High Energy QR Code

Chapter 64.2: Number S

Linda was a casual player and just wanted to pass her days peacefully. Why would she be with Randy?

Xing Ye thought of the city lord’s son’s ending and then thought of Linda’s non-confrontation attitude before deciding to walk towards them.

“Randy, long time no see. Have you found any new clues you would like to share?” Xing Ye said as he walked towards them.

The big mirror stood behind him with his cloak, supporting him.

Randy’s face twitched when he saw Xing Ye. He still remembered how they played dirty, refusing to help no matter what yet still being too cowardly to take risks of their own. It was truly too disgusting.

If he could freely use his QR codes and starting abilities, he long would’ve turned such annoying players into points.

Linda looked at Xing Ye in fear, remembering his threat that day. She wasn’t too fond of Randy either and took a few steps back, avoiding the two equally opposed players.

Xing Ye relaxed slightly upon seeing how she wasn’t led astray by Randy.

He wasn’t a good person, but if that pocket watch really killed people by stealing their time, Xing Ye wouldn’t just sit and watch such a thing happen in front of his eyes. Fortunately, Linda had her guard up and shouldn’t easily fall into his trap. Xing Ye wouldn’t be too meddlesome.

Randy was annoyed when he saw Linda leave and turned to Xing Ye. “I don’t have any new information, what about your side?”

“Nothing here either.” Xing Ye lied through his teeth, “The primary ore was actually very useful. Look, I changed my clothes and my engine oil, so my body’s much more agile than before. It’s too bad the city restricts the sale of weapons, or we could’ve also bought some weapons. Money sure is great.”

His last sentence was actually sincere. These past few days, Xing Ye had truly experienced what it was like to be absolutely broke.

“Is that so?” Randy looked at the mirror strangely before speaking to Xing Ye, “How about we go somewhere to talk? It’s about the mirror.”

He was using the mirror to threaten Xing Ye, but Xing Ye naturally let Randy get the upper hand. He replied calmly, “If you have something to say, just say it here. The fountain’s very loud, outsiders won’t be able to hear us.”

“Really now?” Randy looked at the mirror, “Before, you said he was a following fate player, but there’s a total of eight players in this world. There’s 5 following fate players, and with the mirror, that would be six. How odd, how could there suddenly be another following fate player?”

Randy had already found the other two following fate players that Xing Ye’s group had never even met yet. He didn’t know whether they were friend or foe, hostile or not.

Xing Ye stood in front of the mirror, secretly thinking that if a fight broke out, he only had the QR code he had just found. Its ability was still unknown and Redrawing Pen required too much time to activate. There was no way to win.

This could not be solved through force.

As if sensing Xing Ye’s hostility, Randy said, “Don’t be so tense, I don’t bear any malice. I just wanted to make a casual guess at the mirror puppet’s identity. He’s a following fate player that’s been turned into a prop, right?”

Xing Ye just stared at Randy, neither confirming or denying his statement.

Randy continued, “It doesn’t look like you know how to use following fate player turned props. They’re very powerful. In high level worlds, many opposing fate players all use following fate props. Naturally, only opposing fate players know about this. There’s no way we would tell those pitiful following fate players that the higher their luck was, the more miserable they would become. The system needs to collect interest on the benefits it gives.”

“He’s a player, not a prop.” Xing Ye’s voice was calm, but inside, he was already boiling with rage.

“Whatever you say. If you want to know about how to use following fate props, you can ask me and I’ll tell you.” Randy said, “By the way, Linda just now, if she continues playing like that, it won’t be long before she turns into a prop.”

After leaving a stab in Xing Ye’s heart, Randy turned and left.

When the mirror heard the shocking news, his whole body turned stiff, standing behind Xing Ye in a daze.

Xing Ye looked at the mirror and knew there was no way they could continue searching for QR codes, so he took his hand and pulled him back to their little warehouse.

Cao Qian and Guan Ling still hadn’t returned. Xing Ye locked the door and led the mirror into the room to rest.

Once Xing Ye and the mirror were alone, a sob came out of the mirror. He didn’t have tears, but he could still cry without tears.

The softness of his voice made him sound even more sad.

