Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 99: The Noble and Cold Eldest Senior Sister (4) Part 2

Not only was Gu Qingmei surprised, but the third and fourth junior brothers were also surprised.

"Senior brother Lu doesn’t need to joke. I have heard that the two of have not met each other!"

Lu Zhiyu was puzzled.

"Rumor. We have met since we were kids."

Gu Qingmei was unwilling, saying, "It's been so long. Maybe, senior brother Lu remembers the wrong person!"

Lu Zhiyu resolutely shook his head and looked at Ah Jin.

"No way. Senior sister Yao's appearance has not changed."

Ah Jin turned her back on the two of them.

"Let's go. Off the mountain."

Then she began to lead the way.

One by one, her fellow disciples followed.

Among the disciples, only the second junior brother had met Lu Zhiyu.

The other guys thought they were just ordinary friends.

They never thought he was the rumored fiancé?

The second junior brother introduced each person to Lu Zhiyu.

"This is my third junior brother, fourth junior brother, and this is the youngest junior sister."

"He is the one we've heard of, Lu Zhiyu. The senior brother Lu."

They clasped their fists one by one and saluted.

"I've heard so much about you!"

Ah Jin was not really aloof and ignoring people.

She was trying to figure out how to block out the male lead's halo.

It was really hard to open her eyes.

She tried to put a thin layer of death energy over her eyes.

When she looked at Lu Zhiyu again, there was no more of that blinding light.

Without the dazzling light, Ah Jin then saw his face.

A handsome, dashing, and muscular body.

He was dressed in a light blue outfit of a warrior.

He was carrying a long sword behind his back, the tassel flying with the wind.

A smile appeared at the corner of his lips when Lu Zhiyu sensed her eyes.

"Senior sister Yao, why are you looking at me like that?”

Ah Jin moved forward again.

"You haven't changed either."

The smile of Lu Zhiyu's deepened.

Gu Qingmei watched the interaction between them.

Her heart was sour.

Again, it was her!

She followed Lu Zhiyu with a few quick steps.

"Senior brother Lu. Do you have a mission this time down the mountain?"

"There isn't. Simply looking at random."

Her heart rejoiced.

"In that case, let us go together, and you won't be lonely."

Lu Zhiyu indifferently said, "The pursuit of martial arts is tedious. Solitude and dullness are also shared in this path. You are still young and don't understand."

Gu Qingmei puffed out her cheeks and said, "I'm not young anymore! In a few years, I'll be able to get married!"

Lu Zhiyu gave her a gesture and said, "In that case, I would like to congratulate you here. I wish you good luck in finding a husband of your choice."

Ah Jin’s smile pursed up at the corner of her mouth when she heard their conversation.

The male lead alone based on his strength.

Gu Qingmei hastily explained, "I don't mean that! I don't want to get married yet!"

A sudden realization came to Lu Zhiyu, and he said, "It's my misunderstanding. Then, I wish you great success in martial arts. One day you will be the best in the world!"

Gu Qingmei wanted to cry but had no tears.

She didn't know whether he meant it or not.

Lu Zhiyu quickly caught up with Ah Jin and asked, "Senior sister Yao, where are we going next?"

"To the town. Ask around for news from everywhere. Find out if there is anything wrong. I heard that the Demon Sect has been on the move lately."

When he heard about the Demon Sect, his expression also became serious.

"So, we have to investigate properly."

The Demon Sect had gathered a large number of people from all trades.

Some of them were evil-doers, wanted by the authorities, and there were several murderers too.

Such people gathered in a place, was really unsettling.

Previously, all martial arts sects teamed up to beat the Demon Sect and retreated into hiding.

Only two decades had passed, and now the Demon Sect wanted to do something again.

If they could find out in advance, they could make the first move.

Or else, when the Demon Sect grew stronger, the consequences were unknown.

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