Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 984: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 8)

She actually didn’t care that much about the points, the experience points, and the world progress.

After all this time, she was already used to it.

She was used to traveling between the Chaos Space and the worlds, used to meeting the man with the same mark again and again.

Ancient and mysterious, making people confused.

But through eighteen worlds, that person had used different identities to pamper her.

This time she would…..endure!

Life wasn’t always smooth and there would be stumbles when achieving a task.

Only by enduring can you do great things!

Un, that was how she convinced herself!  (ˋ^ˊ)

Ding dong.

With a ring from WeChat, she picked up her phone.

It was a text from Han Zai Zi.  When she opened it, she was even more confused!

[It is something good!  When you have things to eat, drink, and play, how is it not good!  ——Han Zai Zi]


What eat, drink, and play, these were clearly a bunch of letters.

She picked up the bag and took a photo of the contents before saying——

[Did you write me these letters because you were afraid that I would miss you?  ——Luo Qing Chen]


[Damn!  …..What is this, this isn’t what I gave you!  ——Han Zai Zi]

Luo Qing Chen knit her brows and went through the LV bag again.  Other than these letters, there was a large notebook that had many sketches in them.

She knit her brows as she looked at the bottom right corner of the sketches——Nai.

Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong.

The rapid bursts of sounds from WeChat didn’t interrupt her thoughts as everything that happened at the airport appeared in front of her eyes like a movie.

In the end, the picture in her mind froze on the two LV bags!

The same bag, there were only ten limited editions in the entire world!

This luck really was hard to find…...

[Is there anything else other than those!  ——Han Zai Zi]


[Quickly respond, I even gave you an ‘action film’, don’t tell me you lost it!  ——Han Zai Zi]

She didn’t plan on replying to the bunch of texts from Han Zai Zi and only when the final round came did she jump into bed.

[You, you, you…...Let’s break up, let’s contact each other less in the future!  Oh, no, it’s if we’re lucky enough to meet!  凸ˋ_ˊ#  ——Luo Qing Chen]

After turning off her phone, she went through the sketchbook to find any useful information.

She flipped through the entire sketchbook after half an hour and other than the handsome front, there was nothing else!

But thinking about it, no one would write their phone number in a sketchbook!

All that was left were the letters.  She hesitated a long time whether she should open them or not.

On one hand, things like letters, whether they were texts or written were personal property.  Not looking through them was something a dignified and noble treasure wouldn’t do.

On the other hand, she was very angry with how arrogant that Li Si Nai acted with her.  She thought that it wouldn’t be anything if she read that brainless person’s personal information!

After all, the LV bag Han Zai Zi gave her should have already been flipped through by Li Si Nai.

As long as thought about the ‘action film’ Han Zai Zi mentioned in WeChat, she was overcome with a feeling of despair!

Li Si Nai!  Couldn’t this male lead be gentle and kind?  Why did she have to meet such a demon like character!

Oh my god, please help me!

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