After the vows, it was time for Zuo Ning to appear. Someone handed him a small basket to bite onto. Even holding the two rings, the basket was very light. Zuo Ning puffed out his chest and walked calmly towards the newlyweds. Internally he marvelled at the diamond. It was the size of a pigeon egg. He wanted to take it away to use as reserve funds for his future life.

He strolled to the couple and the groom bent down to receive the flower basket. The groom patted Little Pudding’s head and smilingly thanked it. He watched it scamper back to its owner's side and then looked towards the bride.

He studied the girl shrouded in white in front of him. This was not his original wife, but it didn’t matter. Although the original was someone he chose, he had only picked out someone among the ones already set out for him who seemed the best.

Lucas held the hand of the girl who had her head slightly lowered. Although she wasn’t as pretty as the aristocratic princess, she appeared sweeter-tempered. He slightly smiled, “In the name of God, I, Lucas Anderson, swear from this day forward, to have and hold, to love and cherish, the woman in front of me, till death do us part. To be my wedded wife, to be the happiest woman on this planet.” As for the woman who betrayed him, he hoped that she would not regret her decision.

Zuo Ning sprawled across Lu Chenghe’s body, his head on Lu Chenghe’s chest as he watched the newlyweds exchanging rings. The groom lifted the veil and kissed the bride on the forehead. The surrounding people began to laugh and celebrate happily, blessing the newlyweds. Zuo Ning, however, was curious to death about what on earth was going on. The unresolved curiosity was just scratching at his insides.

According to the itinerary, Lu Chenghe needed to leave in the afternoon after the wedding finished. Lucas sent them off. He didn’t explain the issue of the swapped bride, just smilingly said that he would go to China and experience the culture and customs when he got the chance.

Zuo Ning gazed out of the window and sighed silently. He was leaving the private island where they had lived for many days. The thing about him becoming a human didn’t happen again. He couldn’t help but wonder if it was all an illusion.

After the plane took off, Qi Wei reported all his outstanding achievements to Lu Chenghe. In just a few days time, he had already opened up a new line in Europe. If several of their projects could be completed successfully, then Lu’s stocks will continue to grow after a few years.

Zuo Ning was silently listening on one side. For the last few days, he saw Lu Chenghe was always in the villa either reading books or teasing the dog. But from morning till night, Zuo Ning didn’t even see the shadow of Qi Wei. So he was the one hard at work, huh? He deserved the title of the gold medal secretary, his business ability was powerful. In comparison, this boss Lu Chenghe actually was on a vacation.

After Qi Wei finished talking business, he sighed. “Unwise decisions in the business world are not scary, if the worst happens you can simply pay money. But unwise marriage decisions are scary. Manier single-handedly brought about this marriage, but there was a girl who let romance rush to her head and made her muddle-headed. It seems like the balance is about to change. Fortunately, the Lu corporation didn’t have many collaborations with them, otherwise, we would need to use some brain cells to solve this problem.”

Zuo Ning looked up at Qi Wei. Between what he said and what happened earlier, he roughly understood what was happening. The problem was, they were on a private island, where could the supposed bride-to-be run off to? Even if she escaped, who would replace her? Just pick anyone to be the substitute? That wasn’t fair for the other girl.

Was the crying sound he heard the other day from the runaway bride? Zuo Ning was shocked. No way. Their villa was located fairly far away from the main residence. Did he turn into someone with preternaturally good hearing since he could hear from such a far distance?

But the pitch darkness was suitable for clandestine love affairs, heh heh heh.

Lu Chenghe obviously didn’t care much about this subject. He received the clippers handed over by the bodyguard and held onto Little Pudding’s paws to give them a trim.

Clipping his nails on the plane? What was he doing? Even if he needed to clip them, it didn’t need to happen now. Could they not wait until they got home?

Lu Chenghe squeezed the paw Zuo Ning was trying to retract. “Don’t move.”

When he saw the fluffy paw, Qi Wei was a bit restless. “Boss, how about you give it to me. I often clip my son’s nails and am experienced. I will definitely not cut the flesh.”

Lu Chenghe coldly glanced at him and Qi Wei retracted his eager heart. He silently shrank back and began to sort his documents.

This was already the second time Lu Chenghe clipped his nails. Practice makes perfect, it was much more comfortable than the first time. Lu Chenghe was no longer worried about cutting too deeply like the first time when he always carefully rubbed the nail afterwards.

Zuo Ning lazily lay on Lu Chenghe’s legs and yawned. He looked at Lu Chenghe’s serious appearance. Indeed, the more he looked, the more delicious Lu Chenghe seemed. He was so handsome he really wanted to take a bite.

Lu Chenghe saw the little thing fighting against his own sleepiness and squeezed the fluffy face. “Sleep. We’ll be home when you wake up.”

