Chapter 99

A trace of clear discomfort flashed past Xie Qian Lan's face.

However, it was reasonable for Chu Mu Yun to say this.

Shen Yun was a venerated icon in the Human Realm. He was a hero to the entire human race. With the world boundary broken, it was he who turned the tides, saving the humans from hot water, and protecting them for more than a decade during the invasion of demons.

It was normal for him to feel reminiscent of the humans, and the request to return was also very logical.

But because it was logical, it was hard for him to find an excuse to refuse him.

Chu Mu Yun was waiting for his response.

Looking at him, Xie Qian Lan smiled. "All right."

Zero, "He agreed just like that?? Shocked.jpg!"

Chu Mu Yun, "..."

Zero, "How can Lust be so stupid! Can't he even find an excuse? He could get exposed at any moment if you return to the Human Realm!"

Chu Mu Yun, "..."

Zero, "Am I...wrong?"

Chu Mu Yun, "No, you're very correct. 00 is so smart."

Zero: Don't think I can't hear the apathy behind your words! QAQ

Xie Qian Lan can't find an excuse, nor does he need to.

Chu Mu Yun sighed. "The problem is, if we want to go back to the Human Realm, we'll need to find a rift in the boundary. And with that comes..." a tide of beasts.

A flicker emerged in Xie Qian Lan's eyes. Following that, he said, "If a rift never opens up again, would you be willing to stay in the Spirit Realm with me forever?"

Zero, "..." So that's how it is...The world of adults...Baby doesn't understand...(wave)

Chu Mu Yun looked up at him and a deep penetrating love emerged in his eyes. He smiled and promised him, "I will."

WIth no rift, the Human Realm will be safe and sound, and Shen Yun will have nothing to be worried about. Then, the only thing that matters now would be the lover before his eyes.

How moving. Even though Xie Qian Lan knows he's looking at someone else, he was still compelled to kiss him, and thus another tussle of love begins.

Nestled in their "paradise", Chu Mu Yun spent each and every day stabbing daggers of boundless love into Xie Qian Lan's heart.

He had a good memory and remembered each and single one of Shen Shui Yan's habits. He was very proficient in picking out the differences between Shen Shui Yan and Xie Qian Lan, and would constantly jar on him, sending poison-laced candy straight to Xie Qian Lan's mouth without rest.

And, Lust who was fond of playing with the hearts of others could only swallow them down. Even when his throat was burning, he could only smile and say it tasted sweet.

Life was truly wonderful for Chu Mu Yun during this period.

His sex life was wonderful. Xie Qian Lan was being abused every day, yet he couldn't fight back and could only swallow his blood and fury back down. Simply miserable.

Baby Zero is a soft-hearted one. After watching this for a couple of days, he turned into a pool of tears. "Lust is so pitiful..."

Chu Mu Yun, "No zuo no die."

Zero, "But he really likes you! Otherwise, how could he put up with this?"

Chu Mu Yun paused for a moment.

Zero truly felt pity for Lust. He couldn't help but plead mercy for his sake. "Three out of four corners of his portrait have already lit up..." It's not far from a fully-lit portrait.

Chu Mu Yun laughed and said, "A love like that is not something the real Shen Yun wants."

That one sentence brought Baby Zero to tears. QAQ!

A few days later, Xie Qian Lan couldn't keep an eye on Chu Mu Yun day in day out anymore.

He could hide from Shen Shui Yan, but he could not hide from rifts opening.

In order to not return to the Human Realm, he could only rush there in advance when the boundary wall grows loose, sealing the rift from the inside and directly breaking off any path to the Human Realm.

This wasn't a difficult task for him. Only, the rifts were quite large, and he would inevitably grow tired from rushing back and forth.

Considering the fact that he needs rest, Chu Mu Yun didn't poke him with any "knives" again these past few days. Instead, he sprinkled sugar on him quite vigorously.

Subtle Changes appeared in Xie Qian Lan after realizing that Chu Mu Yun's heart was still stuck on Shen Shui Yan.

He would not rashly say that he did not like fish, but he would at the same time show interest in other foods. He wouldn't say he did not like cumbersome clothes, but will choose ones he favored more among the clothes Chu Mu Yun prepared for him...

The tiny changes in the details made it difficult to detect. After all, people aren't constant beings. They are ever-changing. Today's Shen Shui Yan will be different from tomorrow's.

This was a clever tactic. If this can go on for long, then he will be able to warp Shen Yun's perfectly so that he will not be able to distinguish who he truly loves.

Xie Qian Lan, Shen Shui Yan.

Perhaps it was merely the one who stays by his side.

But of course Chu Mu Yun was able to detect it, but he was very much in approval of such developments, so he was not shy about giving Xie Qian Lan some encouragement.

After a long day of work, Xie Qian Lan finally came back to two jars of wine and a refreshing change of dishes instead of the usual fish. He also saw an Ah Yun who was only wearing a sleeping robe with a large surface of bare skin exposed to the air.

This scene swept Xie Qian Lan's lethargy away. Even his heart that was almost senseless from the abuse began to heat up. The bubbling heat was something that Lust had never experienced for as long as he lived.


People are cheap after all.

If you were submerged in a pool of ice all day and someone picks you up, wipes you down, and lights up a fire for you, you would be satisfied. How would you dare to ask for a warm room that's warm enough to make you sweat?

Chu Mu Yun loved wine as well, so he and Xie Qian Lan shared a common language in this aspect.

Even though he still sprinkled sugar at him, Chu Mu Yun still jabbed him a little. "Sure enough, you change when you grow up. You've even begun to covet the drink in my cup."

But not even a frown could be seen on Xie Qian Lan's brow when he heard that. "We always have to change sooner or later."

Chu Mu Yun sighed. "Yes. In a few years, when you see more people, maybe..."

Xie Qian Lan turned to look at him and said very seriously, "Ah Yun, I love you. That's something that will never change."

Chu Mu Yun's heart trembled. He looked up at him and responded, "I...Me too. I will also never change."

The corner of Xie Qian Lan's lips turned up and he gulped down a mouthful of strong wine, yet his heart was thinking, I really do hope you could change.

Things start to heat up with the help of alcohol, and as the two drank quite a lot, they were inevitably embroiled in a love affair when night fell.

Shen Yun was much more conservative in nature. Even though the Beast of Charm turned him into quite a loose man, he never truly went overboard as he had always treated Xie Qian Lan as Shen Shui Yan.

After drinking alcohol, the memories of the past were awakened during his drunken confusion. Chu Mu Yun did his best to comply with Xie Qian Lan in this game.

On that night, both men were in good moods. One was feeling rewarded for their efforts, and the other was simply enjoying the movements. In any case, they slept in each other's embrace after the deed, looking truly like a pair of enviable lovers.

The next day, Chief Chu began stirring the pot again.

When Xie Qian Lan was just about to leave the house after breakfast, Chu Mu Yun said, "Even though I came to the Spirit Realm, I still never went out for a walk before."

Xie Qian Lan's footsteps paused. "Would you like to go outside?"

Chu Mu Yun asked, feeling slightly uneasy, "Can I?"

Xie Qian Lan said, "Of course. I said I would never lock you up again."

Chu Mu Yun was quite obviously relieved and joy could even be seen lingering in his eyes.

Xie Qian Lan was in a very complicated mood right now. The reason why Chu Mu Yun never asked to go out for so many days was most likely because subconsciously, he had the feeling that his lover didn't like him going outside...

And indeed, Shen Shui Yan was a man with an unbelievably strong desire to monopolize.

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