Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof

Chapter 51.1 - Bad weather lingers: A man’s sweet talk is easily gotten

Zuo Ning sat on his exclusive hanging seat, the salty sea breeze caused it to slightly sway. He stared blankly towards the distant horizon.

He had basically done everything he could think of that was possibly relating to his human transformation. He secretly held his breath in Lu Chenghe’s bath and almost fainted. In the end, he was found by Lu Chenghe, who threw him into the pet dryer by his ears.

When Lu Chenghe was busy, he wanted to jump into the pool. But was then caught by a bodyguard, tied up and sent to Lu Chenghe, who then locked him in the house for the entire day.

He strove to lay on the bed to meditate but then Lu Chenghe thought that his sudden sleepiness was a sign of an illness and almost sent him to the hospital.

Zuo Ning kept trying until the day of the wedding and Lu Chenghe’s patience towards him was stretched thin. Zuo Ning eyed at the man in front of him, who had a cane in his hand, and shrank his paws. He was forced to sit upright and couldn’t hide his little wiener. Suddenly he particularly missed Mother Lu’s flowery costumes...

Lu Chenghe noticed that Little Pudding's eyesight was wandering and that the dog’s head had shifted. Immediately he brought the cane down on the ground with a loud crack. “The moment you go outside, you are disobedient and noisy. Does that mean you don’t want to go out with me anymore?”

Zuo Ning’s cowardly gaze was aggrieved. “Wuwu…” This way of standing is exhausting. My waist is sore. How about we go back to the plate punishment?

Lu Chenghe lightly bumped the cane against the dog’s nose. “You’re sulking? Don’t you know that water is dangerous? Did you forget that you almost drowned? How come you can only remember what you want to remember and immediately forget the things you want to forget?”

Zuo Ning swatted away the cane at his nose. “Awoo!” It might have been the key to becoming a human! How would I know if I don’t try?

Lu Chenghe raised a brow, “Are you arguing with me?”

Zuo Ning became a scaredy-cat again and lowered his head, unable to look at Lu Chenghe.

If this happened in the past, he would have been very happy to see Lu Chenghe so anxious. But now, he felt that it was a sweet burden.

He didn’t know whether the conditions for turning human lay in the physical location or whether the change had been accumulating in his body and it had just reached a certain point. So Zuo Ning intended to observe himself for a time. If he had a higher chance of turning in this area, he didn’t care if he was exposed, he was afraid he would have a showdown with Lu Chenghe.

Although it would be risky, after all a dog with a human soul would be valuable for scientific research, but he trusted that Lu Chenghe would not hurt him even when he knew about it. He just did not want to take risks unless he had no other alternative.

Seeing that Lu Chenghe had no plans of letting him go, he pushed away the cane and jumped on Lu Chenghe’s body and began to whimper and whine.

Lu Chenghe pinched his ear but didn’t push him away. “There’s no use in fake crying. Do you still dare to play in the water?”

Zuo Ning gazed at him and stuck his tongue out to lick Lu Chenghe’s finger. “Woof~”

“There’s no point acting cute. Do you know how dangerous it is? If no one is watching you, you would drown. Do you know how serious drowning is?”

Zuo Ning lowered his head, putting it on Lu Chenghe’s thigh. Of course he knew. More than anyone, he knew how serious drowning was. Look, wasn’t he already suffering the consequences?

Lu Chenghe rubbed his head. “If you drown, you’ll never see me again.”

Zuo Ning lifted his head to stare at Lu Chenghe. Indeed, if he actually turned into a human one day, then wouldn’t he need to separate from Lu Chenghe? He would never accompany him on a morning jog, never play around with him, also couldn’t steal his food, and wouldn’t be spoiled by him.

If he turned into a human, an unidentifiable person without a penny to his name, it would be very difficult to make a living and find a way to settle down. It was even more impossible to get close to Lu Chenghe. When that moment comes, he will truly have nothing to do with Lu Chenghe. Maybe Lu Chenghe would feel sad about Little Pudding’s sudden disappearance, but he would have nothing to do with the human him.

Zuo Ning stretched out a paw and tightly held onto Lu Chenghe. He had managed to find someone he liked so much. He liked him when he was expressionless, liked him when he had a slight smile, liked when he was angry, liked when he was happy. No matter when or how he always liked Lu Chenghe. If he wanted to stay by his side, he could only be a dog. But he didn’t want to be a dog.

Lu Chenghe thought that Little Pudding was acting like a baby to avoid punishment. This little thing was very familiar with this act. He didn’t even know where he learnt it. He hugged Little Pudding and heard his small sobs, he also felt warm damp air on his neck.

When he took a look at Little Pudding, he saw that the little pup had really begun to cry. It wasn’t the fake crying without tears, but the fur around his face was sticking together. A sad sob sounded out occasionally, which made him seem even more pitiful.

