Ling Senhao felt like he couldn’t delay this any longer, he was a patient hunter, but the entertainment circle was too bustling, he was afraid of losing sight of him and couldn’t wait any longer…

“Shaoqing,” leveled his head to look directly into Mo Shaoqing’s eyes, “Look at me, what do you think?”

Mo Shaoqing unconsciously stared back, usually, he only noticed that Mr. Ling’s eyes were blue. But what he didn’t realise was how deep they were, as if they could penetrate deep into one’s soul.

An unpleasant ping from a text message notification suddenly sounded, Mo Shaoqing quickly took out his phone.

Ling Senhao smiled lightly, at least it wasn’t no response!

When Mo Shaoqing looked at who the sender was, his heart raced and he nearly dropped his phone into the river. It was as if he had done something wrong, and this moment the man opposite to him was smiling unhappily.

Mo Shaoqing looked up, and did something he wouldn’t normally do and glared at the man.

Ling Senhao shrugged innocently, this glare to me has not a threat, Shaoqing!

When Mo Shaoqing calls Ling Senhao "Da Ge" (大哥) he's not calling him an older brother in a familial or senior brother sense but more of an emphasis on his frustration.  


Mr. Ling is hungry, but not for your cooking Mr. Mo hahahaha

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