When the cold water surrounded Zuo Ning, it blocked off his senses and the only thing he could hear was his heartbeat. One after another. From strong and powerful to gradually being unable to sense any movement in your chest. If felt like he was sinking into a bottomless river, the flow of time was just like his life. He struggled to grab hold of something but it was in vain. It was as if no matter how hard he tried he would just keep sinking. Sinking into neverending darkness.

Lu Chenghe couldn’t help but laugh when saw that the little short-legged rascal slipped into the water whilst running towards him. But soon he couldn’t laugh anymore. Little Pudding was a natural in the water. Every day when he took a bath, Little Pudding would happily swim around. So when he saw Little Pudding falling into the swimming pool, Lu Chenghe just thought that he would have to blowdry his fur before going out to eat.

But Little Pudding didn’t doggy paddle his way over as he thought. Instead, he struggled a few times before directly sinking like a stone.

Lu Chenghe’s eyes changed in an instant. Before the bodyguards were able to react, he had already jumped into the water. He grabbed Little Pudding and carried him out of the water. The entire situation had only lasted a little over 10 seconds, but Little Pudding didn’t begin coughing up the water but passed out instead.

Lu Chenghe thought that Little Pudding was choking and immediately picked him up and hit his back. Qi Wei quickly shouted to the bodyguards. “Go get a vet. If there’s no vet on the island, get a doctor. Hurry!”

The bodyguards knew how tense their boss was and none of them dared to waste any time.

No matter how hard he hit Little Pudding, there was no response. His hand began to tremble slightly. In the middle of panicking, Qi Wei suddenly thought of the dog classes he had taken and quickly said, “Turn over, turn Little Pudding over. You hold Little Pudding, I’ll open its mouth. If that doesn’t work let’s do CPR. The doctor will be here soon.”

Lu Chenghe had never before paid attention to first aid measures for dogs and quickly followed Qi Wei’s words. They finally to get a few mouthfuls of water out but Little Pudding still didn’t wake up. It had only been mere seconds, there was no way he had fainted after drinking a few mouthfuls of water. Lu Chenghe began to suspect that Little Pudding had perhaps hit his head as he was falling.

At this time, the doctor had run over like his tail was on fire. Everyone who lived here was a VIP guest. If any of them had a slight accident, the hosts of the wedding could not bear the consequences. So for every few residences, there was a doctor prepared to respond to any emergency. This emergency concerned a VIP’s pet. As a doctor who usually treated humans, he wasn’t sure whether he would be able to fix the problem.

Behind the doctor were two assistants who carried all the medical equipment that could be useful. As soon as he came in he saw a man soaked to the bone giving CPR to a Samoyed laying on the ground. The doctor quickly ran over and first placed an oxygen mask over its muzzle then continued with the rescue.

Lu Chenghe quickly gave up his position, his face was so cold it was beginning to turn white. He looked at Little Pudding and said, “He hadn’t even been in the water for a minute before he was carried up. If there’s no water in the lungs, check his head thoroughly for any injuries.”

The doctor quickly nodded. He could tell that the man cared a lot about his pet. If this dog really had an accident here, he might be held responsible.

The unconscious Zuo Ning saw a fragment of memory which was not his. At that time, he was still a human and had just gotten over the grief of his parents’ death. He had finally accepted the cruel reality and decided to pull himself together and live a good life. That day after class, he planned to return home to clean up his parents’ belongings since it was going to be the weekend. As he rode his bike down the bridge, he heard someone shouting for help.

Zuo Ning went over for a look and saw a group of about ten-year-old children playing by the riverside. Two boys had floated quite far and were struggling in the water. Zuo Ning immediately stopped his bike and jumped down to save the nearest child. When he turned back around, the other child had drifted further away.

At this time there were quite a few people gathering around. Zuo Ning only remembered current began to make him panic. In order to grab the other child in the water, he had to swim into the middle of the river. The last thing he remembered was holding the child and struggling for his life. But he sank quicker and quicker until the world became black.

Zuo Ning woke up and discovered he was in a hospital. He even had an IV hanging from his paw. He moved slightly and could see Lu Chenghe sitting not far away. Lu Chenghe was sleeping on the chair. This was the first time Zuo Ning saw such a dishevelled Lu Chenghe. Even when he purposely troubled him and messed up his clothes, Lu Chenghe was still the same handsome man, brimming with spirit.

It was the first time he had seen him like this, sitting in a chair with his head in his hands, looking very tired.

He thought of his last memory as a human. So… he had died, huh? In order to save that naughty kid. He wondered if the child he was holding onto was saved in the end. He really didn’t know how he summoned the courage and dared to jump into that great river to rescue someone.

Now that he thought about it, maybe it was because he was alone in the world and it happened to coincide with his loved ones passing that he had no worries or fears.