Lu Chenghe was amused as he picked up a phone to take a picture. This tearful look should not be forgotten. Only afterwards did he take some tissues to wipe the dog’s tears. “Alright, alright. Don’t cry. As long as you are obedient, you can still see me. If you listen well, I will also often bring you out to play. Look at this pouting. Did you really understand or have you been frightened by me?”

Zuo Ning sniffed, “Woo…” A man really said sweet things casually. If you have the ability then say it again when I turn into a human!

Lu Chenghe laughed and carried him up when he saw Little Pudding still sniffing. “Don’t cry. If you stop crying I’ll bring you to the beach.”

Zuo Ning rubbed his eyes with his paws, then eagerly looked up at Lu Chenghe. It’s better to not punish him by making him sit in a military posture, he would rather stand with a plate on his head.

Just like this, the bodyguards who saw the boss coldly carrying his baby dog upstairs by the ears now saw him come back down and take the dog on a walk with a face as amiable as the spring breeze. The change from before was too big. Perhaps this dog was already well-versed in coaxing humans. No wonder it was able to be favoured with the boss.

Lucas’s wedding was set two days before New Year’s Eve. Lu Chenghe could attend the wedding, then directly rush back to spend the New Year with his mum. If the timing wasn’t planned so perfectly, he probably would not have attended the wedding and only at Qi Wei go with a gift.

It was not until the day of the wedding that Zuo Ning and Lu Chenghe managed to see the protagonist’s bride. She was a very beautiful Russian woman with a tall figure and fair skin, big eyes and long lashes, just like a goddess. He heard that this bride was the precious princess of an aristocratic Russian family. A talented man and a beautiful woman, the two of them were the ideal couple and very well suited to each other.

The reason why Zuo Ning could meet the bride before the wedding was because Lucas thought it was too common to let a beautiful bridesmaid be the ring bearer. Since Lu Chenghe had brought a dog, and the dog was a beautiful obedient Samoyed, he was prompted by the sudden impulse to let this Samoyed hold a basket of flowers and be the ring bearer.

Naturally, Lu Chenghe did not object to such a festive event, but he wasn’t sure whether Little Pudding could do it. So he brought Little Pudding to the new couple’s resting area to practice a few times. Perhaps because Little Pudding was very clever from birth and also liked to listen to Lu Chenghe, but he only needed to say it once or twice and the little rascal was able to walk very well.

When the wedding began, Lu Chenghe especially sat on the periphery holding a pure white Samoyed which attracted many pairs of eyes. The women couldn’t help but extend their hands to pet the dog. There was even a 60 year old foreign lady who liked Little Pudding a lot. She took out a gift box from her bag. There was an emerald green jade pendant in the shape of a teardrop in the box. She hung it around his neck before getting her husband to take a picture of them.

Zuo Ning really didn’t understand these rich and powerful people. Could it be that all of them liked to carry a few pieces of jewellery on them so they could gift it to people? The main point is that Lu Chenghe just let him receive it without even being polite. What’s even, even more important is that he is a dog. A male dog. Why did he want a jade pendant?!

What Zuo Ning didn’t know is that there was another motive. There were several big companies currently competing with each other for a project. Because of this small pendant, this company will have more chances than other companies. So even when gifting something, you had to be knowledgeable.

After waiting a while, the time that the wedding was supposed to begin had passed and it hadn’t started yet. The guests began to quietly talk amongst themselves. However, the groom took over as the MC very quickly and took hold of the situation. He made a few jokes and the mood of the audience relaxed. Too bad the speed was too quick and Zuo Ning couldn’t understand what they were laughing at.

When the wedding march began, someone came over to invite Little Pudding backstage to prepare. Lu Chenghe rubbed Little Pudding’s head and said, “Be obedient. If you behave well, you’ll be rewarded with two pieces of meat.”

Zuo Ning licked Lu Chenghe’s hand and rubbed against his body before jumping to the ground and following the person to the back.

He passed a long flower path. A white statue of the Virgin Mary stood in front of it, lovingly keeping watch over everyone. A piece of holy and ethereal music began to play, and Zuo Ning, who had not a single artistic cell in his body, just thought that it sounded very comfortable but didn’t know the name of the piece.

After a while, a young woman wearing white gauze came over surrounded by many bridesmaids. Zuo Ning lifted his head to look. WTF? The bride he saw before was not this person. Swapping the bride right before the wedding… This play could only be seen once in a lifetime.

Although everybody who attended this wedding knew that Lucas was marrying the pearl of a rich Russian family, the daughter was very low key and rarely appeared in front of people. She didn’t even come out to greet guests, so only a few people know what the bride looked like. Most of them had no idea.

So when the people who knew the bride saw the change, they were dumbfounded for a moment. Then they turned to watch Lucas, who had been waiting for the bride to walk over. He just had a light smile on his face, his handsome looks and noble presence still suppressed people. They couldn’t see a sliver of change in his face, so they all kept silent.

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