Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof

Chapter 49.2 - Little Pudding’s plane

Chapter 49.2: Little Pudding’s plane

When Qi Wei descended from the plane, his whole aura had changed. You couldn’t see the hint of the chatterbox he was earlier. He looked extremely capable as he followed behind Lu Chenghe. He was so quick to change faces...

As Zuo Ning was being led away by Lu Chenghe, he especially turned his head back for a look. There really was a picture of a Samoyed on the tail of the plane. It looked exactly like him. His left foot stood on his right foot and, with a squeak, somersaulted onto the ground.

Lu Chenghe lowered his head to look at the dog. He could trip on a flat surface?

Zuo Ning dizzily got back up and heard Qi Wei snickering behind him. He lifted his head to look at Lu Chenghe and immediately shook his fur. He lifted his head, stuck out his chest, acted like nothing just happened. He just kept walking in an imposing manner.

Lu Chenghe held the leash and followed behind him. He couldn’t help but lift the corner of his mouth. How could something be so stupid?

The person who came over to pick them up was the host of the wedding. A mixed-race man who looked like a prince. When he saw Lu Chenghe and his secretary, he enthusiastically came forward to hug them then began talking in a foreign language.

As an English student who had only passed level four and had not touched the language for most of the year, Zuo Ning felt that the man was speaking too quickly. He could understand basic greetings but the latter half of the speech was lost to him. Now that he had become a third-class person who couldn’t understand English, did he really become a dog that couldn’t understand human speech?

Just when his soul was about to leave his body, that enthusiastic foreigner suddenly squatted down to pat him. Zuo Ning jumped out of his skin and subconsciously went behind Lu Chenghe’s body to hide.

Lucas looked at Lu Chenghe sadly, “Looks like your little cutie doesn’t really like me. I’m sad that I can’t hug him!”

Lu Chenghe looked at Little Pudding who was peeking out from behind him. “He’s still young. It’s his first time to be so far away so he’s a little timid and afraid of strangers.”

Zuo Ning raised his head to look at Lu Chenghe. ‘Timid’, he could understand that word. It meant coward. He bared his teeth. Calling him a coward? I’ll become a bear and show you!

The group of people didn’t stay at the airport for long before the enthusiastic man ushered them into a waiting car. The moment Zuo Ning got on, he immediately pawed at Lu Chenghe’s body. He had to sit on his lap. No matter how cold and indifferent of a male god he was and no matter what sort of tyrannical boss he was, if there was a dog sitting on his body, his imposing manner could only go so high!

Lucas looked at the Samoyed’s act of circling his territory with a smiling face. Then he saw that Lu Chenghe didn’t object but actually pampered its movements and thought that this was a one-off. He had collaborated with Lu Chenghe for many years already and was able to take sole control over his family business because of the close relationship he had with the Lu’s.

In his eyes, Lu Chenghe’s nature was cold with powerful skills and ability. He was a man who was strong and silent. He had not thought that Lu Chenghe would be like this during his personal time. But no matter how strong a man was, they would always have a soft side. He just thought that it was a one-off that his soft side was displayed for his pet.

Along the way, Lucas explained the itinerary for the next few days as well as the heavyweight guests who were also invited to this wedding reception. In their circle, many cooperative projects started with human relations. He then left after seeing them to their arranged accommodation.

The bodyguards first entered to sweep the house. When they determined that the villa was fine and there were no special electronics they ushered in Lu Chenghe and the luggage.

The wedding was being held on a private island and the guests were arranged to stay in individual villas. When Lu Chenghe entered, he discovered a massive swimming pool on the terrace. He looked at Little Pudding who was now inspecting the area and spoke to the bodyguards. “Get someone to bring the pet dryer here.”

He always learnt from his previous mistakes and would not repeat them.

In this short time, Qi Wei had already found the information of the several global tycoons which Lucas had brought up and had them organised into a report to give to Lu Chenghe.

When Zuo Ning saw Lu Chenghe sitting on the sofa and reading the report, he helplessly shook his head. Looks like it wasn’t easy to be a big boss. He was supposed to be here to attend a wedding, yet he had to prepare beforehand. Human relations was a really complicated and obscure subject, huh?

He sighed mindlessly and waved his tail about as he began to explore the surroundings.

This place was a standalone villa. The whole house was presented in a simple and modern style with large floor-to-ceiling windows and spotless white curtains which swayed with the sea breeze. There was a huge open space outside with a swimming pool facing the ocean. There was even a gazebo in the middle of the pool. Pure white curtains concealed the interior of the gazebo, occasionally showing a corner when the salty breeze blew. It was exceedingly romantic.

Zuo Ning glanced at the big swimming pool. He really wanted to jump down and play in the water but after he wondered if he would get skewered afterwards. Since Lu Chenghe was still sitting on the sofa, he had no opportunity and could only go explore upstairs. There were a total of three rooms on the second floor. Every room was super big and also had large balconies. Some were facing the beach and some faced the sea. One balcony even had a big hanging rattan chair, just like the one at home. If he lay on the hanging chair and saw the horizon in the distance, the scene would be very beautiful.