But his most beautiful moment in life was gone. He had even entertained the idea that this short period of life as a dog was a good dream about being wealthy. Now it seemed that he had actually reincarnated after death. But he had not drunk Grandma Meng’s soup and thus still remembered his past self.

Zuo Ning let out a sigh as he accepted his fate. Lu Chenghe had closed his eyes to rest them but opened them as he heard movement. He saw the little guy who was at death’s door previously stick his paw out to claw at the pillows. But he obediently didn’t touch the needle in his paw.

When Zuo Ning saw that Lu Chenghe had moved, he raised his head to look at him. Maybe it was due to his near-death experience, but his entire body felt very soft as if he didn’t have any strength to move. So he could only stretch out his paws, but couldn’t get up.

Zuo Ning whined.

Lu Chenghe moved the chair closer to the table Little Pudding was lying on. He gently rubbed his head. “Be good. After getting shot we can go home.”

Zuo Ning twitched his ears and looked at Lu Chenghe doubtfully. He wasn’t angry? He wasn’t even scolding him? Was he going to settle his punishment at a later time?

“Wuwu…” It really was an accident this time. I really slipped. Even if you punish me, I will never admit it!

When he saw that miserable expression aimed at him, Lu Chenghe could hold back a smile. He rubbed the cold little paw with the needle in it. “You’re body’s more comfortable now, hm? So you have more to say, hm?”

“Wu.” Uncomfortable. Super uncomfortable. My body has no energy. My head also hurts. I even remembered how I died in my last life. It was too scary.

Lu Chenghe stroked Little Pudding’s back. “Ok, don’t be scared. It’s alright. Let’s see if you will still dare to play in the water.”

After a thorough examination, they found that his heart and lungs were fine and his head hadn’t suffered any injuries. Apart from the fact that the body had suffered a shock and some biometrics were a bit high, everything else was normal. He was a very healthy baby. So regarding the fact that he fainted after not even a minute underwater was attributed to him just getting a fright.

Lu Chenghe really had no words for how cowardly Little Pudding was. It even made him think he had a head injury. Although it was a false alarm, the feeling he got when he saw Little Pudding laying there unmoving... Lu Chenghe had no plans to experience it again.

After the IV finished, Lu Chenghe carried him back to the villa. Lucas was really well prepared. Although there was only one vet on the entire island, they came in handy when necessary.

After leaving the medical hall, Zuo Ning found out that the sky was already dark. He didn’t even know what time it was. Even though the path back was lit up by lights, there wasn’t a single person in the surroundings. Lu Chenghe hadn’t even brought his bodyguards. The pitch darkness made such acts as kidnapping really easy!

As he was thinking about it, Zuo Ning’s sharp ears heard the sound of a girl crying. Every single strand of fur immediately stood on end.

Lu Chenghe could feel that Little Pudding had suddenly become stiff. So he looked down at him. “What’s wrong?”

Even though Zuo Ning was powerless, he still nervously exhausted all his strength to tightly hold on to Lu Chenghe’s neck. “Awoo.” Did you hear a girl crying? Or was I the only one who heard it? So scary!

Lu Chenghe stroked his body. “Scared of the dark? We will be home soon.”

When Zuo Ning realised that Lu Chenghe really hadn’t heard anything, he tightened his hold. A girl crying in the middle of the night plus only he heard it! This dog was going to die of fright!

Zuo Ning only released a breath when they returned to the brightly lit house. He had been scared and on edge the whole way that a female ghost would rush out to claim his life and had truly used up the last of his energy. So the entire dog flopped like jelly onto Lu Chenghe’s body.

Qi Wei saw the dispirited and downcast Little Pudding and said with a little distress. “Didn’t they say that it was nothing that a night of sleep can’t cure? How come he looks so lifeless, is he hungry? What do you want to eat Little Pudding? I’ll make it for you.”

Maybe because remembered the death of his past life drained too much energy, but Zuo Ning wasn’t hungry and just wanted to sleep. Lu Chenghe saw that Little Pudding really had no spirit. Even when his favourite snack was delivered to his mouth, he didn’t have any intention of opening it. So Lu Chenghe just rubbed his head. “It’s alright if you don’t want to eat. Sleep first. We’ll talk more tomorrow.”

Zuo Ning opened his eyes a tiny bit to look at Lu Chenghe. Tonight, he felt that Lu Chenghe was acting very strangely. Lu Chenghe was shockingly gentle and tender and acted submissively to him like he had been possessed. But Zuo Ning didn’t have enough energy to think too hard. Under the soft patting of Lu Chenghe, Zuo Ning quickly sank into sleep.

Zuo Ning felt that this night of sleep was really comfortable. It felt like he hadn’t slept in hundreds of years, but his sleep was not deep. It was like he was unconscious but aware. When Lu Chenghe got up and went outside to do something, Zuo Ning had the feeling that he was distantly aware and ‘saw’ it all.

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