Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 983: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 7)

After saying this, Luo Qing Chen didn’t even look back as she directly headed off towards her hotel.

This was simply an idiot, she had to meet this self-righteous…..young master!

Aiyo, was this person so narcissistic that he was hit in the head by a truck!  This was simply…...

Right, he didn’t have a brain!

When she returned to her hotel, Luo Qing Chen took a shower and laid down on the bed.

She suddenly felt a bit hungry and remembered the limited edition LV bag Han Zai Zi gave her.

It felt much lighter when she picked it up, she didn’t know if it was a mistake.

She opened it to find that it was filled with letters and photo albums.

The words were beautifully written and it was all signed, watching you from afar.

“What is this, Han Zai Zi, what did you give me this for?”

Luo Qing Chen rolled her eyes and threw the bag on the side.  She picked up her phone to send Han Zai Zi a text.

[I thought that you gave me something good, but what is this mess! ˋ_ˊ* ——Luo Qing Chen]

While sending this, she looked through a few apps.

The previous host liked using social apps very much, she had everything from Weibo to WeChat.  She opened up Weibo and wanted to pass the time, but she never thought she would be scared by the headline.

#A certain girl kissed the school hunk of the Royal Academy at the airport#

There were all kinds of replies underneath, they were all speaking up for this school hunk!

Of course, there were reasonable replies if you went a few pages down, but these reasonable replies were soon overwhelmed!  The power of the internet really was strong!

For example——

Little Jasmine: Who the hell is this?  She looks so ugly, how can she kiss our school hunk young master Li!  1199 Likes.

A Leaf: Ah, ah, ah!  What kind of trash is she!  2301 Likes.

Ran Ran Is a Fairy: I think that girl looks not bad, but she must have never kissed before!  18 Likes.

West Summer replying to Ran Ran Is a Fairy: Scram!  456 Likes.

Chef Li replying to Ran Ran is a Fairy: What do you know?  Our school hunk has never been touched by girls!  558 Likes.


Luo Qing Chen fell down in her soft bed and angrily threw away her phone, “What the hell!  Who are these people bullying this treasure!”

[Host, don’t be angry, it isn’t good for you to be angry!]  The system said in a trembling voice since it had to announce something big.

Ah!  Ze, ze, even you aren’t fair to me, do you think this person can’t be abused!  This treasure won’t be called Luo Qing Chen if this treasure isn’t abused!

[Host, please calm down and stop cursing.  For example, let’s take a look at the male lead’s affection for the previous host!]

Look at what, the previous host didn’t even know the male lead, how could there be affection!

[Ke, ke…..The male lead did indeed have zero affection for the previous host, but it’s not the same for the host!]

Ah?  What do you mean!

[The male lead’s affection for the host…..is negative twenty!]



She really wanted to swear at this.  Luo Qing Chen’s mind quickly turned and she had an answer after three seconds.

Damn, he was the male lead?

[Yes, host!]

I want to give up the mission, I can’t do this mission!

[Host, you’ll lose all your experience, all your progress, all your items, and all your exchange points if you give up.]

You mean that I’ll be back in the beginner village if I give up?

[Host!  Give everything a try.  At least they…..are all the same person.]

She was stunned and was in a daze for a bit.  There was the Life Continuation Pool that flashed in front of her eyes and a person walking step by step while carrying her.

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