Home. Such a wonderful word. The big estate, which he didn’t even dare to think about, had now become his home. Just like his old, not even 100 square metre home, when he thought about it he would feel comfortable and safe.

Before all his four paws had been clipped, the dog who had been lying on his leg fell asleep. He must have a sleep switch in his body that would send him to sleep in seconds when it was pressed.

Accidents, by their nature, were unexpected. Just as the plane entered the border, they encountered a severe weather warning, a snowstorm. The plane could only contact the tower and get an alternate route, or standby at the nearest airport. If they couldn’t go home, then it didn’t matter where they stopped. So when Zuo Ning woke up, they had landed in An City.

An City had a big amusement park that Zuo Ning had dreamt of going to since he was a child. Unfortunately, when he was young, his mother didn’t have the means to bring him outside by herself and when his father had time, he had already grown up. So although his expression was blank when Lu Chenghe carried him off the plane, his mind was already turning on how to annoy Lu Chenghe into going to play with him once. But then he thought about his current appearance. Even if he went, he would probably only be allowed to watch. Who could bring a dog on a rollercoaster? Even if you were privileged, you wouldn’t be able to do it.

They landed during the afternoon, but the sky was as dark as night. The heavy snow mixed with the raging wind. Zuo Ning felt that every strand of fur on his body was cold.

Lu Chenghe originally wanted to put him on the ground to walk, but the little thing tightly held on to him. The moment he wanted to let go, the dog in his hands began to whine piteously. He didn’t know when he managed to spoil the little pup to such an extent that it had developed this kind of temper.

Zuo Ning hugged Lu Chenghe’s neck. He used his magnificent back to block the wind and snow. Where in the universe could you find a more caring dog than him?!

He Cheng was also helplessly stuck in An City due to the weather. His agent was currently negotiating with the airport personnel while he was sitting in the empty hall wearing a hat and a mask. He had headphones in and was feeling a bit irritated.

Originally he had come to An City for work. They had already gone through preliminary negotiations and had even auditioned. Although he wasn’t sure whether the script would be popular, in any case, it was a part of a big franchise and could be regarded as an accumulation of all his experiences. But then, just when he thought the only thing missing was his signature on the contract, he arrived in An City to be told that the role had been given to someone else.

This kind of thing was commonly seen. As long as there was a supporter behind the scenes, then even a signed contract could be changed. But this time there wasn’t even a hint, just straightforwardly changed. He had his agent inquire about it. The one who took his place was a newcomer from his company. The newcomer was young and good looking, but the problem is that since it was someone from his company, even if he wanted to grab the role, it didn’t need to be done so bluntly right?

He wanted his agent to go find out exactly what was going on but was told to shut up and admit defeat. His agent wasn’t willing to say any extra words. Although He Cheng was angry, he had to suppress it. He decided to leave An City to find other work but now was stranded due to the weather. Why did he feel like he was unlucky recently?

He turned his head and saw a group of people walking by. The head of the group was a tall and handsome man. The extraordinary appearance wouldn’t lose even in the entertainment circle where handsome guys and beautiful women were like clouds in the sky. He Cheng felt like the man looked a bit familiar, but couldn’t recall who it was.

The man was also hugging a Samoyed and they looked like they had just landed. They were followed by a group of what looked to be bodyguards. One of the bodyguards must have noticed his stare because he looked at him sharply over the distance. He Cheng felt his heart jump and quickly retracted his gaze.

Zuo Ning lay his head on Lu Chenghe’s shoulder and looked towards He Cheng’s direction. He only saw a hat on a lowered head and couldn’t recognise who it was. He couldn’t hold back a yawn. Zuo Ning rubbed himself on Lu Chenghe’s shoulder, the cold weather really made dogs sleepy.

Although this first new year couldn’t be spent at home, it didn’t really matter since he was together with Lu Chenghe. Fortunately, Lu Chenghe brought him along when he went out otherwise he would feel very regretful.

Upon leaving the airport, the snowstorm blew violently, smearing across his nose and face. Zuo Ning subconsciously buried his nose into Lu Chenghe’s body. Lu Chenghe tilted his head to give him a look and unbuttoned his coat. Even though there was no way to wrap the entire dog up in his clothing, it could at least block the wind.

But a snow dog needs a human to block the wind? Lu Chenghe lowered his head to look at Little Pudding, who was shrinking into his arms and look back at him. “Cold?”

“Woof!” Cold.

Lu Chenghe didn’t keep looking. He felt like he had raised a fake Samoyed.

Naz's interesting note: The phrase Zuo Ning uses to describe the Lu mansion is literally “grand view garden”. When googled, something similar to Buckingham Palace with a mansion and a large yard came up. In case you were curious. (Also I am going to go back and change every time I describe the Lu house as a 'mansion' and change it to 'estate' o.o )

Something like this but without the hedges. Unless the author describes it with hedges in the future.