Xing Ye didn’t know how to comfort people, nor was he as big as the mirror. He could only give him a hug, wrapping his two short, stubby little arms around one of the mirror’s arms, silently waiting until the mirror was done crying.

“Sob, in the high level worlds, I’ve always cleared the worlds very quickly and my luck had always been especially good… but those opposing fate players who I defeated didn’t get angry, they just all looked at me and laughed. Were they just all looking at me like a joke the entire time? They already knew I would become a prop, they were all just playing me like a fool….” Bang, bang, bang. The mirror knocked his head against the wall in anger.

“I don’t look at you like that.” Xing Ye said dryly, trying to comfort him.

“I know, sob…” The mirror cried, “You’re a good person, you even checked up on my parents for me.”

“It was nothing.” Xing Ye patted the mirror’s hand.

“I was still lucky, since I got to meet you.” The mirror wiped his non existent tears away, his voice both upset and thankful, “If I ended up like that stopwatch, forced to kill other people against my will, I don’t think I could ever become a human again.”

Although it was just a guess right now, with his trust in Xing Ye, the mirror was already almost certain it was true.

Xing Ye looked at the mirror who was crying without tears and suddenly said, “My player number is x8205.”

“Huh? Why did you suddenly say that? You shouldn’t tell others your player number. If they have a special prop, they can use your player number to find information about you, such as how many QR codes you have, what your special abilities are, how many points you have, the number of worlds you’ve experienced, and even real-world data such as your name, where you live, everything.” The mirror suddenly forgot about crying and warned him.

Xing Ye was worried that asking something he shouldn’t be asking would cause a system warning and could only guide the mirror to say it himself. Seeing how the mirror didn’t understand, he repeated, “The first letter is x.”

“Oh, that’s the camp letter. Opposing fate players start with x, while following fate players start with s. I’m s6666, it’s a very lucky number.” The mirror said.

S… Xing Ye still remembered when he first entered the game, the black and white rubix cube said that player s7903 Xing Shuo had invited him into the QR code world. Xing Shuo’s player number started with s.

He was a following fate player.

Randy said that in the end, all following fate players would become props, regardless of whether they actively cleared the worlds or just floundered through them like Linda.

Many opposing fate players in high level worlds knew about it but didn’t say it, watching following fate players like a joke.

The little puppet couldn’t help but clench his fists tightly.

“Don’t worry. You’ll always be my teammate, not a prop.” Xing Ye swore.

The mirror’s mood turned much better. He actually wasn’t upset about himself, but the stopwatch who had been turned into a prop and other following fate players.

They just made a seemingly casual choice when they first joined the game. Was it their fault? Why did they have to be treated like that?

The mirror didn’t understand why the game had to do that. What was even more perplexing was where their ending would be.

Were there really players who cleared the game? If there were, what did they get?

Xing Ye knew that more promises would only be meaningless and just said gently, “Don’t give up hope.”

If he could, he truly wanted to ask the black and white rubix cube what the purpose was of creating such a game to toy with people.

They stayed together until the sky darkened. Cao Qian and Guan Ling returned. As soon as Guan Ling entered the door, he spoke with excitement, “Boss, I found two QR codes! Aren’t I amazing?”

Xing Ye looked at Guan Ling and nodded slightly. He accepted the piece of paper and sheepskin the other gave him and memorized the QR codes.

“Guan Ling, why did you choose the following fate camp?” Xing Ye suddenly asked.

“For me, well, isn’t it like a good gamble?” Guan Ling scratched his head awkwardly, “I just wanted my luck to be a little better, so that’s why I chose the following fate camp.”

“Is that so?” Xing Ye said dully.

It was a very simple reason.

People who were unhappy with their lives wanted their luck to be a little better, to be a bit happier. Was that so wrong?

When Cao Qian saw Xing Ye didn’t ask her why she chose the opposing fate camp, she took the initiative to speak. “I just didn’t like the word fate. I was born with small ears, so my relatives would always talk about how I didn’t have any fortune, that I had no fate, and there would always be trouble in my life. So, when I had to choose, I instinctively rejected the choice blessed by fate and chose to go head on against fate.”

Xing Ye actually didn’t want to ask about her thoughts, but since Cao Qian said it, he just hummed in reply.

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