Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 372 - Devils in the Abyss(4)

Infernal magic clans were different from ordinary magic clans. Why? When ordinary magic demons were fatally attacked, they’d undergo demon transformation. Magic demons that undergo that possessed a powerful appearance and strong defense and destruction power. As for infernal magic demons, they would undergo beastial transformation under danger.

Ordinary infernal magic demons would transform into infernal dogs. The powerful magic demons could even transform into two or three headed infernal dogs.

In short, this was a strong yet troublesome species to deal with. Hell wizards topped them all.

Su Wan didn’t expect Bellia, this feminine man, to be an advanced hell wizard. She really shouldn’t judge people by the cover.

While Su Wan was observing Bellia, he was also doing the same.

This beautiful woman wasn’t simple.

Bellia felt that Su Rui’s temperament was out of the ordinary and unlike magic demons but now that he saw the beautiful woman beside him, he had a stronger intention of befriending them. “Brother, this process will probably continue into the evening. I have my clan’s general pass which can activate the clan pathway. It can transport fifty people at once. See, you and I only have a total of twenty attendants. I originally didn’t want to use my clan’s general pass but since it’s fate that we met one another, would you be willing to travel with me?”

Saying this, Bellia took out a token from his magic robe. Su Rui and Su Wan’s eyes widened when they saw “Feite” on the token.

Feite Clan, the strongest infernal magic clan within the deep floor abyss!

What the heck? They just left the male and female lead, and then encountered the villain boss’ clan member?

However, Bellia’s name was unfamiliar. Su Wan searched through the plot and didn’t discover this name. There weren’t even any similar names.

It seems like Bellia was either a clan cannon-fodder or he didn’t make it out of the deep floor abyss…

While Su Wan was lost in thought, Su Rui also muttered to himself. Then he looked deeply at Bellia, saying, “I’m Lan Pa. She’s my servant maid, Su.”


Bellia was happy that Su Rui finally said his name. “Brother Lan Pa, this way please. It’s best that we enter the conveyor belt at this time. When we arrive at the deep flower abyss, I’ll take you to our Feite Clan’s stronghold. They have the best and most charming beautiful women and the best food!”

Su Rui was speechless upon hearing his words.

General Su wasn’t interested in beautiful women, okay?

It was better to stay away from those beautiful women who use their bodies as weapons and charm people with their looks.

One of Bellia’s attendants looked at Su Rui and Su Wan in alarm when he returned. Then he exclaimed a few mysterious words in Bellia’s ears. Although he made sure to whisper and word it carefully, using their spiritual power, Su Wan and Su Rui were still able to hear them clearly.

“Young Master Bellia, these two people look dangerous. Will they affect our plan if we take them along?”

Bellia said nothing, smiling instead. “What are you worried about? I’m the one in charge.”

Saying this, Bellia smiled charmingly at Su Rui and Su Wan. “Brother Lan Pa, sorry for not doing a good job discipling my people.”

Su Rui: …

Su Wan: Could this sissy man be interested in my General Su? Ugh, so unhappy.

Su Rui was also expressionless towards Bellia trying to flatter him. Thankfully, Bellia was shameless so he didn’t find the situation awkward. He kept smiling. “Let’s go. I’ll have them open Feite Clan’s special passage.”


Su Rui nodded and he held Su Wan’s hands, the two following behind Bellia. The group entered the conveyor belt and was transported successfully. They didn’t even need to pay the transportation fee.

Su Wan found the light to be glaring when a splendid glow flickered around the conveyor belt. The air seemed to be distorted even. Thankfully, Su Rui had been holding onto her hands. When they were pushed out by a current, Su Rui subconsciously held Su Wan in his arms.

“Something’s not right.”

It was unclear who yelled within the group. A sudden cold glow flickered by and countless ice blades were thrown in their way.

There were assassins! They were also within the process! The assassin’s spiritual power wasn’t that strong. They were just an ordinary ice attribute magic wizard. But it was fatal despite it being ordinary ice blades as they were in this extremely unstable conveyor belt.

Su Rui was speechless that they were caught in this. No wonder they didn’t know of Bellia within the plot. As it turned out, he was really a huge cannon fodder.

The transportation was only halfway done. Su Rui could feel the border of the deep floor abyss. He held Su Wan in his arms and exclaimed, “I can use my power to cut open a space-time whirlpool but I’m not sure if we will descend safely.”

“It’s okay.”

Su Wan communicated with Su Rui in her mind. “When I was refining gold, I left several portable magic scrolls. When we leave later on, I’ll use my spiritual power to catalyze the scroll. We can keep on moving through up until we find a safe place to descend.”


Su Rui was comforted by her response. He gathered his spiritual power and internal energy on his warrior sword. Then he suddenly waved it and the entire conveyor belt started shaking violently. They cut open a small space and with the current of the wind. Su Rui hugged Su Wan and they jumped down without hesitation. During the last moment, a black silhouette scuttled on Su Wan.

She didn’t think much. She focused her spiritual power and launched the portable scroll in midair.

Murderous demons surrounded them during the first move. Su Wan didn’t dare to stop, moving the second time. This time, they fell onto a pile of skeletons.

A third time.

A fourth time.

After using five portable scrolls, Su Wan and Su Rui finally landed in a seemingly quiet forest.

Mn. To be accurate, it wasn’t just the two of them.

“Damn you! Get off me!”

Su Wan turned to see a certain infernal dog lying on her, communicating with her spiritual power unhappily.


Bellia, who had turned into a two-headed infernal dog immediately jumped off Su Wan’s back.

“The hell are you being rude for? You’ve scaredm e!”

“Shut up!”

“Believe it or not, I’ll destroy you. Damn sissy!”

Seeing that Bellia’s two heads started yelling at each other, Su Rui and Su Wan were both dumbstruck.

Nowonder people say that infernal magic demons weren’t afraid of loneliness. You try growing two or three heads!

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