Zuo Ning immediately set his eyes on that room. When he saw the bodyguard carrying Lu Chenghe’s luggage in the most inner room, Zuo Ning quickly ran over with a yelp. He barked a few times and ran towards the room he liked. When the bodyguard didn’t follow, he ran back and barked a few more times.

But those few bodyguards were only looking at him stupidly. They even thought he was playing with them and didn’t understand his meaning. In the end, no matter how much he barked, they still went ahead and completed their jobs.

Zuo Ning marvelled at their wooden heads. He had already made it so clear but they still couldn’t understand. So with a tap tap tap, he ran to the railing on the second floor and barked at Lu Chenghe.

Lu Chenghe raised his head and looked at Little Pudding. “What?”

Zuo Ning barked twice before running off, then ran back and barked two more times.

Lu Chenghe could only put down the report and go upstairs to see what the little thing was up to.

When he got upstairs, Little Pudding patted his legs then ran to a room and sat down. Lu Chenghe saw the room that the bodyguards had picked for him. It was the innermost room and was probably the master bedroom. The room that Little Pudding picked was in the middle. Lu Chenghe went in for a look and quickly knew why Little Pudding preferred the middle room.

“This middle room is fine. Give the inner room to Qi Wei.” When he finished he saw Little Pudding smiling face pounce over. He poked the fluffy head, “I am really spoiling you!”

Heh heh heh, Zuo Ning laughed. His Lu Chenghe never let him down. With just one movement, he understood his meaning. Then he looked at the bodyguards, ah… there was really no comparison. No wonder one was a boss and the other was just a bodyguard. ┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍

Now the bodyguards understood what the dog meant before. They thought the situation was pretty funny. This dog that their boss raised was really different from the rest, it could even choose its favourite room. When they couldn’t understand its meaning, it even knew to call their boss over. They had already heard from their colleagues how that little dog was so smart and so cute. Now they saw for themselves, this dog was really extraordinary.

Zuo Ning was satisfied now that he had chosen the room he liked and had no need for Lu Chenghe anymore. He ran to the balcony and freely jumped on the hanging chair. He used his paw to give one of the side pillars a push, and the hanging chair began to rock to and fro. He snuggly sat in the chair and watched the beach and the sea. The sea breeze was light and with the smell of summer. Aah, so comfortable.

Lu Chenghe smiled when he saw that pleasurable expression. Right now he was still a fluffy white circle. Soon, he would turn into a little black dog when Lu Chenghe brought him to the beach for a run. Unfortunately, they didn’t even need to wait until this evening before the little rascal did something wrong.

After the bodyguards surveyed the whole property, they began to unpack the luggage. Zuo Ning saw them take out his daily necessities and a part of his toys before slinking his way downstairs and charging to the large open-air swimming pool. He turned back to look at Lu Chenghe. He was on the sofa talking with Qi Wei. Since he didn’t see any objections, he slowly moved towards the side of the pool.

As he moved closer, he discovered that there was a transparent path in the pool supported by a few pillars. That way, if he wanted to go to the central gazebo, he would only have wet feet.

Zuo Ning stretched out a paw to test the waters. When he took a step, the water was very shallow and only caused his paws to be wet. So he happily trotted forth. When he reached the halfway point he faced Lu Chenghe and woofed.

Lu Chenghe only gave him a glance. “No playing in the water. If your fur becomes wet then you can’t eat today.”

Zuo Ning answered with a bark, hmph, his fur would not get wet, before running all the way to the gazebo in the centre of the pool. There was a big soft bed in the middle of the gazebo surrounded by all four sides with sofas full of pillows. If you lay on the bed you could even see the far off ocean scenery. Zuo Ning looked at his paws then stepped on one of the many pillows. When it was basically dry, he jumped on the soft bed.

Lu Chenghe and Qi Wei finished their discussion and realised that there had been no movement in the area for a while. When they looked around, they found the little dog sleeping in the gazebo.

The blue sky and deep ocean was the background and the white gauze curtains acted like a veil, framing the small white dog in the centre. This colour combination was too beautiful. Qi Wei immediately took out his phone and continuous shutter sounds started. He really was a dog owner, no matter which angle he took it from, the attractiveness index was off the charts!

Lu Chenghe looked at the time and called to wake him. “Little Pudding, time to eat.”

Zuo Ning was in the middle of a comfortable nap when he heard the sound. He lifted his head and saw Lu Chenghe was getting ready to leave and quickly climbed up to run in his direction. And then, just like a flashback in the middle of a film, the scene happened like déjà vu. With a splash, he directly slipped into the water.

The swimming pool had deep and shallow segments. The middle happened to be the deepest part at two metres. Zuo Ning knew how to swim otherwise, he wouldn’t enjoy playing in water so much. Unlike the previous time he fell into the hot spring, the moment he tumbled into the water fragments of memories appeared in his mind.

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