Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 988: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 12)

After Li Si Nai sent the last text, he was so angry that he slammed his phone down.  The noisy A Class suddenly became without a sound!

“Young master Si, what is it?  Why are you this angry!”  Nan Luo Ze casually came up beside him with an elegant smile.

Nan Luo Ze, one of A City’s four young masters.  He was handsome, rich, and gentle.  His girlfriends could fill three trucks, but he never had one for more than three days.

He would always accept the girl’s confession in a gentle tone and use a gentle tone to break up with them three days later.

Absolute love killer, never losing to a girl before!

“Young master Si, why are you so angry……”  Mi Xue Na pushed back the hair on her chest and a strong burst of perfume came forth.

“Scram!”  Li Si Nai tightly knit his brows and spoke concisely, not giving her a chance to speak!

The scene became very awkward.  There were the sounds of whispers and laughter from behind her that made Mi Xue Na’s face gradually become more ugly.

Although she wasn’t Li Si Nai’s girlfriend, she was at least the only girl who touched his hand.

There was envy from various rich young misses, but she was happy to accept this jealousy.

“Ai, it’s another person who just won’t give up.”

“Didn’t she touch young master Si’s hand when she was handing out the worksheets?  She thought that she was special in young master Si’s eyes, but now…..it seems like she’s the same as us!”

“Don’t run your mouths, big sister Na Na is different from all of you!”  Yan Shui Qing viciously glared at them.

The two gossipers tilted their lips.  Although they weren’t convinced, they didn’t dare offend Mi Xue Na head on since she was the daughter of the Mi Group.  They were considered a rising star among the rich and someone not to offend.

Mi Xue Na rolled her eyes at those two girls before turning to Li Si Nai again, saying with a sweet smile, “Don’t be angry, isn’t it gym class next?  Young master Si will definitely be handsome with all your three pointers.”

“Everyone will stay in class for the next class.”  Li Si Nai’s face turned cold before picking up his school coat and putting it on his shoulder.  The top two buttons of the white dress shirt were open and it showed off his handsomeness and domineering.

No one dared to ask why and no one dared to refute him.

They could only watch Li Si Nai disappear from the class and slowly follow him.

When they came to the court, they saw an unfamiliar figure.

The girl wasn’t wearing a uniform, she was just wearing a simple white sweater and clean cloth shoes, with skin as white as snow.

If she stood in the snow, she would seem like a pure white lily.

Simple, clean, and good to look at.

Of course, this was Luo Qing Chen’s first impression on the boys.  As for the girls, her first impression was——

Fake!  Fake!  Fake!

Li Si Nai walked towards her step by step with his hands in his pocket.  There was a bit of brown in his black hair and with his clean white uniform, school jacket over his shoulder, and that loose black tie, it gave him a very clean look.  The arrogant eyes revealed a look that couldn’t be resisted, but there was a trace of anger in his eyes.

If she didn’t know what kind of person this was walking towards her, she might have been dazzled by how handsome he was.

It was like the youth from his drawings were coming out.

He wasn’t arrogant, he wasn’t black bellied, he wasn’t sharp tongued.

He was just quiet and clean.

It was a pity that she knew in her heart, this was just an illusion!

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